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My Pink Salvation. - WinterTwister

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Chapter 2


Pinkie shot up from her bed from the outburst and she looked frantically around the room. She didn't see anything so she hopped out of bed and trotted to her front door where she heard the Cakes talking.


Carrot Cake was in a deep sleep on the couch, his mouth was gaping open and a hoof was brushing against the floor.

Cup Cake saw him asleep so soundly and scowled. She went into the kitchen and brought back an ice cold glass of water and he stood over him. She tipped the glass over him and he quickly went from peaceful to rigid.


He looked at his wife. "What was that for?!"

"You need to get up and get to work." she said coldly.

He looked at the clock on the wall and his temper rose. "We don't open for another hour, DEAR."

"Oh! Did you already forget the table you broke? Fix it. You should probably get Pinkamena to help you. You won't be able to lift that thing by your scrawny self." She left to go into the kitchen.


Pinkie had been listening to the conversation. Scrawny? He's almost as big as a farm stallion. Why was she so mean to him? Pinkie scratched her head wondering why and then she knew. The yelling...Carrot Cake being sad and his swollen nose...No that can't be true, Cup Cake is way too nice... I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding, I'll ask him about it later and we can laugh at my silly idea.

She hopped down the stairs and saw Mr. Cake starting to look at the table's damages. She snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

He spun around expecting his wife and he had his mouth open to yell.

He quickly regained himself. "Sorry Pinkie, good morning."

"Good morning Mr. Cake, do you need help?"

He had turned around and continued to look at the table's unoccupied socket. The thought of being with anyone other than his wife, especially Pinkie, made him happy. "Yes, I need to go and see if Nails has opened his shop yet. I'll need your help to carry some things."

She smiled. "Okie dokie lokie!"

They both left the bakery and the sun was poking its head over the horizon.

They reached a simple building that had a sign in the window 'Nail's nails.' and it had a picture of a pile of nails next to a hammer. The door was closed and Mr. Cake almost cursed.

"Pinkie do you know when Nail opens his shop?"

Pinkie looked up at the building. "Well, he opens before Sugar Cube Corner does." She smiled at him. "Lets wait for it to open."

Carrot Cake looked down at the ground and sighed. 'I guess this could be a good long break from Cup Cake...' He looked up and gave Pinkie a gentle smile. "Okay, it cant be too long." He walked over to the front steps and sat on the top step and sighed.

Pinkie bounced over and took a seat on the steps as well. They both starred out into the waking Ponyville and she thought it was a good time to tell him about her funny thought.

"Carrot Cake?"

"Yes Pinkie?"

She giggled. "When I was thinking last night and for a moment I thought Cup Cake was the one who gave you that swollen nose, silly huh?" She smiled but it slowly faded as she saw his reaction. "Carrot.."

He put his head between his hooves. "I'm so miserable because of her...."

Pinkie gaped. "Y-you mean she really did..?"

He nodded his head while staring wide-eyed down at the ground remembering last night.

"I-I had no idea.. I'm sorry.."

"It's fine Pinkie..you didn't know.."

Pinkie sat up straight and put a hoof over his shoulder. "Why do you let her treat you so badly?"

"There's nothing I can do about it... I can't hurt anypony and if I try to divorce her I can lose the bakery... it's been in my family for generations and her father is the local judge so I don't stand a chance.."

"What are you going to do..?" She had no idea he was so troubled.

He sighed and brought his head up to look at the sunrise. "I guess the only thing I can do is continue to carry this for the rest of my life.. the bakery is all I have."

She couldn't think of anything to say so she bit her lip. On the inside she was angry at Cup Cake I can't believe she could treat him like this! She takes him for granted when hes all I ever wanted in a stallion... strong, smart, and nice.. he taught me everything I know about baking ever since I came to the bakery to be an apprentice after I left the family rock farm. I shouldn't tell him how I feel.. it would probably make things worse. I should cheer him up.

Pinkie jumped up from the steps and walked in front of him with a large smile. "Show me a smile! I'm sure things will be better soon!"

