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Rainbow's worries - Comrade_Soviet

Rainbow Dash wonders if she's a bad friend for Fluttershy

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Is Rainbow Dash a good friend?

Rainbow Dash exhaled deeply, slowly closing her eyes finally relishing in comfort and peacefulness after such a difficult and unusual day. After all, it's not on a daily basis to save an empire that vanished one thousand years ago. Her muscles ached, her hooves hurt and her precious wings looked like a bunch of rabbits stomped on them for several hours.

But now she could rest, surrounded by her friends, lying in Twilight’s comfortable bed and with her childhood friend tending to her strong wings, taking great care of her cyan feathers, just like she always did, and oh Celestia, she needed that! They were completely messed up after the day's events.

The train’s ride back home was as rough as it could be. Probably it was just exhaustion taking its toll on her body and on all of her friends too. Twilight’s idea to spend the night together in her tree home was quite thoughtful in Rainbow’s mind. They all had to relax a little, and what would be better than doing it surrounded by your closest friends?

“Honestly darling, you could at least be more considerable and less forceful in your approach.”

Well it couldn't last long with such a drama queen sitting next to you.

“Are you talking to me Rares?”

“But of course Rainbow! I still cannot believe you were so…So harsh, our dear Fluttershy could get seriously hurt in that silly jousting of yours, you should’ve known that,” The white unicorn reprimanded again while brushing her beautiful purple mane.

Rainbow Dash sighed, forcing herself to open her eyes. “Why have I even asked? Look Rares… We were desperate and I knew Fluttershy could handle that okay?” The daredevil responded. To be completely honest maybe there was some personal gain, it’s a natural thing for such a show-off like herself to appease crowds…And her own ego…With an absolutely awesome performance!

“Oh Rainbow Dash! You know what I mean, you could’ve asked literally anypony else. Pinkie Pie was there or even Applejack. You should've been more thoughtful.”

The unicorn’s words went silent in Rainbow’s head. She was enjoying the gentle ministrations of her best friend probably too much. For far too long she hasn't received such an awesome preening. The last session she had with Fluttershy had to be a few weeks ago. Her shy friend was so gentle and precise knowing how to put her feathers into the right places. Each time the yellow mare buried her muzzle deep into her cyan appendages she barely managed to contain her moans and stopping her body from tossing in pleasure. Those lovely touches, the licks, her teeths gently replacing the feathers, Fluttershy would even occasionally pet her mane with her little yellow hoof. It was like heaven. She would never admit to liking it but not opposing is a much different story, Rainbow argued. She felt like one of Flutter’s pets, well…When she thought about it, maybe it wasn't such a good thing.

Fluttershy also felt that. Those body vibrations that her friend made, not different from a cat purring from joy. She knew her childhood friend was desperately trying to not embarrass herself in front of their friends. It was so cute! She could definitely have some fun with that. Tease her here and there. It was too easy knowing all the spots that would make Rainbow spasm in pleasure. Her favorite part was when she reached the primary feathers. Few small touches and licks would make Dash fall into a pleasure induced coma. Fluterrshy hardly suppressed her giggles with her muzzle deeply anchored in those strong wings.

Oh but Rainbow noticed it of course! She would get her not-so-timid friend for such a teasing later. She knew a few tricks to make that pegasus squirm beneath her too. For now she hoped none of their friends noticed anything unusual or opposed their little activity. Being focused on relaxing it was easy to forget that the rest of their fellow element bearers were still there, sitting very close to the Twilight’s bed the two of them were currently using.

Looking around she noticed Twilight almost fell asleep on her desk. Since they arrived she tried to find as much as she could about the Crystal Empire and king Sombra in her books before sleep. Rarity kept preparing her body to embrace the unconscious world of dreams. Why did she even bother, next morning she will look like a witch anyway. To Rainbows surprise Pinkie Pie and Applejack played some silly board game that Pinks found back in the Empire. Those two always had so much energy. Looking past her shoulder she saw Fluttershy, nuzzling between her feathers. They both smiled towards each other. Rainbow silently thanked her friend who nodded in return, nuzzling harder into her wings.

With everything being at ease Rainbow Dash returned to her thoughts. How would it feel to be a thousand years old pony discovering the world of today. That would be pretty awesome. Showing the ponies of the future that her legendary speed isn't a myth after all. Were there more places like Crystal Empire, forgotten in time? Were there more tyrants like Sombra? Was she a little tyrant by constantly forcing Fluttershy to do things that she doesn't want to do? The Dragon migration, the tornado duty and today…What did Rarity say? She was forceful? and Inconsiderable? Well that one was probably true…But not if it concerns ‘Shy!

