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Derpy's Album - Spot Light

How Sparkler and Dinky came into Derpy's Life

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My Derped Eyes

As Derpy sat on her couch, fumbling with her hooves, wile repeating the words "When Older" to her self. Her thoughts were all messed up and couldn't keep them straight. She looked over at her album, remembering the time she got Sparkler, she knew what would lie on the pages after Sparkler's photos.

"What me?" she asked her self. She couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed album and opened it up to the next page. Right there on the page was the photo of her first time with Dinky. In the photo, they were in the hospital, Dinky was wrapped up in a blanket, she had just been born. Derpy was holding her and showing her to the camera. Derpy had a bandage wrapped around her head and right eye. Sparkler was sitting on the hospital bed next to Derpy.

Derpy's thoughts were starting to aline. It was all coming back to her. The day she became Derped.


It was six years since Sparkler had moved in with Ditzy. Now being a mother she decided to send Sparkler to school. In school she did fairly well. She almost never got into trouble. Which was saying a lot because even though having a cop for a mom, she was still picked on. This is where memory lane picks up...

It was early afternoon and Ditzy was waiting at the bus stop for Sparkler to get home. Six minuets went buy and the bus pulled up at the corner. The door opened up and instead of Sparkler jumping into Ditzy's arm, like what would normally happen, Sparkler stepped off the bus crying and looking all beaten up. It was then Ditzy had a worried look on her face.

"Sparkler," She blurted out, sounding worried, "What in Equestria happened to you?"

Still in tears, the filly ran up to her mom and hugged her. Ditzy placed one arm around her trying to comfort.

"Mommy," She sobbed as she looked up.

"It's ok," Ditzy soothed, "Lets get you inside before another pony sees your shiner."

Once inside, She gave Sparkler her after school snack, which was a cup of hot tea and a blueberry muffin. The two of them sat down at the dinning room table. The little one was starting to calm down, so Ditzy started their talk.

"Tell me, who did this to you?"

"It was Brass Hoof and his gang."

"Who are the others?"

"Scarlet Light, Shear and Brute Force, and Brick Wall."

"Which one did this to you?"

"They all ganged up on me?"


"Because they say I'm worthless street trash, because I was adopted."

"They should be one to talk, How did you get away?"

"My friends Vinyl Scratch and Miss. Hazel Bone stood up to them."

"If I'm not mistaken they have been picked on as well." Ditzy added, "Vinyl because she is an Albino, and Mrs. Hazel because she is pregnant . By the way isn't she a teacher?"

"That is true mommy."

"Listen I'll try to do something about Brass Hoof and his gang, I'll talk with the principle. But anyway I'm on duty tonight and I was hoping you might want to stay at a friends house tonight."

"Well Vinyl said I could come over tonight. I'll send her a telegram."

"You were going to ask me right?"


"Good, telegram her once your finished, I've got to go get ready for work." She patted Sparkler's head and headed to her room. As she started getting her uniform on she started thinking. Being a mother is fun but it can be hard, I mean I'm glad to be one, but I feel like I'm not doing my job correctly. She got beat up again by those bully's. Luckily she has friends to help look out for her. Something needs to be done about those bully's. They are always cheating there karma, but what goes around comes around. If I find out they did something bad one more time it's hard time for them. Now she had her uniform on and headed back to the dinning room.

Sparkler had just finished her telegram.

"Well?" Ditzy asked.

"She just got back to me saying yes."

"Ok, go pack your things, I'll drive you over on my way to work."

"OK mommy." Sparkler quickly went to her room to pack. At that moment Ditzy heard a knock at the door. So she went to answer it. She was greeted with a Brooklyn accent.

"Good afternoon Ditzy, how's the little one?"

"Hello Six-Shooter, shes doing fine." She replied in her high, happy voice. "What brings you to my place?"

"I was in the neighborhood, just thought to check in and see if your coming to work tonight." he said sarcastically.

Ditzy dropped into a serious face, "I know I missed the last week. It was because Sparkler was in the Hospital."

"What happened?" he said sounding worried.

"She's being bulled at school. And apparently they always seem to get away with it."