He looked up at the pink mare and couldn't help but smile back. He knew things wouldn't get better but he was ready to believe in anything that she told him. "Y-yeah..."

Her smile intensified. "There you go! A smile is all it takes!"

To steal my heart... He thought. No, she doesn't like you like that Carrot. Be grateful you have someone who cares about you. He sat up straighter now back in a good mood and the door behind them clicked and it became unlocked, opening the store.

The two entered the store and bought the supplies to attach a new leg to the table and Mr. Cake had to order a leg to be made. He gave Nails the measurements and Nails told them to pick up the new table leg later today at noon.

They left the store and quietly walked back to the bakery. Carrot Cake had returned to his depressed state as they neared the bakery and Pinkie noticed it.

She hopped ahead and stood in front of him. "Where did that smile go?" She said showing her bright smile.

"Sorry Pinkie.. I was just thinking."

"About what?"

He sighed. I know I love her.. ever since she came to the bakery I've loved her...But I'm older than she is and she won't love me back. He looked at Pinkie's face and it forced him to smile. "It's nothing, we should get the bakery open now."

They both entered the bakery, a little too close together, and Mrs. Cake was waiting for them.

Mrs. Cake had a scowl on her face when she looked at her husband, but saw Pinkie and quickly changed into a warm smile. "Hello Pinkie, we need to start baking fresh goods for today while he starts to fix the table. Okay dearie?"

Pinkie no longer felt comfortable around her but managed to put on a fake smile. "O-okay Mrs. Cake..."

Pinkie and Mrs. Cake left to the kitchen and as they disappeared in the doorway Pinkie popped back up for a second to wave before she disappeared a second time.

Mr. Cake went about his usual chores for the day to keep the shop cleaned as he waited for the replacement leg for the table to be complete.

He went into the kitchen to take out the trash that was kept in the corner of the kitchen. He looked up as he was lifting the trash can and saw his wife and Pinkie working over the stove.
Pinkie was humming a tune and she wiggled her flank to the rhythm as she stirred a mixture over the burner.
His mouth was gaped at the sight and almost dropped the trashcan. He had to tear his eyes away and shake his head to continue his chores.

Later he was sweeping around the shop in places he thought were overdue. He was sweeping peacefully , he had taken it as a time of meditation and his thinking time, and Pinkie had ran past him.

She was setting up goodie displays around the shop and she left her normal candy scented trail behind her.

He had his eyes closed and was lazily leaning on the broom and as the scent touched his nostrils and surprised him and he fell off of his broom and smacking against the floor.

Pinkie tensed up at the loud smack and she turned around quickly to see Mr. Cake on the ground. She ran quickly to his side.

"What happened?" She said as she handed him a hoof.

He didn't take the hoof and just pulled himself up. "N-nothing I just lost my balance."

Pinkie giggled. "Okay silly."

The sound of Pinkie's giggle made him want to rush into the kitchen and yell at his wife in bravery exclaiming that he loved Pinkie, but he wouldn't do that.

Pinkie bounced away to continue her task leaving him there still dazed by the smell of candy.

He loved that scent so much, it made him happy and he continued his store duties.

It was noon and Mr. Cake was starting to leave the bakery when he was stopped by his wife.

"Hold it!"

He sighed and turned to face his wife.

"Take these and deliver them to their houses around Ponyville."

She piled him high with warm boxes.

"Hurry up and get back so you can fix this table." She turned sharply and trotted back into the kitchen.

He gritted his teeth. Does she honestly expect me to be able to carry all of this! He struggled to open the front door.

Pinkie saw from a distance and did something she rarely did, she scowled at Mrs. Cake. Shes way too mean to him! I don't see why she thinks she deserves him.. hes always super nice and she just treats him like icky garbage! Pinkie huffed and bucked into the air. Calm down Pinkie.. I should go help him. She quickly trotted over and grabbed some boxes from behind and places them on her back.

He was able to finally move without fear of dropping some of the containers. "Oh thank you Pinkie."