“Hey! What do you mean by ‘harsh’?”

Puzzled, Rarity glanced at Rainbow. The complaints from some time ago have already been forgotten. Looking at Dash she touched her chest with her hoof as if asking if that remark was directed at her.

“I wasn’t forcing her to do anything! You weren't even there! Yeah maybe Flutters here hasn't been looking encouraged to joust with me but Shy’ just needs a little kick from time to time to get her going and leave her self imposed shell,” Rainbow emphasized her point by closing her wing around Fluttershy's mid section, hugging her tightly by her side.

“Uhm…If I may….I already reassured you all that n-nothing bad happened. Honest. Dashie just tried to do her best to save the empire and I'm glad I helped her,” Fluttershy has spoken in her soft soothing voice, avoiding eye contact with the white unicorn.

It seemed Rarity started to feel bad about her earlier accusations, she nodded and turned back towards her little mirror. “I apologize Rainbow, I wasn't trying to be mean. I know you have known eachother since forever but sometimes it's frustrating, hearing about Fluttershy getting hur-...Uhm...Uncomfortable. Please forgive me.”

Rainbow Dash smiled tiredly. “It's alright Rares, we're all exhausted. I just want to go to sleep soon.” Now it wasn't Rarity’s words making her worry. Fluttershy seemed a little bit off in her little announce. Something in the timid mare’s speech was wrong, those little pauses and low pitched squeaks at the end of a sentence. Maybe she was wrong, maybe she did hurt her best friend. Was she a bad friend? Fluttershy would never tell her so, right? She was too nice for her own good.

“We should indeed. By the way Twilight darling, how can you allow those two to commit such a crime on your own bed! Look, there are cyan, dirty feathers everywhere!”

Fluttershy hid behind her companion’s wing, Dash catched some silent apologies that Twilight couldn't possibly overhear. “Hey! I took a shower after we got back! Rainbow shouted as a few of her feathers landed on Twilight's nose. “Uhm hee…Oops?”

Twilight cast a few glances on her bed and sighed. “Don’t worry. Though, I'm sorry but you two should find someplace else to do your pegasi activities,” she said, removing the pegasi in question from the bed with the help of her magic. “At this point I could sleep in Applejack’s barn surrounded by mud, hay and a group of smelly pigs so it's not really that big of a dea;.” Everyone present nodded as they gathered to organize the space to sleep, besides Spike, who was already tossing in his little bed for a long time.

Half an hour later everyone in the library fell asleep. There wasn't much space for six mares to sleep comfortably on two beds. Rainbow suggested that she and Fluttewrhy would be fine with sleeping downstairs on some old mattresses that Twilight had. She could make two small cloud beds but that would require her not to be so tired, besides the beds that the both pegasi shared in their dorm during the school days were far less comfortable than those old mattresses.

Upstairs Applejack and Rarity shared a bed, remembering the time when they both had an eventful sleepover with Twilight. Speaking of which, the purple unicorn had to share her bed with Pinkie Pie. It was a very dangerous prospect to be sure. Who knows what that nare does in her sleep.


Fluttershy felt something ticklish touching her belly. The sweet dreams where she played with cute colorful sheeps were already fading away. Unamused, she opened her eyes to inspect the source of this rude awakening. With her sleepy eyes she noticed something colorful moving slowly from her belly, underneath the sheets…Towards her jaw!

The timid mare yelped loudly, at least for her standards. Immediately after a cyan hoof was stuffed into her muzzle, blocking her lips in the process. “Ciii….You’ll wake them up!” Rainbow removed her hoof as the Canary-yellow pegasus questioned her. “Rainbow? What are you doing?”

Rainbow Dash groaned silently, snuggling back again into her friend’s exposed underbelly. “Ugh…I just couldn’t sleep. I was so tired but…Eh. I was just thinking about stuff you know?”

Uhuh. Talking about “stuff” with Rainbow Dash was always difficult. It wasn't easy for her to talk about her emotions or just about things that bothered her. After years of experience however, Fluttershy was already used to that and knew how to listen to her best friend. “What kind of stuff?” The shy pegasus asked gently, as she started carefully brushing her childhood friend’s hoof.

The multicolored pony soothed by her friend careness buried her head into Fluttershy’s fluffy chest, speaking through it with a barely audible voice.”I don’t know…I just want to ask you something.”

The shy flier used her free wing to pat Rainbow’s back, delicately. “What is it, Dashie?”