"I take it they don't care if your a cop,"

"Right, anyway I'm going to drop Sparkler off at a friends so she can stay the night wile I'm on duty."

Sparkler walked up in stood next to Ditzy. "I'm all set mommy, oh hi Mr. Shooter."

Six-Shooter lowered his head to look at Sparkler."Well hello Sparkly, going to a sleepover I see."

"Yes sir," she replied with a giggle and a blush.

"I remember my first sleepover," He said looking up, "My sister and friend painted my hoofs pink," he said sounding deadpan, "They payed for it when I replaced there tooth paste with glue."

Ditzy and Sparkler took a step back. "Six-Shooter, your doing it again." Ditzy pointed out the fact he was drifting off into his own world. This was one of the few upsides of working with him; he would drift off and she would make fun of it or snap him out of it. But when time came he could get serious.

"What? Oh, I must have drifted off again. Anyway I'll meet you down at the station after you drop off Sparkly off at her sleep over." he saluted Ditzy, who did the same, as he walked away he started talking to him self. "I say, you paint my hoofs some color and you get a mouth that you can't open."

Ditzy and Sparkler just laughed. "Ready little one?" Ditzy asked.

"I've been ready,"

"Hop on my back I'll fly you over." Sparkler did just that. On the way there Ditzy had more thoughts. Taking her to her friends house for the night is a good idea, because she can be safe there. But I'm still worried that she's just going to get beat up again on Monday. A few moments when by and they were at the Scratch's residence. They were greeted buy Vinyl and her mom. They exchanged contact info just in case something came up. Ditzy dropped off Sparkler and flew down to the station. Once there she was greeted by Night Stick.

"Good afternoon sheriff." she smiled. "How you doing you big softie?"

"Same to you Miss. Doo," he blushed. "I'm not a softie."

"Yes you are, you went down to the school today and held a presentation about safety for the little ones. There for you are a big softie."

Night Stick was too embarrassed to reply to that. Instead he asked, "Speaking of school, how's Sparkler holding up?"

"She got beat up again at school." She said with a sigh and looked down, "We need to do something about these bully's."

"I don't know what we can do, unless they get busted for doing something." Night Stick said, with a concern look. He put his hoof to her chin, raised her head and hugged her. "Why don't you take your mind off of it and go patrol for now. Six-Shooter is waiting in his squad car"

"I'm just paroling tonight right?" she asked as they pulled apart.

"Yes," he nodded.

Ditzy headed down to her squad car where Six-Shooter, who was talking to him self.

"... then there was the time she replaced my shampoo with paint."

"Six-Shooter..." Ditzy interrupted.

"Oh hi Ditzy," he responded and then drifted off again, " I couldn't get that green out so I had to get a hair cut..."


"...I was bald for two weeks..."

"Six-Shooter!" She yelled in annoyance. "Snap out of it!"

"Oh, hi Ditzy, when did you get here?"

Face hoof.

"Just get in the car, we have patrol tonight."

"Ok Ditzy, lets go."

Wile on patrol things were quiet between the two of them. Ditzy didn't want to get Six-Shooter going again; she had hared enough of his life story, so much she could write it her self. As they drove, they took a left down a road called No Pass Lane. A place that only the low life and thugs would live. Ditzy would always pass through to see what's going on down in this troublesome place. Only about two minutes in and Ditzy spotted a familiar figure of a Unicorn. It was none other then Sparkler's teacher Mrs. Hazel. Ditzy pulled up next to her.

"Good evening Hazel." Ditzy said, "What brings you to No Pass Lane?"

"I need to get the Hospital."

"What happened you look like something bad happened?"

"I was jumped, I think it was Brass Hoof and his gang." She said as she groaned in pain.

"Where did they jump you?" Six-Shooter asked.

"B..b..b...b...back there in the parking lot. You got to help me I need to get to the Hospital I'm worried about my baby."

"Don't worry, we will but can you hang on and bring us to where they jumped." Ditzy requested.

"Ditzy, she needs help, we can get Brass Hoof later." Six-Shooter tried to persuade Ditzy.

