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These are side stories that fit into the framework of "Doorway to Another Place" and "Eris' Game" but aren't necessary to the overall narrative of those stories.

Basically, a place to expand on certain ideas and put in those small or large story fragments that I had written that I didn't add to the main stories

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Whot's this

E: Oh, that.

That was nice. Good to see these characters back again and the dynamic between parent and child.
Hope to see more of these stories.

What a pleasant surprise.

I log in now, my story has finally been published and already has a bunch of thumbs up and favourites.

Thank you to all that read and enjoy my stories. It means a lot to me.

Currently there are another 3 stories to add to this... anthology I guess you could call it. They'll hopefully be coming out in the next few weeks depending on when I'm able to get to them.

Once again, thank you.

This was adorable and very intriguing. Great job.
Definitely waiting for more. :pinkiehappy:

Excellent. Most excellent.

Oh, I have such a weakness for humanized Twilight Sparkle.

Hmm.....not bad, especially for a first attempt. Though I do have to admit that I didn't read it all that closely. I'm not really a fan of the whole anthro thing, sorry.

Honestly I'm not into anthro either but for the story I thought it would be more appropriate simply because it's new and different for them.
Twilight wanted this to be a special treat and "gift" after the gift Rick gave to her so while regular sex with either a human or a pony might be nice, sex with an anthro pony would at least be more memorable.
And besides, the picture for the story The Goddess Within was giving me an idea and I decided to run with it which also meant getting rid of some of the original story which dealt with the leadup to Hearth's Warming Eve. And hopefully that part will find it's way into another chapter in this continuing saga.

1459379 Nah, it's cool. It makes sense for the story, so keep on doing what you're doing. I'm looking forward to the continuation of your story.

I JUST relised joe that ur avatar is the main character o.O wow I'm slow xDD so twyla has a crush on porter huh :P I wonder if twyla interacts with her cousin morning light on occation?? @w@

Sterling huh? I've heard the name before only a few times tho it really is rare :P so I understand twyla goes to equestrian school but could there be a chance she goes to a human school down the road? That would be kinda interesting to see at one point :3 oh yeah another thing I've noticed twilights parents haven't been able to see sterling being birthed are they perhaps busy in canterlot? It would be nice to see both twilights and ricks parents interacting with eachother abit :P

In fact When she turned anthro the cover pic of the goddess within was the first image that came to mind twi is absolutly stunning in that pic ^^ and as azi said for a first time writing clop it definitly wasn't bad better then most first timers :3

I'm so glad you're enjoying these little things that I write.

Yes, Twyla goes to school in Equestria and there's currently no plan to send her to human school. There's no real reason why she and Sterling can't go at some point but it does have something to do with the fact they're both unicorns and they both need to learn magic. If however at some point they want to continue to higher education on Earth then that would be an option but right now I'm just focusing on Equestria.

As for Twilight's parents, well they're busy doing whatever they're doing in Canterlot. That's not to say they're not going to make an appearance at some point but I just haven't gotten around to working them into a chapter or anything.

:twilightoops: geez any guy can get exausted after 3 days o.o xP as before I like the brotherly love rick and spike have for eachother ^w^ I find it curious precious gem looks like spike so much wonder why? :moustache: magic. XD and it seems my question from earlier was answered home schooling (shrugs) gotta say if anything home schooling was the most logical excuse haha

Rarity is a slave driver and she was very demanding of Rick during that time.

Yeah, colouring is magically determined at least that's how I wanted to go about it. Or at least I wanted magic to play a part in determining how a foal will look.

1533950 :3 makes sense in a way magic plays by its own rules :P

Still writing these things. Nice.

No time to read now. I'll put it in the "read later" pile.

finally i can read this! :P another great side story, no doubt rick is practically famous in canterlot now and i laughed at velvets massage to twi and rick xDDD you can NEVER fool parents :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah. I've taken a few examples from my life and I've added them to the stories for an added dash of realism.

