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I'm an experienced writer and editor who happens to like ponies.


When Pinkie's friends can't pick a book to read, she decides to write her own with the help of an editor only she can hear. But why is Pinkie suddenly having memory lapses? Just what is the editor editing? And more importantly, will Pinkie's grammar and formatting ever improve?

Special thanks to my prereaders and to Cozmosus for writing the story that inspired this one.

Cover image by ErisGrim.

Featured on Equestria Daily on October 8, 2012

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I liked it. It was funny and original.

Oh, god, lol. I knew a fix when Pinkie went into 1st person the moment I saw that, but lo and behold! You made the best damn story I ever read.

5/5 Moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

All in a day's work. Now to make a short story to laugh at when I graduate high school.

P.S. If you want the first chapter, I'll give you a link to it... it'll involve ponies in a war with humans, time-control (No Dr. Whoves), guns, magic, the usual shit. My class loved the first 2 chapters.

Thank goodness Pinkie Pie got rid of that crazy editor-person.

This is brilliant, by the way. :pinkiesmile:

this better get featured


Unleashed a thousand year rain of burning cupcakes and eternal parties, until eventually all ponies are dead of exhaustion. Then, she shall travel the cosmos, bringing joy and death to every being she meets. Eventually, when her own universe is devoid of life except herself, she will smash the fourth wall to pieces, and eventually, destroy all life in every reality.

Bravo, Bravo, I say! :pinkiehappy:

Needs a comedy tag.
This is fucking hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

1356302 Sure! Just send me a PM.

This is amazing.

5/5 Happy Twilights.



I think this is the right reference. I'm not sorry if it isn't, because I love this damn movie. Fuck the remake.

1358413 I couldn't say. I'm only vaguely familiar with this movie's premise.

Hehe. Fun story. Had some experience with bad editors?

1361428 Me? No. I'm more likely to be the evil editor myself. But I do know what it's like to have someone try and write your story for you.

this is much better then its views total. Great story

This story is excellent! Perfect Pinkie Pie antics, uniquely suited for fanfic. Just a really brilliant idea. Rec'ing this one to my friends, for sure. :twilightsmile:

1368823 Thanks! Glad you liked it.

This was brilliant, one of the most entertaining fanfics I've read lately. :twilightsmile:

I especially like the final words, because it's basically what I say to myself when I write. :pinkiesmile:

Good to see this is getting a steady stream of attention, Scribble.

lmao, that was awesome... best story I've read in awhile. haha.

Aww man... would you believe that I've been working on a similar concept for about a month? It's called Lyra the Stalker, and it was about Lyra being aware of her Author. And now you did it, only better. I'm a little unhappy now. This is what I get for delaying it so long, I guess. :pinkiesad2:

1409087 Funny, someone else told me they were doing one with Twilight. Guess this is a popular theme right now.

But I did it before it was cool. :rainbowdetermined2:

Well, in any case, you're the one in the feature box, and I'm... well, me. So, who wins this round, hmm? :twilightoops:

Heh, clever, most clever. :pinkiehappy:

Was that... was that meta?

Hmm. You know what? I think I smelled a lesson at the end, just on the way out. I'm not going to listen, though, because I've been a critical bastard for too long. :ajbemused:

This was quite an enjoyable story. The premise was unique and funny, and I was entertained. You have won the approval of Inky, and thereby win the Inky Award. Shove that on your shelf and smoke one, boy.


Evil dictator editor is still better than no editor. at least you can choose to accept or refute their changes.

1409923 My life is now complete... :pinkiegasp:

1409938 True... though Pinkie's editor didn't really give her that option.


Yes, but Pinkie is a character, not a writer. Clearly, the writer for the story(you?) thought these ideas were gold.

My favorite part is that Pinkie kept getting dragged back to the center of the room. that was like lolwut?


You bet yo flank, boy.

YA HEAR THAT, EVERYPONY!? Everything and anything you've ever done, are doing, or will do shall be meaningless... until you win an Inky Award.

I was mentioned? I was mentioned... I WAS MENTIONED!!!

This is happy day! I feel almost important.

1410827 I'd do a link if I could get the code to work. :facehoof:


Sounds like a plan. I'm actually writing a sequel called Rainbow Dash Makes Rainbows, and it should be far better than Pinkie and RD bake Cupcakes.

Also, what do you think would happen if your Editor met my Narrator?

I don't know if anyone's played a Half Life 2 mod called "The Stanley Parable" but this definitely shares some key aspects. If you really liked the premise of your story, Scribble, I recommend you give it a go.

Good stuff, both this fic, and the game.

EDIT: I forgot one of the main points of my post, which is that, because of the aforementioned game, the editor had a very specific voice.

1411256 :twilightoops: Narrator vs. Editor...

Let's take it one step further: what if your Pinkie and Narrator met my Pinkie and Editor (Don't capitalize that!)? What if my Editor (Gaah!)went with your Pinkie and vice versa?

Why do I like this idea more than I probably should? :ajbemused:


Something like this needs to happen.

1412437 My imagination is already running wild... :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiegasp:

Shoot me a PM. We need to have a talk.

Hmm... There are a few typos in this story. You may want to fix them, but it's your prerogative. :ajsmug:
Editors aren't always trying to write the story for you; sometimes they're just trying to keep it out of the red-and-black zone! A story should operate with a modicum of common sense, after all. Unless it's a Pinkie story, in which case it runs on Pinkie Sense.
Now where am I going to find a banjo?

1411828 I hadn't played it before reading this, but I saw your comment, installed it, and yup, I see what you mean about the similarity. I still haven't gotten the ending the narrator wants because I've been too busy being contrary, lol.

14118281428117 Well, I'm glad I can make an accidental Half Life 2 crossover. :pinkiehappy:

SO Awesome!:rainbowkiss:

This was fantastic! Is the Editor's personality actually how you work on other people's stories, or was it a character of its own?

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