"Six-Shooter I know what your trying to do, but Brass Hoof and his gang put my Sparkler in the Hospital. I can't stand another week worrying if my daughter will come home safe or not. Be sides we can't take her she needs an ambulance." Ditzy just had her cool mother moment.

"Can I at least ride in the back?" Hazel asked.

Ditzy sighed, "Fine, hop in." Mrs. Hazel did just that. Ditzy stepped on the gas and drove to the parking lot.

"Say Mrs. Hazel, why are you in No Pass Lane anyway?" Six-Shooter asked with a look of curiosity.

"I was on my way home from work."

"What is your husband going to say when he finds out about this?"

"He won't he died three months ago."

"Oh, but everypony still calls you Mrs."

"I haven't told anypony except you two."

Derpy parked the car and got out. "Stay here Six-Shooter, Mrs. Hazel I need you to take me to where they jumped you."

"Ok,' Mrs. Hazel stepped out. She pointed to a near bye alley.

"Six-Shooter come with me." All three of them went over and sure enough there was somepony there. There was five ponies there laughing and seem to be enjoying them self. There were three Unicorns and two Earth Ponies.

"Six-Shooter, wait by the entrance to the alley just in case. Hazel come with me. I'm going to confront these punks."

"Will do," the two said in unison. As Ditzy and Hazel approached the gang was talking.

"And so when beat them just right they make a face that is to die for." said a brown Unicorn, who appeared to be the ring leader of the group.

"Your right boss," another Unicorn said in a dumb guy voice.

"Shut it Brick, my sweet heart is talking," said the other Unicorn, who was the only Mare of the group.

"Thank you Scarlet Light, and don't call me sweet heart. Now I want to congrats Shear and Brute Force for assisting me on our latest jump. And who would have guessed it would be my old teacher Mrs. Hazel; She has been putting on a few pounds. But her reaction was worth it."

The two Earth ponies, Shear and Brute Force shook their heads in agreement.

"Uh, boss?"

"What now Brick?"

"Looks like she came back for round two, and she brought some help." Brick had seen Ditzy and Hazel.

"Oh, good evening Officer, what can I do for you?"

She turned to the teacher, "Hazel let me do the talking," she looked back. "I take it that your Brass Hoof."

"The one and only,"

"I'm here to place you and your gang under arrest."

"Arrest? What are the charges?"

"Multiple accounts of assault and attempted murder."

"Attempted murder? All my victims live, I have yet to see what a face of death looks like? I would like to see it."

"Hazel here is nine months pregnant you could have killed her unborn baby. Now are you going to come quietly or do I use force?"

Brass Hoof wasn't listening, "Hay aren't you Sparkler's mommy?"

"That's part of the reason I'm here. Now are you going to come or not?"

"Or what? Drag us by force, If you haven't realized there are five of us and three of you. Yes I can see your partner hiding over there. Your clearly out numbered. Gang, draw your guns, I want to see my first death face." They all pulled out guns and opened fire.

Ditzy got out of there, quickly followed by Hazel. But only one got out of the alley. Ditzy turned and saw that Hazel had been hit. In a fit of rage, she drew her gun and started firing back.

"Ditzy, get back here!" Six-Shooter yelled, but it was no use; she was blinded by her rage that she didn't here him over the sound of gunfire. The moment was short lived and Ditzy went down. Six-Shooter radioed for back up.

"Sheriff Night Stick, anypony, we need back up NOW! Officer Down I repeat, Officer Down!" he yelled. Ditzy could here him yelling, the world was spinning, she blacked out.


When she awoke, there was so much white, she thought she had gone to heaven. But if this was heaven why did the angles where doctors uniforms. She could only see with one eye because the other was bandaged up.

"Shes coming too,"

I just don't know what went wrong she thought as she groaned.

"Doctor X-Ray, is it safe to come in now?" asked a familiar voice.

"Yes it is, Sheriff," the doctor.

Night Stick entered the room, "I see you took a nasty fall out there." he said quietly.

"What hap to me?" she asked in a broken voice.