That bit actually happened when my now wife and then girlfriend were visiting her parents. We were given separate rooms, she would sneak in in the middle of the night to join me and we'd effectively sleep. She said she needed "Joe" time at the end of the night to fall asleep. Then as she was an early riser and I'm not, she'd get up early, go to her room and we thought nobody was the wiser.

A couple days later, as we're heading out her Mum basically told us that she knew what was happening but couldn't figure out why other things weren't happening. We admitted that since they had us in different rooms we abided by their policy and while we slept together we actually just slept. She laughed, said we were both adults and could do what we wanted, of course she loved me to death and thought I was the greatest boyfriend her daughter ever hooked up with. Her only stipulation was to keep it quiet and if accidents happened we'd be picking out china patterns real soon.

Needless to say, we went to bed early that night. :raritywink:

:1551994 oh really? XD wow haha so I assume things like this in the past chapters and the last 2 stories you'd put abit of your own life into it? :rainbowwild: :3

Definitely. It allows me to inject a little personal realism into an otherwise completely imaginary story. Things like the guacamole incident, training as a chef before going into IT and the aforementioned girlfriend bit are all taken from real life events that took place then fictionalised in such a way that they're no longer the same story.

Oh god the guacomole bit was funny xP Heh well i guess its safe to say one of the many reasons the story is so good is because of those special moments in the story from rick and twi just sippin a cup of joe on the couch enjoying eachothers company to telling there kids the storys of there lives of when they were younger :ajsmug: hehe really great.

Victory sex is only second to make-up sex.

I would imagine as I can't imagine anything beating make-up sex. The combination of passion, desire and a bit of anger makes things really raw. Although it can lead to bite marks and scratches on your back and ass that draw blood. :rainbowwild:

But I imagine that the fact you're both alive, have saved the day and have the gratitude of the current head of state does add something to it. :twilightsmile:

Story Approver

Heart attack of cuteness has commenced! Lovely side story, now on to the next

Story Approver

Really great job with all of these side stories, love the variety and style you took with them. Looking forward to whatever other side stories you're cooking up in that mind of yours. Thanks for the good reading

Oh man, if Sterling's letter hadn't specifically said "she" I was totally expecting him to bring home a colt, just for the lulz :rainbowlaugh:.

I approve of this chapter. And the only problem I had with the ending was that Rick didn't make a carnivore joke about Glenda's last line.

I actually considered him bringing home a colt originally as just a friend but Rick thinking that his son had actually turned colt-cuddler. There'd be a scene where he has the "talk" with him, in a sense mirroring what he did with Twyla only to find out that they're just friends and his parents were away for Hearth's Warming Eve which is why he invited him. But I figured that would be too much so I changed it to a female that he was currently seeing.

The choices were originally an earth pony and Rick would be so happy that his son did so that he's immediately welcomming her and pushing for them to get married before Twilight reining him in. But I figured a better idea would be a non-pony so either a dragon or griffon and since we already have Rarity and Spike in this story we might as well have a completely different species all together. The implication was that Glenda was in fact Gilda's daughter but that never came up and I felt the co-incidence factor would simply be too much.

And yes, I missed a line there but as I said I needed to get this out. I might come back later on and fix certain things about this but we'll have to see considering I still have the Hearts & Hooves chapter to complete as well as how Sterling and Glenda actually met.

Wow this chapter was a very entertaining read! This chapter was so worth the wait I had to go through (I'm on a road trip if I didn't tell you already) sterling with a griffin I soooo approve of this you seriously don't see to many griffins falling in love with ponies unless its dash and gilda and I had a feeling you got glenda from gilda it was pretty obvious xF
Not to mention I love glendas personality she my kinda woman >w<

Twyla with a filly? Married? And trixies daughter no doubt! Both parents concent along with both lovers? I approve of this as well GREAT chapter on to the next!

You weren't kidding when you said you were discriptive its safe to say you did improve which is always good!:pinkiecrazy: and yay for the doctor and derpy appearence xP I wonder what adventure they were gonna go on? XD as always a good read! Oh! Got any plans for another story??

