• Published 25th Sep 2012
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Foal support. - Ssendam the Masked

Shining Armor's actions while brainwashed end in foals, who he must support.

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Foal Support.

As we all know, the Canterlot Wedding was a complete disaster. Evil shape shifting bug monsters appearing out of nowhere, a defeated Princess Celestia and twelve tonnes of Hugh Jelly’s ‘personal’ lime jelly combined in a spectacular event that made the last Grand Galloping Gala look like absolutely nothing went wrong with it at all, which considering what happened the year before that, was an improvement. But at least Shining Armour and Cadence got married happily ever after, the Changelings were repelled from Equestria and Applejack got the chance to wink seductively at Princess Celestia, and nothing bad happened.
Yeah, right, like that would ever happen. Just by saying that, you have condemned the universe to make things worse for you. And the Princesses have started preparing for another Changeling invasion…

The Royal Sanctum is a fascinating place, when you think about it. It is a small room, with shelves lined with books and strewn with pillows. Most mortals who walk into the chamber have to wear sunglasses just to see, as the chamber is always filled with magically enchanted lamps. The chamber is only open for those few who the goddess of the sun has a personal interest in- psychologically unstable personal students, ‘exceptional’ guards and the butler. Oh, and her recently returned sister, who would, if there was something to talk about with her sister, would simply contact her telepathically, as was her wont.
“Tia, we dost require your presence in our chambers.” Celestia sighed, put down the book, and moved to the hidden door, artfully disguised as a door. Of course, most visitors who visited never really saw the door, as it was so obviously a hidden door that there was no interest in it. Opening it, she walked into Luna’s private chambers. Luna’s chambers were painted black and shades of dark blue and purple. Almost every shelf in this chamber was filled with Equestrian gaming consoles- a Neightendo 64, SNES and NES, PS3, Xbox 360, Neightendo DS, PSP, games and controllers. The sole non-gaming related shelf was stacked with ancient, dark texts, that warped the sanity of even the most intelligent scholar. Luna enjoyed reading them as light entertainment, especially the Necronomicon. The large television screen for her current console covered half of the wall, currently blank. Luna spun the swivel chair around to greet her sister.

‘We thank you for being prompt, Tia.”
“Did you fire another linguist, Lulu?” Luna looked affronted.
“No I haven’t! If you must know, he walked out on his own, muttering something about a ‘crazy loud alicorn.’” Both of the sisters looked at each other and giggled.
“So, what did you want to talk about then?” Luna immediately stopped giggling and pulled out a letter. As Celestia picked it up with her magic, Luna started talking.
“As you know, the Changeling Empire has started to move back to Equestria, despite their disastrous defeat.”
“Given that they were intending to turn Equestria into a food source, I’d say that they’re trying again with a different strategy.” Luna looked abashed.
‘You could say that they have a different strategy.” Celestia raised an eyebrow, but opened the letter and read through it briefly. And then reread it, eyes wide. Then, with an air of finality, she reread one line. And an infamous smirk appeared on her face.
“Shining Armor isn’t going to be pleased when he hears about this.”

Meanwhile, Shining Armor was doing his job. Even though he had been brainwashed by a crazy insect lady, he was still Captain of the Solar Guard, now the full Royal Guard with the Night Regiment. Currently, he was still dealing with the paperwork.
Okay, let’s see… bills to repair for the parts of the barracks that new recruits somehow managed to demolish during training, training dummies, payments to the Royal Armoury for 100 new sets of armour custom fitted… A mental image of one of the new Privates, Private Lotus Eater in armour formed.
“Captain, this armour is so comfortable and well-fitted! It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!”
“Nothing at all!”
“Stupid sexy Lotus Eater!” Shining Armor suddenly clapped a hoof over his muzzle, hoping that nopony had heard his outburst. When no immediate signs of anypony appeared, he settled down to work, which consisted of him signing everything that required a signature and occasionally throwing the downright ridiculous proposals into the wastebasket.
A self-propelled carriage that runs on controlled explosions? It’ll never last!
Finally, it was done, and Shining Armor could call it a day.
“Sergeant, I’m going home to my wife.” The jovial fat earth pony waved him goodbye.

“Cady, I’m home!” His wife’s pink head popped around the corner from where she was organising her babysitting sidejob, which proved extremely popular due to its royal sponsorship.
“Hey, Shiny, how was your day?”
“Same as usual- paperwork and more paperwork. Still, at least it’s Friday, so late nights are a go-go.” Cadence smiled coyly.
“You know… we could start now.” Shining Armor grinned enthusiastically.
“Sure, just let me grab some coffee and I’ll be right there.” As he trotted over to the kitchen, he could hear Cadence starting to set things up.
Man, grandpa, if you could see this day…
“I’ll tell you later.”

“Alright, Spike! That’s the last copy of Synonyms for the word ‘plimsoll.’ Now we can take a break.” Spike sagged, falling over into his basket with a ‘thunk.’
“Geez, Twilight, why do we even need that book? It’s unnecessary- HURK!”
A small gout of green flame burst from his mouth, and a scroll popped into existence. Twilight examined the contents of the scroll, at first in curiosity, then in horror.
“Spike, get up. This is extremely important. We have to get to Canterlot now.”
“Whassup? I just sat down, then I get a letter, and now you’re acting all weird. What happened?” Twilight paused for a moment, and tried to marshal her thoughts together.
“Well, it’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s to do with Queen Chrysalis and my brother. I’ll explain as we go.”
“Where are we going?”
“To Pinkie Pie’s place. She’s the only one who has a balloon license.” Spike rolled his eyes.
“I thought we also had a balloon license, Twilight.” Twilight shook her head.
“That may be true, but Pinkie Pie owns a balloon, and we don’t!” Spike facepalmed, and followed his (occasionally crazy) older sister to Pinkie Pie’s apartment.

As Shining Armor woke up to the glorious rays of Celestia’s sun, he felt his wife nudge him.
“Yes, Cady?”
“Why did you say that your grandfather would have liked this?”
“Ah, my grandfather was Night Shade, the old captain of the Solar Guard. He was the one who really inspired me to become a member of the Guard. He died just after I got enrolled.” Cadence nuzzled him.
“I’m sorry to hear that. I really am.”
“We used to go fishing together. He gave a piece of advice that I still remember today.”

A young Shining Armor and his grandfather, a dark grey unicorn with a red star for a Cutie mark walked into a tackle shop. A young mare with a two-toned mane waved at them.
“Hey, Night Shade! I got your order here!” As she turned around, Shining Armor and his grandfather got a good look at her plot.
“Grandson, remember this. A plot like that mares makes living all worthwhile. Also, try to shack up with an alicorn if you can.” As the salesmare handed him the tackle he had ordered, he winked to his grandson.
Later that day, his grandfather managed to catch a seapony by accident. However, he threw it back in because it wasn’t as big as the whale he caught last week.

Shining Armor smiled at the memory, then turned around to his wife. Or rather, her perfect behind. She caught him in the act and blushed.
“Well, yes. But you have to admit, you’d probably kill me if I perved on anypony but you. And this way, I get this perfect valley every time I wake up.”
“Oh, you-“
The ring of the doorbell interrupted their ‘intense’ argument.
“I’ll get it!” As Cadence skippd off to the door, Shining Armor relaxed into the covers.
Aah, Celestia, you know how to make a morning alright. It feels so peaceful, I don’t think that anything can go wrong!