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Bob, a creative totally real name, ends up in Equestria because some purple bitch summoned him. Watch as he tries to find a reason for existing as a man in a pony’s world.

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Okay this is interesting and… other things.

Id like to see what happens next.

So far it’s good, I’ll bookmark it for future updates

Oh god what the fuck is that pfp...

Oh.....I hope you get better man

Scootaloo with a human face. How depressing. Scoots is too cool for that misuse!

Well iam not an expert but dont you need a vacuum for the light bulb to work ?

i’m not fully sure. i just dod some reading and learnt that you just need to find some way to light a wire for a light bulb to work.

Princess Celestia should certainly talk with her ponies about manners and judging others based on rumors. Considering I doubt any human in their right mind would eat a Sapient being they are being really rude. At least the princesses realized how rude they were being and tried to get to know him, but can we lose the pet thing.

“It hurt a lot, a lot more than stepping on a Lego Brick, but it hurt.”

impossible. nothing can compare to the pain felt when stepping on a Lego. not even the fiery pits of hell hurt as much as that s**t.

I honestly see that Bob and twilight would date

Do you mean applebloom is so cute? you spelled it wrong.

Bob and Twilight might be item if this keep up mentioning it.

“Well Gengar, you are now Bob’s changeling. You are still a part of the Hive, but Bob is your caretaker. Enjoy! Though just remember, if I desire Fruit’s attention, I take priority over you.”

Gotta love sudden and inexplicable name changes.

this is why you don’t write two stories at once while sleep deprived. don’t be like me kids.

I approve of this chapter. Chrysalis isn't just best pony, she is best creature.

...I'm a horse's property

lust too damn cute :twilightsmile:

This story has so many quotable quotes! Dang, I'll need too catalogue them all!

:moustache: :moustache:

Uh, yeah, I have to agree with you. This "pet" thingy is rather creepy and annoying

"Though I think it'll be a while before I even consider dating, let alone a pony."

Damn, another great quote! I really am quite taken by this dude. He is so much better than Anon...

And here I thought that Bob and Venice were going to be a thing! :rainbowlaugh:

This will lead to love rivals Twilig Vs Chrysalis

Fucking Christ I was not expecting that...

what the fuck, dude.

I didn’t think Princess Luna take that seriously 😐 what are chances she is pregnant.

Well, I'll deal with it, but be prepared for a LOT of backlash. That bit of non con came out of nowhere. I'll give it another chapter or two, but that's pretty fucking tasteless.

I suggest the changeling tattle to Celestia who will not be happy to hear her sister raped someone.

Twilight and her friends made several interesting noises, such as gawking, squawking, screaming, and panic as I shouted to the heavens for Ditzy. I opened the door, and the mare in question walked in… wearing the cutest little outfit ever! I know it’s her work uniform, but the little mailman hat and saddle bags were so fucking cute. It also didn’t help that Ditzy was just adorable on her own. “Send this to Princess Celestia at your own digression. Feel free to flee the palace as quickly as possible after handing it to her. Trust me, you’ll want to.”

I be stealing this for my own stories.

Thank you for this blessing.


Maybe it was a dream?



I'm still gonna read this but like, what the fuck?

Did Luna just messed up her relationship with a human? I assumed yes and is ready for whatever consequences as I am a princess and can do whatever.

I'm surprised twilight and friends haven't noticed that something is wrong. Twilight would shocked to hear what Luna did.

These last two chapters have been a roller coaster ride I didn't sign up for. I'm getting off this ride now.

Good chapter. It's nice to see Bob's circle of support there for him. Gengar, Chrysalis, Celestia, and Arrow

Definitely going to be checking back on this later. It is nice to see consequences of culture clash in a HiE.

Yeah they were pretty mean. They should have tried to get to know before passing judgment. And not liking someone because they don't want to use their birth name and you didn't bother to find out why is stupid. The changelings weren't sure what to make of him at first but they saw that he had a good heart and since he thought they were cute it fed them more than ever before. They chose to stay with him even after Luna messed up big time. They have been better than twilight friends.

Rainbow wtf also AJ should know there's more to honesty than just telling the truth

I thought Rarity would eat all the ice cream sandwiches not the pudding

Personally I would have written that trust is easy to break and if you get a chance to earn it back work hard to make sure you don't lose it again. And that if you listen to someone and ask questions instead making assumptions about their motives you can learn a lot sometimes instead making assumptions about why they are doing something that you might not like.

Applejack would have saved herself a lot of pain if she had bothered to ask why didn't he use her birth name. Rainbow was a jerk plain and simple. She is going to really work to earn back the trust she destroyed.

You don't need a vacuum for an incandescent (has a filament/wire) bulb to produce light. The vacuum, or inert gas for some incandescent bulbs, is to prevent oxidation/rusting of the filament from the moisture in the air; thereby extending the light bulbs expected life time.

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