Dragonxgriffin=major win xD


I'm too lazy to go find the actual picture, but you know what I mean. Very well done. I don't think you need to worry about your skill in this particular area of writing anymore, 'cause you got it near perfect this time around: super sexy fun time with all the feels still intact.

There was one sentence kind of near the beginning-ish that was a little confusingly worded, but I can't find it right now and I've got work to do so I can't take any more time looking for it. I'll try to find it later if I can remember. Aside from that, well done and I look forward to whatever else you have in store for us.

Thanks. That was by far the hardest chapter I ever had to write and took the longest.

I don't know if clop is really my thing. It's really not an easy thing to write without sounding mechanical or getting bogged down in the details. I did have some help as my wife gave me some... pointers on how Twilight might be feeling and reacting to it all. But in the end I'm glad I gave it another try even if I might not wind up writing something like that again.

Thank you. I figured that the Doctor and Derpy needed to show up in Time's Square at some point with him being a time lord and all but it was more a shout-out to the fandom than anything else.

Right now I've got another chapter I'm working on talking about Glenda and Sterling and possibly something on the horizon about Apple Bloom but that one is still in the planning stage and to see if I can actually flesh it out first. As for other stories, I haven't thought of any but we'll see when the time comes.

1688157 your wife helped? No wonder xD ya that certainly makes sense.
Alright! I can't wait to see character developement for sterling and glenda xP I'm eager to say the least!

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"
Doctor Who?

Reference was to an old movie starring Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier. In essence, stuck up white folk get a shock when their daughter brings home her fiancé who just happens to be black and hijinks ensue. It was remade in 2005 under the title "Guess Who" starring Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher with the roles reversed.

I guessed that it was a griffin when Sterling said that seafood was ok.

Awesome chapter is awesome. Some grammatical errors here and there, but nothing too terrible.

And I fully approve of the idea that AB and her human 'friend' get their own story. I would read that in a heartbeat.

Loved the new chapter. I'm guessing you're going to go further in depth with Sterling and Glenda, maybe leading up to the Hearth's Warming Eve chapter and beyond?

And if you're doing this how about exploring more of Twyla and Lunar Spell's relationship and how they met? Even re-introducing Trixie and we can all see how she's changed.

I'm not surprised. I edited that pretty quickly just to get it out so I might have missed a few things. I'm self-taught when it comes to grammar and go by what feels right instead of what might be grammatically correct.

About Apple Bloom and her friend, it's something that I'm working on but I'm trying to flesh it out. Right now I'm really not sure how it's going to progress but it's definitely something I'm looking at.

Thanks. Yes, there will be more about Sterling and Glenda and I've been meaning to re-visit Twyla and her wife's history and possibility of having a foal through a stud. If I ever do go that route Trixie will play a role in it. That you can be sure.

Awesome. Can't wait. :rainbowkiss:

Once again you don't fail to deliver the goods. An interesting chapter to add to the lives of Rick & Twilight.

I liked the banter, "Now talk physics to me baby" and how Rick is still concerned with his penis size. That boy needs to get over it. I think Twilight is tired of telling him that he's a good size already.

4/5 moustaches. :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::twilightoops:

I think all men are insecure about that to one degree or another and wouldn't mind being a little bigger. So finally Rick's in a position where Twilight admits he's big and part of him wants to stay that way.

It's not often that you read stories on this site where the roles are reversed and it's a human woman and an Equestrian male.

All such stories I have read there's always stated by the female protagonist that humans could ever satisfy her, and that she will never go back to humans because "ponies are better lovers". Stories that invovle clop, anyhow.

Interesting. I've never read any like that but then I don't typically go out looking for them either.

No, this was just a silly idea that I had after one too many Guinness one night and started writing.

2114082 Somehow I get the feeling that's how all clop stories involving female human in Equestria x pony are written.

Could very well be but as I said it was something that I felt was interesting to explore for these two. I'm not that happy with the clop itself for the chapter but I think it's an interesting chapter simply because their roles are reversed and after being married for several years anything that spices it up is worth exploring.

2116718 Totally agree. Not really a fan of human X pony but you actually make it work rather nicely.

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