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When Scootaloo finally realizes that there's somepony who seems to have forgotten she exists, she decides to work her hardest at gaining the attention of her idol, Rainbow Dash. With the help of her friends she'll learn to discover that there is something inside of her that can't be reached just through following in somepony's footsteps, and that sometimes a little forgetting can lead to something worth remembering.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 9 )

Proceed. This seems good so far.

Stupid Dash. D:
Scoot is best foal!

Stupid Rainbowdash! How could she forget her loyaly and trustworthy sidekick!? :applecry:

Awww .... :fluttercry:

Can't wait for next chapter ... :scootangel:

Kind of odd that Dashie would forget all about Scootaloo... I'm sure chapter two will explain some things though.

So Dashie really did forget... :scootangel: That's pretty sad. I'll keep looking out for the next chapter.

Daww~ Great chapter!

Would read again. :twilightsmile:

you have my whole-hearted approval. well done.

Damnit Rainbow! Why you forget!?:rainbowhuh:

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