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My Pink Salvation. - WinterTwister

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Chapter 1

Mr. Cake was sweeping around Sugar Cube Corner while staring out of the window with the pegasi flying about in the evening sky. He enjoyed watching the sky to find comfort in his daily work.

Mrs. Cake was selling some cookies to Twilight at the front counter.

"Thanks for making me a fresh batch of cookies Mrs. Cake! You're always so generous." Twilight gushed.

"Oh its no problem at all dearie, anything for one of my best customers." Mrs. Cake said with a sweet smile as she slid the container of cookies to Twilight over the counter.

"Bye, Mrs. Cake." Twilight said as she levitated the container on her back.

"Come again soon Twilight."

A crash came from behind Twilight and she turned around.

Mr. Cake was standing next to the table that had crashed into the ground. He tensed up and slowly turned around to see Twilight and Mrs. Cake staring at him.

"Are you alright, Mr. Cake?"

"I-I'm fine, Twilight... you should be on your way while I clean this mess." He said stammeringly.

Twilight trotted to the front door and looked back at him. "Do you need some help?"

A small bead of sweat formed at his temple. "N-no you should just leave, its almost closing time."

"Okay, Good bye, Mr. Cake." Twilight cheerfully as she left the bakery.

Mr. Cake locked the front door as she left and hung up the closed sign in the window and then began to pick up the broken table.

"How did that happen?"

Mr. Cake jumped at the voice of his wife's voice behind him. He nervously turned around to face her. "I w-was sweeping and I knocked one of the loose legs out from under the t-table..."

Mrs. Cake's smile faded and replied. "Alright, I'll go put away the leftover's from today."

Mr. Cake let out a sigh of relief as she trotted away. He picked up the broken leg and threw it in a trashcan and lifted the table and set it against the wall. He trotted over to the coat rack and hung his hat and apron on a hanger.

Mr. Cake turned around and almost ran into Pinkie Pie. His heart raised at the sight of the pink mare that he saw daily at the bakery.

"Oh sorry, Pinkie."

"What happened to the display table?" Pinkie asked biting her bottom lip while looking at the table propped against the wall.

"I broke it by accident.." Mr. Cake said while looking down.

"I'll help you fix it tomorrow if you need help." she said sweetly with a smile.

His face was blank. "Okay, thank you Pinkie."

"Good night, Mr. Cake." Pinkie left him and trotted up the stairs to her room, leaving a faint scent of sweet candy behind her.

"Good night, Pinkie." He said as he watched her trot up the stairs with his heart sinking.

Mr. Cake slowly walked to his room with his head drooped down low in depression. He entered the room where his wife was waiting for him, tapping her hoof.

"Did you finish cleaning up that mess you made?" Mrs. Cake asked quietly with a tinge of annoyance in her voice.

"Y-yes dear.." He said in defeat.

Mrs. Cake started glaring at him intensely while throwing her hooves in the air. "I can't believe you fucked up again! Can you not even do the simplest things right?! You're a weak stallion with no brains at all!"

"It was an accident!" Mr. Cake snapped back.

"Yeah, an accident." She turned to face an invisible pony. "Hey guess what! It was an accident!

"It WAS an accident dear..."

"I'm sure it was DEAR, I swear its always an accident with you." She said as she rolled her eyes.

"I make one little mistake and you always yell at me for it..."

"One? What about that fire you almost started on the stove last week?"

"The circuit shorted and sparked in the stove." He said now glaring at his wife.

"And what about your inability to give me a child? That THING down their is about as weak as plywood!" She said pointing down and cringing.

It was his turn to yell. "There's nothing wrong with me! You're the one whose sterile!"

"Yeah, blame everything else besides yourself." She sighed but then continued her glare. "You're a failure as a husband and I have no idea why I'm still here!"

Mr. Cake stomped. "Probably because you don't want anypony in Ponyville knowing that your actually a raging bitch!" He snapped.

"A raging bitch?!" She clenched her teeth in anger. She reached over and gave Mr. Cake's face a quick jab with her hoof and hitting him dead center in the muzzle.

Mr. Cake sprawled backwards covering his muzzle and fighting the urge to strike his wife back.

Mrs. Cake continued to glare at him. "See? You never were stallion enough for me, you don't have any backbone at all." She waved her hoof at him. "Go sleep on the couch tonight, I'm tired of looking at your face." She turned to walk to her bed feeling triumphant.

He clenched his teeth and through his hooves and teeth he muttered "Bitch." before he left the room. He walked into the living room and laid down on the couch still holding his muzzle, checking to see if it was bleeding. He sat up after checking his muzzle and put his head between his hooves in deep depression.

Mr. Cake jumped as a hoof touched his shoulder. He turned his head and saw a concerned pink mare.

"Mr. Cake? Are you alright? I heard some yelling." Pinkie asked sincerely.

"Y-yes.. Pinkie I'm fine."

Pinkie turned on the lamp next to the couch and gasped at him. "Your nose is swollen!" She trotted around the couch to get in front of him. She grabbed his head lightly with both hooves and pulled him closer. "Let me have a look."

When Pinkie touched his face Mr. Cake felt ripples of relief go through his body and his heart felt alive again at the kind gesture. He stared into her eyes that were looking down at his muzzle.

"It doesn't look so bad... One second I'll be right back." Pinkie trotted off into the kitchen.

She returned moments later with a small baggy filled with ice. She gently poked at the swollen muzzle with the ice a few times before she slowly set the whole bag on his muzzle. "This should make the swelling go down." She smiled at him while holding the bag up.

"P-Pinkie.." Mr. Cake was lost for words from being treated like a pony, most ponies talked to his wife and he usually held his tongue. "T-thank you so much."

Pinkie Pie's smile widened. "I'm glad to help." Her smile faded as a question popped up in her head. "How did this happen, Carrot Cake?"

He was surprised that she called him by his full name, everyone that spoke to him just called him Mr. Cake. He rubbed the back of his neck as Pinkie held the icepack with questioning eyes. "Uhh... When I was cleaning the table I stepped on a piece of wood and it launched up and hit me in the face.."

Pinkie Pie raised her eye brow. "But I watched you clean it up, I never saw a piece of wood hit you..."

"It.. it happened really fast Pinkie, it's fine though." He tried to muster a small smile.

"No, it's not fine, you're hurt." Pinkie grabbed his hoof and brought it up to the hoof she was using to hold the icepack.

Mr. Cake felt his heart flutter from the touch of their hooves.

"Hold this, I'll be right back." Pinkie removed her hoof and trotted back into the kitchen.

He held up the ice pack and watched her trot off.

She came back quickly with a glass of milk and she handed it to him. "Here, milk always makes me feel better."

He grabbed the glass and stared into Pinkie's eyes and he loved how they shone in the dim light. "Thank you so much, Pinkie."

Pinkie gently smiled. "You're not sleeping on the couch tonight are you?"

"Yes, I am."

"Why?" Pinkie's head turned with the question.

"Cup Cake has a cold, and I didn't want to catch it."

Pinkie looked at the couch but then smiled at him. "Okie dokie lokie. Good night Carrot Cake." She walked off towards her stairs.

Pinkie stopped at the top of the stairs and looked down with her hoof edging towards them, fighting the urge to go back. No, hes with Cup Cake.. I-I can't.... She continued to her room with a heavy heart.

He drank the glass of milk and didn't bother to put up the glass and just set it down on the floor next to the couch. He laid down on the couch again, this time feeling comfort and he drifted off to sleep.

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