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"Creativity flows when boredom grows." -The Bored Author (of Doom)


Burnt Oak has been wandering. His log business is decent but slow and thus he needs to travel to other towns to sell his logs. That's where he met her.

Torch Song has been wandering. Working with the Pony Tones certainly has brought her everywhere and her ability to sing was the key. That's where she met him.

I'm really proud of my slapdash photoshop of their cutiemarks.
Tis an entry for the May Pairing thingie

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Will this story have villain songs in it?

Ignore him. He always asks a stupid question that reading the story, or the tags and description, could answer.

overdue #4 · May 6th · · 1 · Him ·

wow i didn't know you could make new tags for your OCs

Visharo #5 · May 6th · · · Him ·

don't worry, *pat pat*, i'm not going to hurt you. :pinkiehappy:

Hillbe #6 · May 8th · · · Her ·

:twilightsheepish: 🎶 He was a dragon and she was a mare, Both of their hearts played musical chairs 🎶
:unsuresweetie: 🎵Her little sis was proper and schooled 🎵A devilish imp where Discoed could rule🎵
:scootangel: And Sweetie Bell swapped out her pills for Tic Tac s :flutterrage: That doesn't rhyme!
:ajsmug: 🎶 So the Princess decreed that they both be wed🎶 She out right fainted and he wet the bed🎶
:twilightoops: Wut???
:moustache: I didn't wet anything I , I , I give up...
:duck: 🎶 Precious Scales 🎶
:pinkiehappy: Actually Torch Song sang about Derpy and her Adventures in a Blue Phone Box Really
:facehoof: Pinkie calls Spikes offspring the Dirty Dozen
:moustache: It's a dragon thing
:raritystarry: Pongons and Draconies?
:eeyup: Uncle Oak was never much for drama

Visharo #7 · May 8th · · · Her ·

Encore! Encore!
That was beautiful!

Hillbe #8 · May 8th · · · Her ·

:pinkiehappy: 🎶 1 and a 2 and a 3 little Pongons 4 and a 5 and a 6 little pongons 7, 8 and 9 Dracony babies🎶
:moustache: YOU HELPED
:twilightoops: Spike! He's giving birth?
:ajsmug: Now he feels her pain
:flutterrage: Discord stop that this instant , Mister!
:facehoof: Now I've seen everything
:derpytongue2: Oh but there's more,,,

Visharo #9 · May 8th · · · Her ·

i am very concerned on where this is going, but if there's more, then I need to know

Hillbe #10 · May 9th · · · Her ·

:twilightsmile: Went down the hole? How cute.
:raritystarry: What? Went down the hole?!?
:ajsmug: He he he , I know that feeling
:rainbowlaugh: !!!
:pinkiegasp: ???
:moustache: So Crystal flushed your prized necklace down the toilet... Why me...
:flutterrage: Discord that's not funny quit laughing
:facehoof: Oh, That hole...

Visharo #11 · May 9th · · · Her ·

I can tell you this, this is most bizarre.

:raritystarry: Spike! Spike! Who's this Burnt Song and Torched Oak I need to know about, What are they doing?
:unsuresweetie: It's Burnt Oak and Torch Song, He's not doing anything you and Spike isn't doing...
:raritycry: Sweetie Bell!
:rainbowlaugh: Dragon boy's getting a special song from you too?
:eeyup: Spike my Uncle's getting hitched this week... I NEED IDEAS FOR A GIFT
:duck: So much for the Ponytones they're all getting married without me....
:moustache: Rares you Okay?
:raritycry: I DO!

Visharo #13 · May 14th · · · Them ·


Rego #14 · May 15th · · · Them ·

A fun friendship experience. Bonding over creativity has always been a joy for me.

Visharo #15 · May 15th · · · Them ·

Glad you liked it

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