"You took a bullet to the head." Night Stick said calmly in his accent. "After you went down, Six-Shooter called for back up. We were quick to the seen and arrested the gang. From what Six-Shooter told us it was Brass Hoof that fired the shots that hit you and Hazel. You survived a bullet to the head, consider your self lucky. Brass Hoof out of all of them has the most charges, Sixteen accounts for assault, assaulting a police mare, endangerment of a child, attempted murder and murder. Don't worry he's going away for a long time."

"What bout Hazel?" she asked.

Night Stick looked down and let out a sigh. "She didn't make it, but the doctors did manage to save the foal that she was pregnant with. We also contacted your daughter she should be showing up any moment." As soon as he finished, Sparkler burst into the Hospital room.

"Mommy are you ok?" she ran up and hugged her.

"Your mother is fine," the doctor said, "We did what we could and removed the bullet, but I'm afraid she won't be able to speak correctly or see correctly any more. Well she may be able to speak correctly with some speech training."

"Mommy?" She looked into her mothers eye

"I sorry," Ditzy tried to say, "I glad you safe," she forced her self to say. She looked at the Doctor, "What hap to Hazel?"

The doctor looked down, "That I have news I'm not sure about?"

"What news?" asked the Sheriff.

"You see, " He started as he tried to find the right words to say due to the young filly in the room, "Before she passed she had a last request about her new born, one that involves you Ditzy."

"Me?" She asked looking confused. "What I have do with it?"

"You see, she wanted somepony to take care of her child and not send it to an orphanage. She wanted you to take care of the baby, she knew that you already have it tough with one Unicorn to raise."

Ditzy looked at Sparkler and looked back, "I don't have hard time with Sparkler," Strangely she could pronounce Sparkler's name.

"Well she would have been great full I you say yes." the Doctor finished.

Ditzy thought to her self: Well with the condition I'm in now, I won't be able to work on the force anymore. And with a new born foal on my hoofs, it will be tough, but I have Sparkler who can help, yet again I will need to get a new place, because our house isn't big enough for three ponies. But... The thought were coming at her so fast her head started to hurt. She then started to talk,

"Let... me... see... the... foal," She said slowly.

"Alright, Miss. Doo. Nurse bring in the filly," The Doctor called out. "It's a girl,"

The Nurse walked in carrying a small bundle with magic. She placed the bundle in Ditzy's arms. Ditzy removed some of the blanket and a little gray face of a unicorn looked up at her with yellow eyes and cooed. Ditzy giggled, felt a strange feeling go through her body, She began to smile. She then looked at the Doctor.

"I raise her," She said happily.

The Doctor looked at her, "I'm glad, but are you sure you can do this?"

"Yes," she answered. She then looked at Sparkler, "Sparkler, say hello to new sister,"

"Well in that case, Ditzy," added Night Stick, "What are you going to name her? She's a Dinky little thing after all."

Ditzy's face lit up like Hearth's Warming Eve. "Dinky," she thought, "Dinky," she repeated and looked down at the new born she was cradling. "Your... name... shall... be... Dinky," she forced her self to say. Dinky just looked at her and cooed. Sparkler sat up on the bed and looked at her new sister who just stared back at her.

"Mom," she said, "Your one of a kind,"

The Sheriff was trying to hold back tears because of this touching moment. Everypony looked at him and laughed. "I can't help it," he wined, "It's moments like this that I brought my camera for," he pulled out his camera and took a photo of the Mother and her now two daughters.


"Mamma, you awake?" asked a high pitch voice.

Derpy set down her album and realized that Dinky was out of bed.

"Muffin, what do out bed?"

"I had a dream that you left me in the woods and never came back,"

Derpy was suppressed, That's my filly hood, how does she know? but that's a story for another time. she thought.

"Muffin, come sit next mom." she offered. Dinky jumped up and sat next to Derpy, who put her wing over the young unicorn.

"What are you reading mommy,"

"Just look at old photo and memory,"

"What photo?"

"I tell you when older."

Dinky cuddled up next to her, she waited for her daughter to fall asleep. She picked her up and carried her on her back and brought Dinky back to her own bed where she tucked her back in. As she left and headed back to the living room, she kept thinking those words "When Older." Though her trip down memory lane wasn't over yet, she still had one last memory to remember.


Warning: the next chapter you might want a box of tissues.