• Published 3rd May 2012
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Apple Bloom's Solo Adventure - SugarTwirl

Apple Bloom decides to take a trip away from home. By herself.

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HollyHooves, here I am!

Chapter 3 – HollyHooves, Here I am!

Apple Bloom studied the couple’s appearance closely and they really did look like a happy and kind pair. Though a bit on the crazy side. They invited her to sit with them the rest of the way and she gladly returned their hospitality (and earlier help) with some apples from Sweet Apple Acres.

“So, I was a young comic pony who was trying to make a name for myself in the local Trottingham scene. I had big dreams of being the first female to make it big and possibly land a big tour across Equestria.”

“I was the same but Merry dabbled more in intellectual jokes and I with physical comedy. Fate had other plans in store though. We were rivals none the less but slowly we fell in love.”

“It was love at first stunt for me. So we started dating then got married and opened our own little joke shop called Galloping Giggles. Soon, we had a family and…”

Nan’s voice trailed off and there was a whimsical look in her eyes.

“Then you guys lived happily ever after?” Apple Bloom said.

Pop smiled and said, “Indeed and now with delicious apples too.”

As they munched on their apples, Apple Bloom felt as if they were hiding something from her. A secret of sorts. She didn’t want to pry though. She had her own secrets that she’d like to keep.

Apple Bloom awoke the next morning just as the train came into a halt at the station. She saw that the old couple were still fast asleep and knowing from experience, mostly from episodes where Granny Smith would hit her for waking her up from her naps, she didn’t want to wake them up. She left a little note thanking them and left.


Apple Bloom’s eyes widened at the landscape before her. The trees and green grass that had surrounded Ponyville were no more! They were replaced in HollyHooves by magnificent film studios and tropical palm trees.

She trotted along the sidewalks and couldn’t help getting distracted by every little detail that was in her grasp.

Sweet Apples! Look at the pony’s mane! It’s practically glittering!...

That food looks delicious AND fancy. Doesn’t look like anything we’d get back home at all!

Her stomach suddenly let out a massive rumble and other ponies on the street turned and looked at her.

She blushed a deep crimson and figured that perhaps it would be best to eat a big hearty breakfast would be just what she needs. Somehow, she ended up at the Holly Hut Diner.

Apple Bloom ordered a stack of pancakes and sat at a little booth in the back, wondering what her next step of action should be afterwards. She takes out the sheet of paper with her relatives address on it.

I should probably try and find where this place is…

The pony waitress brought over her pancakes and said, “Here’s ya pancakes, hun, enjoy.”

“Thank you and, urm, excuse me Ma’am but I was just wondering if you knew how I could get to this place?”

The waitress merely smiled and said, “Did you just call me Ma’am? Awww, aren’t you just the cutest thing ever! What’s your name sweetie?”

“My name’s Apple Bloom.” She replied. Then, she realised that she probably should’ve used a fake name…or something.

“Well, Apple Bloom, my name’s Twinkle Shine. You can just call me Twink.” the other pony said as her yellow eyes sparkled like her name.

She took a look at the slip of paper and laughed, “My, you must be fancy rich or something. The Oats Plaza is a few blocks away from here. I’ll draw you a map kiddo. In the meantime, you enjoy those pancakes while they’re hot.”
Apple Bloom did as instructed and ate the pancakes. Well, she was starving to begin with. Soon, Twink sat down and joined her with a map, just as she promised.

“Twink, you’re not really a waitress are ya?” Apple Bloom asked curiously.

“Course not sweetie. I’m also an actress. Well, trying to be one anyways. Competitions tough here in big ol’ HollyHooves. Everypony wants to be somepony.”

Twink sighs with a faraway look in her eyes.


Apple Bloom gulps as she stands in front of The Oats Plaza. It was definitely a place for the elite. 50 stories high with a golden door and a red carpet to welcome you.

Suddenly a group of ponies came galloping out of the Plaza in a hurry and in the process, a big stallion wearing shades knocks Apple Bloom over.

“OUCH! You should watch where you’re going Mister! You could hurt somepony ya know?”, she yells out to him.

Awww, just great…I’ve got a bruise now!

Suddenly, the swarm of stallions wearing dark shades pause as she hears a whisper coming from the middle of the swarm. They then start reversing and rapidly move closer to her.