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The Shadow...
A dark entity that has been plagueing the quiet town of Ponyville for several days now...
...is really freaking annoying the manure out of everypony there, especially Rainbow Dash. But as the mane 6 try to get together to catch this trolling creature, what mysteries will they inevitably uncover?

Will they find the origins of the creature?
Will they figure out why it retreats to the Everfree Forest when it's done trolling ponies?
And will they be able to outsmart it?
Maybe... maybe...
...but I have yet to meet a mare that can outsmart the Bonk!

(Pssst, the shadow is the Scout. TF2 crossover peeps!)

Chapters (3)
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Oh this is fucking glorious. I think you have Scout's character down perfectly.

oh yes. that is Scout. more please, but next time, do Pinkie Pie.

I would have laughed so hard, but my teachers would be mad.

Did anyone else envision Owliscious' head pivoting around left to right with a little beep going off every time he changed direction?(Oh wait, that was on the chapter of "The Dark")

I half expected Dash to run into a random Engineer with him saying "Nope".

sssssssssssss.......SSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! little twiligt sparkle look close and see humans have fur!(tiny strings, that is.)

Comment posted by lokglofg deleted Oct 25th, 2013

1336996 :coolphoto:

:raritycry::raritydespair: :facehoof: :twilightangry2: :pinkiesad2::flutterrage::ajbemused::rainbowhuh:

"Fire makes everything better."

Narrator is Pyro. Calling it now.

I actually am a pyro :D
Will be posting more about this on my blog later today~

Comment posted by lokglofg deleted Oct 25th, 2013

1336468 Most likely because those are his lines.

Huzzah for the holy mackerel of godliness.

Troll on, you magnificent bastard.

It's Major League not Made ya leave.
That an there were spelling errors in this.:ajbemused:
Still, it was good.

i want to see more of this, if only to know when th' inevitable drunk night together happens.

Replace Yay with Yeah, and bam! Scout!
Rainbows make me cry!

Odd, I don't remember the Army allowing their soldiers to get high...

Not bad. I like the plot and the idea of the most obnoxious game character ever to be designed has ended up in Equestria. Plus reading Rainbow Dash's ego getting trampled into the dirt is always satisfying. :rainbowwild:

For some reason, you made me think of Owlowicous turning his head back and forth in synchronisation with the song My Sharona.



I'll buy all of that, if you just go and touch Heavy's gun...

I BET ALL PONYS BECAUSE THEY CHOIR!!! *wins 20 bucks* Eh eh eh~:rainbowkiss:

Shit i bet on Rainbow -sigh- take my bucks:applejackunsure:

I like this new weapo- comedy story. I bet there are yet to be even more crazier crossovers. Magic school bus goes to Equestria? The Colt(God)Father? I dare you. :ajsmug:

“Ragle fragle!” and that weird Sasquatch monster from Billy and Many? Da'fuk?
Dude, that thing just jumped out from the basement, grabbed Spike, and then hauled ass out the window. Spike was screaming all “aaah! Help!” and everyone else just did nothing. Seriously, the frik is wrong with these ponies?

You an I are now friends :rainbowlaugh:

Scout is totally going to do something crazy. Or Fluttershy will stop them.

While I like the idea behind the story, I couldn't make it halfway through the first chapter before the incredibly annoying writing style threw me off.

It may be a deliberate attempt to imitate Scout's way of talking, but to quote Yahtzee Croshaw "Deliberately annoying is still annoying."

Always the generic BLU scout...
Oh well good story, Streak. :pinkiehappy:

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