• Published 25th Sep 2012
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Foal support. - Ssendam the Masked

Shining Armor's actions while brainwashed end in foals, who he must support.

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Princess Cadence walked over to the building, as whoever it was kept pounding the doorbell.
“Alright, alright, I’m coming!” Cadence desperately needed a cup of coffee, and if the visitor wasn’t somepony important, then all Tartaurus would break loose.
“Geez, have a little patience.” As she opened the door, a familiar purple pony and her dragon fell through.
“Twilight? What are you-‘ before she could finish her sentence, Twilight pulled herself up. A maniacal glint in her eye showed how unhinged she was.
‘What happened? Did you forget your medicine again?”
“What? Oh, no,” Twilight chuckled at that misinterpretation, “it’s just that there’s something really important about Shining Armor that came up recently. It’s to do with Chrysalis.” A hard look came over Cadence- Chrysalis had almost succeeded in marrying Shining Armor by abducting her and taking her place. It was only due to Twilight’s realisation that ‘Cadence’ was brainwashing her husband and wasn’t acting like her normal self that meant that she was married to Shining Armor at all. Even though the Changelings had been desperate enough to attack Canterlot, she had been imprisoned in an underground cave with no food and very little water for a week, so there was no love lost on the Changeling Queen.
“What happened? Is she planning another invasion?” Twilight looked down.
“You could say that…” Just then, a loud scream sounded from the bedroom.
Twilight and Cadence looked at each other and charged in.

Chrysalis smirked in satisfaction. There was Shining Armor’s and Cadence’s house. Pretty lacklustre for two of the major political figures in Canterlot, but not one pony was going to object to the living force field generator and a princess. She had expressly avoided the front door, as explanations were going to be entertaining enough without the whole of Canterlot seeing her and alerting the guards, especially the irrationally attractive guard on duty (stupid sexy guard.) Even though she had sent her letter to the princesses with an explanation of what she planned to do, she doubted that the guards were that friendly. Plus, she wanted to have this chance. She leapt through the window and positioned herself next to Shining Armor, but before she pulled the prank, she found something to increase the horror- one of his wife’s saucy outfits. Satisfied with her appearance, she softly whispered to Shining Armor:
“Good morning, sleepyhead…”

Shining Armor felt drowsy- considering his position as captain of the Royal Guard, and the aftereffects of Chrysalis’ brainwashing, he felt a little sleepier than normal. Normally, he’d just shrug it off and get some coffee, but because of last night’s sexual appetite, he fell back asleep as soon as his wife left. A sultry voice pulled him from the land of nod.
“Good morning, sleepyhead…” Groaning slightly, he turned around.
“I wasn’t asle-“
Rather than his wife’s nice, pink face with three-toned mane, instead, there was a black, shiny face, with a pair of snake-like eyes and a lank green mane. A long and wickedly curved horn protruded from her forehead, and an almost organic tiara was placed on her head. Chitinous wings and Swiss-cheese legs completed the full Chrysalis ensemble.
“Did you sleep well?” She blinked at him innocently.
Alright. Swiss-cheese bug alicorn is here in your bedroom. Obviously, my first priority is to create a small barrier in my room and push it outwards, and turn her into a smear on the wall.
Unfortunately, his body didn’t translate that very well- instead of ‘pulp Changeling queen,’ it went ‘scream like a little filly and hide in bedcovers.’ And the point tally is Shining Armor 0, Chrysalis 1.

Cadence and Twilight quickly galloped into the bedroom. Cadence’s mind was already forming possible scenarios- serial killer, burglar, clown- but nothing could have prepared her for what she saw.
Queen Chrysalis lying on their bed in a French maid outfit. The black lace frill was pushed back, and she wasn’t wearing socks, but otherwise, a perfect French maid. Chrysalis grinned at her.
“We’re both of a size, huh?” For an answer, Cadence magically threw Chrysalis off the bed, then stalked up to her, horn glowing with blue magical energy.
“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t make you fall in love with a pack of timberwolves right now.” Chrysalis shot her a hurt look.
“Now, Cadence, that’s a bit mean, but then again, I did nearly marry the love of your life, so I can expect some animosity. I’m not here to reclaim Shining Armor or stage another invasion.” Cadence retained a suspicious look, but the glow of her horn relented.
“Why are you here then? More specifically, why did you visit Shining Armor?” Shining Armor extracted himself from the covers and looked at Chrysalis with curiosity.
“Yeah, why’d you come here? Revenge against us? Make us paranoid? Seduction?”
“No, I’m here to get this month’s payment of foal support.”
In the silence that followed, you could hear a pin drop. Cadence finally spoke.
“What. Was. That. You. Said.” Chrysalis looked shocked.
“You mean my letter wasn’t sent to you explaining the situation?”
“It got sent to me, actually.” Twilight said, while Spike nudged Shining Armor in a playful fashion. Logical, rational thought coupled with a by-the-book version of ‘The Talk’ and secretly perusing Twilight’s cheesy romantic novels would do that to a young dragon.
“Congrats, Shiny, you get a foal. Feel happy?” Shining Armor, for his part just looked shocked. As Cadence turned around to him with the wrath of Celestia plain in her face, bits of his mind shut down and a small remainder of the brainwashing spell crept into his mind, offering him a general tune to put his woes to:
This day was going to be perfect,
A weekend I dreamed about since I was small.
But now Chrysalis showed up out of nowhere, and says that I had her kids,
And my hot wife’s giving me the stinkeye…