Dash cut off the close contact between their bodies, looking ashamed into her compaion’s beautiful aquamarine eyes. “For starters I wanted to say sorry to you Flutters. Since you know we hadn't had a good occasion to talk one on one with each other after the day's events…” The daredevil stooped for a second, breaking eye contact. “Scratch that! I would never do that anyway! I would never say sorry to you! And you see? That’s the problem! Until today I was so certain I did nothing wrong and that you could always deal with everything I pushed you into!” The regretful pony sighed, hiding her head in her fore hooves.

Fluttershy laid silently, watching her conflicted friend, not really understanding where this was going. Did she do something wrong again? Did she upset her somehow that Rainbow just couldn't deal with her antics anymore?

“Now I know I’m just too blind and unrespectful of my very best friend! and I was just thinking ya know? How many times did that happen? How many times did I do something bad to you and I never saw that? The tornado duty? Forcing you to cheer and watch my stunts? I care about you and I’m really sorry for everything Shy’”

At that moment the animal lover wanted to say something but she got silenced again, by the cyan hoof. “And don't tell me it's fine or that you don't fault me or you’re not mad….I’m mad! On myself!….Ehh…I know you're too kind to be angry at me or even feel that I was doing something wrong…I just want to promise ya something. From now on I won’t be so hard on you, pushing you into things that you obviously dislike and that could actually do harm to you."

That was when the canary-yellow hoof collided with the multicolored head, stopping the daredevil from more self accusations.

“Stop it Rainbow!...What happened? After all those years you're gonna tell me that all this time you were hurting me and I would have never stood up to tell you so? Dashie I don't want my best and very first friend to patronize me like so many ponies do…And I know why they do that, I'm just a delicate shy and practically always powerless mare! But you! It was you who always saw more than that and helped me to get through. You believed in me! I reached my limits and I crossed them thanks to you Dashie!” Fluttershy separated her pegasus friend’s hooves to see her magenta eyes that shone in the darkness.

“You did more to me than anypony else, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn't for you Rainbow,” Fluttershy smiled and continued laughing silently. “Heee. You even had to drop me from that cloud so I could discover my special talent, remember? Don't listen to Rarity and others, they worry about me but it's you who knows what's best for me and I trust you. So don't feel bad about yourself, okay?

“You see? I could kill you back then! You know how I felt after you told me you fell because of me? If something happened to you I would tie my wings and jump from that cloud myself!” Rainbow Dash, feeling a need to touch her companion snuggled close into her neck, rubbing her muzzle back and forth, seeking the warmth and comfort her best friend offered. “Flutters…Don’t lie to me. There was something wrong today. How you behaved after all of this was over. How you spoke and stuff, it was like you were trying to hide your true feelings. I was certain that today I crossed the line and you just didn't want to tell me due to your kind nature.”

“Oh…Uhm well you see…I think it’s the complete opposite Rainbow…I-I was d-disappointed with myself you just wanted to help, save the empire and my-my own cowardness tried to stop you from doing so again…I wanted to be more enthusiastic about helping you even if it meant getting some bruises…I’m sorry I haven't told you i just wanted to you to be proud of me.”

Rainbow Dash smiled, for the first time since the dreadful thoughts invaded her mind. She moved her muzzle a little bit higher to nuzzle the gentle pegasus’s cheek. “I was so worried.”

“Now I'm worried too, please don't be like the Rainbow Dash during the dragon’s quest, trying desperately to save me from going into a dangerous trip.”

“Oh that one..Heh.Yeah. I just knew you were so afraid of dragons. I guess after looking at it now it was another of my silly decisions huh?”

The animal lover giggled, using her fore hooves to embrace her silly companion. “Oh Dashie. Yes you're silly sometimes, but that's the rainbow I love, I don't want you to change. Just please talk with me more anytime you feel bad okay? You know I'm always here for you and I always will be.”

“Ummm…I’m glad…And you too. You're already doing very well, don't ever feel it's not enough or that I won’t be proud…I’m always proud of you, each time you take a flight, because I remember there were so many ponies even our teachers who did not believe that you would use those pretty wings in the air. But we proved them wrong.”

“Yes we did. partially thanks to your trust in me. If it was me alone I would never improve. You know Dashie, without Rainbow Dash there’s only the shy part left in fluttershy. Thank you,” the sweet mare squeezed her protector tightly, relishing in the softness of her fur. “Do you want to get back to sleep now?”

“Yes I think I do,” Rainbow responded as she laid on her side, wing hugging her adorable pegasus who laid closely next to her. Using the perfect occasion the daredevil closed the distance between their muzzles and touched Fluttershy's delicate lips with her own, sealing their mouths together for a short while. She loved to kiss Fluttershy, in their childhood days she always pretended that it was a thing that little Mrs awesome was too cool to do, she never pushed her little clingy yellow friend off though. Over the years they just kissed from time to time when they felt like it for whatever reason. It was nice to say the least. Not that she could compare it to anypony else but she didn't even want to, Flutters was the only pony she could do such a thing with. Her only wish was to do it more often, but asking a shy pony such as Flutters for something like that was probably a very bad idea.

