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Foals are adorable~


She was in a void, surrounded by nothing but her own thoughts. It was warm and claustrophobic, yet calm and peaceful. She once had a name, but she couldn't pull it out, even though she remembered almost every other detail from the life she lost.

Once an adult human transgender woman, she finds herself in the body of a female foal, living within a strange, perilous world with her single mother. She is finally given the chance to grow up as a girl... er... filly, though it also presents a problem to her.

She still has some of the wants and instincts from her previous life, desiring independence and control. Could she convince her other that she is who she is without breaking their relationship?

This fic is going to be filled with many cute chapters and lots of mother-foal moments, paired against the frustrations and efforts of an adult within a foal's body. I hope everyone enjoys!

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In my honest opinion you would be better off having this story rated T so you can give a more detailed insight to the internal conflict she is experiencing

Already this seems like it's going to be a great story

You're right! I was meaning to give it a teen rating anyway, but I may have posted it when I was half-asleep.

Awww, so precious!!!

And yes, I would like to know about the setting!

So it seems to be a rather technologically advanced Equestria, potentially all magi-tech?

Cool, is it far in the future of the show then?



Well, it is very, very far in the future. I won't go into detail about when exactly it is, but the story takes place in a small district of a planet-wide city. The show is canon, but it is so long in the past that the only things that still hold up are a couple different traditions.

“It’s a filly!” She heard as she opened her eyes, and immediately closed them, everything being so bright. She was so cold and wet, whimpering and whining.

fallout three
interesting story btw


It sounds like we’re smuggling ponies across the border(?)/to another planet(?).

Quantum Packer sounds like a “Here, we’ll just place that in a stasis in an incredibly small space” type of device.

Yeah, New Harmony sounds like the kind of place where you hear “oh, it’s great here, there’s so much to do!” but then you go there and it’s like you’ve been on free healthcare with not much need of it only to now simultaneously be in the USA and really needing healthcare.

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