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I'm not the greatest writer, but specialising on short and simple stories of cute ponies from MLP:FiM and G5. Just your fan from the UK.


Cover art title: MareCrime Bay
Artist: Marenlicious

Hitch thought his new by-the-minute radio show would go well without a Hitch. Unfortunately, his friends think his frequent announcements are a little too much for Maretime Bay to handle.

Reading here : Hitch Podcaster

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Just a little heads up you could just called Sunny and her friends the Mane 5 there's an official tag name of them

Thanks. I still use all five names as it still keeps track of what I use mainly

Okay, now I really want to see Sparky and Izzy riding around together on a motorcycle.

Far off from the Brighthouse, down in Maretime Bay proper, a certain sheriff’s station stood cleanly and proudly facing the town square. Inside, a certain sheriff was testing out the new radio station Pipp showed him from the day before.

I remember reading the comic that hitch really did enjoy doing a radio talking which it was pretty cool

“I guess we’ll just see how things will go from here,” Sunny suggested, “I mean, it’s just him on the radio. How bad can it be?” Sunny gave her signature nervous giggle.

There's that famous word that you should never say that's just basically tempted faith

“ Maybe change the time of podcasts from by-the-minute to every hour or so. Then I could spend more time with Sparky, as a dragon dad should.”

Yeah I'm sure nobody does not like interruptions and I'm sure Sparky really missed you so much hitch

Well this was a pretty interesting story so it looks like hitch got really into this radio broadcast and he enjoyed it a little too much because every minute he kind of disrupt everybody in town and I'm sure people or ponies won't be appreciated so sunny and the others wanted to talk with him and maybe tell him not to do that every hour and think about his friends and also Sparky and he been thinking about it and they were right he needs to figure out the schedule of the hours which it's okay to give some announcement but right now everybody needs a break I got to say this was a pretty good one keep up the good work

The sun was peeking over the horizon, yet the residents of Maretime Bay just couldn’t seem to get up. Even the welcoming rays of sunlight poking through the curtains weren’t enough the stir the four ponies of the Brighthouse. In the shared bedroom, Sunny Starscout rolled over. She was aware that there was a smoothie stall calling her name, but the warm embrace of her bed was just too difficult to part with. It was as if nothing could ever stop her from-

weren't enough to stir the four ponies*

A loud voice rattled its way through the Brighthouse and into the ears of the slumbering ponies. Sunny jumped out of her bed in a fit of panic.

Talk about an expected way to start the day! :pinkiegasp:

“Well that’s one to start a morning,” She giggled. Her four friends nodded in unison, wiping the sleep from their eyes. They simultaneously turned their heads to the source of the ruckus. Pipp let out a long, heavy sigh.

that's one way to start a morning,"*
Agreed Izzy. Sure is a way to start a morning. :applejackunsure:

“There will be major roadworks from Mane Street to Mane Melody Way as well, so cart services will have a reduced schedule. Please see the new timetable outside my office and stop station,” Hitch said before running through the final piece of paper, “That seems to be all for now. I will bring every notice by the minute to keep every one of you ponies safe and sound.” The four friends almost choked on their breakfast. Slowly, their heads turned towards the radio.

Mane Melody as well,*

Sunny sighed. Once again, it seems Maretime Bay’s beloved sheriff just wants everypony in the town to be safe. Really, really safe. Just how is he going to balance his new by-the-minute podcasts, do his rounds and look after Sparky all at once?

Something tells me Hitch is likely gonna regret adding a podcast into his schedule. :fluttershysad:

“Hello, Maretime Bay! It’s me!” The lid came flying off, along with all the blender’s contents, right towards the unexpecting customer. Posey stood there, smoothie juice dripping down her coat and onto the ground. Sunny winced as Posey’s breathed in and out, her face taking on a deep shade of angry red. Sunny knew what was incoming, so she opted for a hasty retreat.

Whoops! :twilightoops:

“It was horrible! HORRIBLE! I was just about to mix my latest ingredients for, like, the perfect hair product when Hitch caught me by total surprise on the radio. Instead of a de-stressed treatment, it turned out into a re-stressed treatment!” Pipp was crying waterfalls of tears when she finished relaying her tragic incident.

Poor Pipp. :fluttercry:

“Pipp, duck!” She pushed her friend to the ground as the two pegasi crashed behind them. Racing over to them, they found the pair of them with their eyes rolling around their sockets and covered in Sunny’s latest delivery of fruit. It seemed her new creations would be put on hold.

As great as delivery fruit by pegasai might be, I feel like they should think of other ways to deliver it. :ajbemused:

“We better put a stop to this before anypony else gets hurt,” Sunny said, the others nodding in agreement. Together, once Zipp wiped herself down, raced towards Hitch’s station. As they headed towards the town square, a familiar friend zoomed passed them in her signature motorcycle.

down, they raced*

“It isn’t fair on little Sparky here to be with me all the time while he was a real dragon dad to look after him,” Izzy said, “Plus, his dragonfire is something else. My latest uni-cycled jewel-crafted bugs and butterflies keep crawling away from me! How can a spread my crafts if they walk away from me?”

while he has a dragon dad*
can I spread my crafts*

“That sounds like the right idea,” Pipp, “All this running around has made me hungry.”

idea," Pipp said,*

Aside from a few mistakes I enjoyed this story. And always glad to see one made by one of my favorite fimfiction/deviantart user I follow. :raritywink:

Plus it’s also a jixines too

Mhd of short. Not much to day

Kind of short. Not much to say

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