• Published 25th Sep 2012
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A special request - chaos2012

Applejack needs Zecora to help her, but she must do something insane.

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Chapter 2: the shock (revised)

“Wha- what in the- what did ya do!?” Applejack screamed as she stared at her reflection. She ran closer to the mirror to get a better look.

Her normally orange face was now covered by light tan fur, just a hint darker than white. Spread across her cheeks were black stripes going up towards her forehead. Lifting up her hat, she saw that her normal yellow mane had been transformed into a short mohawk that protruded upward. Following the new style down her neck, her hair still remained hanging down in its normal ponytail, but was also alternating black and white.

She took a step back, allowing more view to her body in the small mirror. Her entire body had also been turned into a mixture of near white fur broken up by black stripes across her back, legs and tail. She even noticed her cutie mark had changed; the once red trio of apples had become black outlines, followed by a swirl design toward the centers, similar in style to the pattern on Zecora's flank.

She had been turned into a zebra.

Applejack’s still green eyes shot from the mirror to its holder. Zecora simply smiled at her, admiring the spell she had made. Setting the mirror down, she walked over to the newly transformed farmer. “Well, I see you are surprised. I myself am filled with pride.”

Applejack glared at her now, furious at what the sorceress did. “Ah didn’t ask ta be a zebra, Zecora! Ah want ya ta fix this now!”

Zecora chuckled, and walked back to her counter, grabbing the pack she had made for the trip. Slipping it over her back, she walked towards the front door, but was immediately cut off by the enraged mare.

“Ah told ya, Zecora. Fix me up!”

Zecora never stopped smiling at the new zebra in her house. She adjusted the strap across her chest. “No need to be upset, young Applejack. Now, why don’t you make yourself a traveling pack?”

Applejack fumed up, her nostrils flaring out. “Why won’t ya listen to me!? Why did ya change me?”

“I have my reasons, my friend Applejack. This is the only way you can make the trek.”

The newly turned zebra lifted an eyebrow from curiosity. “What do ya mean?”

"I told you already how my land will work. I don't want you stopped by some zebra jerk."

Applejack suddenly remembered what Zecora had said about the land she was from, of how ponies weren’t accepted into the community. She began to wonder what would happen if she had tried to just walk into a zebra tribe as a pony; would they run in fear just like she and the other ponies used to do when Zecora first walked through the streets of Ponyville, or would they attack her, or possibly arrest her for just going there?

Applejack then suddenly felt guilty for snapping at the zebra. “So, ya did this to protect me?” the farmer questioned.

Zecora trotted over to Applejack and placed a hoof on her shoulder. “Yes I did, so we can walk free. I did not want harm to come to thee."

Applejack smiled for the first time since she had entered the hut. It felt good that Zecora was not only allowing her to come along on the journey, but making sure that she would be safe for the time that they would be gone.

Zecora dropped her hoof and walked over to her cupboard, pulling out another small bag. She tossed it over to Applejack, her grin gone. "Now, go and prepare for the trip a load. Make sure it is not too heavy for the long road."

"Well, what should ah get for the trip?"

"You know the basics for camping, my pony. You will need things like that for our journey." Zecora turned and grabbed her cloak and attached it around her neck.

Applejack looked up, thinking of all the things she could use for the road, 'okay. Ah am gonna need some blankets, some jugs for water, and ah can have Granny make me...' "Uh oh".

Zecora turned to the door and saw Applejack had not left yet, and that she seemed upset about something. "Why, what is wrong in your case? I can see something’s up by the look on your face."

"Uh, Zecora? What am ah supposed to do? Ah'm a zebra, and it might give mah granny a heart attack If she saw me like this."

Zecora just tilted her head to the side, looking at the shocked zebra in front of her. "what would be the problem to seeing youths ones you love? You should walk in that door and greet them like a dove. They are your family, so simply smile, and tell them you will be back in a while."

Applejack’s eyes went wide to what Zecora said. "Ah am not gonna go and see mah family like this! What do ya think they would do!?"

"Well why would you not? Your family will understand why you look-"

"Look missy!" Applejack cut her off before she was finished. "Ah may understand why ya changed me, but ah don't think they should see me."

Zecora shook her head. "Well, it would be best and they should. This spell I gave will last for good."

The farmer suddenly felt a mix of panic and anger. "WHAT!? Y'all can't change me back!? But-wha-hubba- ahhhhh!" she screamed out in frustration. "Why didn't ya tell me that before ya threw that fancy magic stuff on me!?"

Zecora gave a sad frown in Applejack’s direction. "I am sorry my pony friend. The problems with my plans I cannot defend."

Applejack began to sway back and forth, her head beginning to spin from the terrible revelation. The shock overwhelmed her to the point she lost all control for several seconds falling to the ground and blacking out.

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