Fluttershy almost melted from the pleasure that she was receiving from the cyan pegasus. For such a brash pegasus her lips were unbelievably soft and so addicting to touch with her own. Every Time they kissed, it was magical. If it depended on her they would do that everyday but that would be too much for her Rainbow. She was always distancing herself from all the ‘mushy’ stuff as she called it. The shy mare was veeeery pleasantly surprised it was Rainbow who initiated this little lovely activity.

Few minutes passed and they both parted their lips, out of breath. “What was that for?” The yellow mare asked as she moved her body closer towards Rainbow’s side. “Apologize for all the bruises I have caused on you today….I thought the armor would protect you completely but I could feel some while touching you. I hope it doesn't hurt.”

“It did before, back after our jousting but now it's fine i can barely feel it even…Uhm…It feels good when you touch me there…”

“Oh really? That's interesting Flutters. Don't ask me to beat you up next time we have a sleepover," Rainbow laughed, almost forgetting their friends were asleep so close to them on the second floor.

“Hee I won't. The rest of the girls might have questions when they find us in the morning tomorrow, maybe you should go back to your mattress?”

“Nah worst case scenario i will just tell them i tripped here while going back from the bathroom, in the middle of the night. I fell next to you and I was so tired I just stayed here, soundly asleep.”

“A likely scenario,” The animal lover poked her tongue at the silly pegasus.

“Well…I did worse. Remember when we were fillies and my dad asked me why we were breaking into the rainbow factory? Do you recall what I told him?

Please, I don't want to remember that incident….”

“Yeah I can imagine,” Rainbow giggled, fully embracing her bed buddy with her strong wing.
“Night Flutters,” her strong hooves moved to spoon the smaller mare.

“Goodnight Dashie,” Fluttershy couldn't be happier right now, feeling the strong embrace of her long-time protector made her feel like the safest mare in Equestria. "Please don't get any more stupid ideas this night."

"I will try."


The next morning came, announced by the birds sweetly whistling outside the tree’s library. Rainbow Dash groaned, moving to a sitting position a few seconds after waking up. Working at the weather team most of the time required to wake very early. It meant that the most talented Equestrian pegasus was using her free time during the day to participate in her favorite activity called napping.

“Ughh… Come back to sleep Dashie,” The yellow mare lying beside the early pegasus groaned, being not accustomed to such an early awakening.

Rainbow Dash yawned, a cheeky smile forming on her lips. “Why would I? Twilight and the rest won’t be awake for a long time still, I can guarantee you that,” She explained. Feeling audacious she swiftly but silently moved her kind friend onto her belly so her back was fully exposed.

Fluttershy whimpered from surprise, not expecting the brash pegasus to roll her over like that! She blushed when Dash whispered into her ear of how her little squeaks sound so adorable.

“In the meantime I have something very important to do,” The bold mare continued whispering into her best friend’s ear.

“Huh. And what would that be, Dashie?”

“I'm pretty sure those pretty little wings could use a little bit of attention Flutters, don’t you think?” The multicolored mare teased, nibbling on the tip of Flutterhy’s ear.

The animal lover gulped. Knowing exactly well that Rainbow will take her revenge for yesterday's teasing.

Once again the taller mare whispered into the timid pegasus’s ear, this time using a more seductive tone. ”You better put that cute little hoof of yours onto your lips so you won’t wake up half of Ponyville,” she smirked deviously as she got completely on top of her yellow friend.

The excitement flowed through the adorable mare’s body, her heartbeats accelerating and her body temperature becoming increasingly hotter. Feeling bold herself she turned her head and whispered as seductively as she could, looking directly into her best friend’s magenta eyes. “You can use something else to seal them off…hee.”

Rainbow leaned on Flutters back more tightly so she could touch her cute little nose with her own. “Oh yeah? We can do that later today….At my cloudhouse if you want…”

Fluttershy smiled widely and nodded eagerly. “Yay!”

“For now extend those wings for me, they really need some cleaning.”

As Fluttershy was complying with Dah’s request a very similar Pink pony appeared on Rainbow's back, sandwiching the poor pegasus between her two friends, the sweet moment rudely interrupted.

“Hey! Can I join too?”

Author's Note:

Thank you for reading, I hope some of you enjoyed it.
I'm sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors present here. I’m trying to improve, English is not my native language so I find it quite difficult to write in it.

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