She smiled brightly and opened the front door.

The two left the bakery and headed towards the carpenters store while stopping at a few houses to deliver the orders.


They had retrieved the replacement leg for the table and delivered all of the boxes and they were slowly walking home.

Mr. Cake was already feeling tired and there was still a quarter left in the day.

Pinkie looked over at Mr. Cake as they walked and she couldn't bite her tongue anymore. She walked closer to him. "Carrot?"

"Yes Pinkie?"

"Please don't let her keep treating you like that, I can't stand seeing you so miserable...."

"There's nothing I can do about it Pinkie..."

She wanted to badly tell him how she felt but they just continued to walk in silence back to the bakery. They walked into the bakery and saw Mrs. Cake hanging up her apron.

She saw the two enter and she gave them a quick smile. "I have to leave, my father needs my help, mother is sick. I'll be back tomorrow morning." She rushed past them, giving Mr. Cake a quick shove on the way out, leaving Pinkie and Mr. Cake alone in the bakery.

The two just continued the rest of their daily tasks, Mr. Cake had the table's new leg drying off while he worked at the counter and Pinkie continued to bake orders that came in.


It was closing time and they both worked in sync together to put away everything to close the bakery.

Mr. Cakes heart sang at the thought of being able to sleep in the bed without his wife tonight.

He decided to unwind on the couch to free himself of the stress of the days work had given him.

Pinkie finished putting away leftover batter and ingredients that were left out and she turned off the lights of the kitchen. She was on her way to her room but she saw Mr. Cake sitting on the couch in the living room and she bit her lip and her heart became heavy and the stressed out stallion. I can't take this anymore! I have to tell him how I feel... its not right, but maybe he feels the same way? she walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to Mr. Cake.

"How are you feeling?" Pinkie asked with a gentle smile.

He looked beside him and the smile melted away all of his stress. "I'm feeling alright."

"Are you sure?"

"...No.. I hate my wife so much... I'm just glad I have someone that treats me like a pony, thank you Pinkie..." He took a deep breath. No, don't tell her, you might make her feel awkward.

"Carrot Cake?" Pinkie said now taking a deep breath herself.


She scooted closer to him. "I know your married.. but I can't stand this anymore! Your wife is a meany and doesn't deserve you!" She was now completely facing him.

"Pinkie..?" He was surprised and couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"You were always the one that taught me how to bake right, you were always so nice to me and... and... I love you!" She quickly said it as if it were stuck inside of her and she had to force the words out. "I'm sorry but you're everything I've ever wanted in a stallion... So nice and strong and you taught me everything... and your wife takes you for granite and I just can't stand it! Please please please don't be mad at me.."

"Pinkie.. are you serious?"

She nodded her head, keeping a stern expression waiting for a response.

He looked down at the floor. "Pinkie.. ever since you came to the bakery I've loved just the sight of you and I love how you always made everyone smile. Everyday I wake up I just hope to hear the sound of your voice past the yells of my w- my wife..." He couldn't stand to call that mare his wife anymore. "Pinkie, I love you too but..." He looked back up to stare Pinkie in her eyes.

Pinkies eyes were shining. "But what..?"

"I-I...." He couldn't control himself he lunged forward and surprised Pinkie with a short kiss.

He quickly pulled away. "I'm sorry...I could never be with you Pinkie.. no matter how much I love you.. nobody would allow it."

Pinkie grabbed his head surrounding her hooves around his face. "I don't care." She pulled herself onto him and he fell backwards on the couch into a passionate kiss with their muzzles meeting and their tongues dancing into an awkward ballet. The prize being the ability to come up for air.

After several moments he broke the kiss. "Pinkamena, I love you. I just wish this didn't have to be a secret."

They hugged each other tightly. "I love you too Carrot Cake..and it's fine we will do whatever we have to be together."

She got up from the couch and slowly pulled him to his hooves and led him by her fluttering tail to the top of the stairs and entered her room. She pushed Gummy out of the room before she closed and locked it behind her.

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