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Hi, I like big bags of horse dicks.

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...holy fucking shit...

Adding to my bookshelf!!

Quite good!! Quite good indeed.

Would love more

Heh, anatomically correct. :twistnerd: Kinda. Gotta be hung like one to reach the throat though.

Second chapter and sequel please

Holy fuck this was amazing!
Always happy to have more Pinkie/human clopfics, not really a lot of those that are good from what I could find.

Also, a minor nitpick, you have 'where' when it should've been 'were' throughout the story.

I also agree with Voltaje, another chapter or a sequel would be very much appreciated.
Whether they be more deepthroat/swallowjob or outright fucking with creampie finisher is up to you but I vote yae for MOAR

Yeah even though I've proof read this several times, Where and were have always stumbled me up for a long time. I'll go back through the story and attempt to correct anything that jumps out at me. Cheers.

Just went through it with Ctrl+F.

Yeah I see what happened, in my head I had the utility of "where" and "were" swapped with one another. So when I was using one, I should have been using the other. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Guess this is a lesson to be more careful when I'm writing erotica at midnight after work. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn. Mare was thirsty.


Who did the cover art for this?

Nice clop-fic.
Сan't wait for the new chapter. If you write it, I'll be the first one to do the translation.

I usually just find cover images for clop off of various websites like r34 and e621. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to link the source though. If I remember correctly, I think linking pornographic content like images and videos is against the rules here, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Art is by Atryl

Yes, most people just put the numbers from the link. You can't link pornographic sites on this website for some reason, even though they allow erotic stories.

Lol Pinkie's antics are great and so are anon's reactions

She started out thirsty but then realized how famished and was!

I would died right than and there. Worth it.


veyr nice.

glad to see this updated.

wish there was another chapter where he feeds her other holes, but this is good too

good shiet :moustache:👌

she enthusiastically berried her snout

you almost certainly mean 'buried' unless you were making a pun that went over my head.

Anon owes Pinkie one now, and i hope you'll write that part too.

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