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I’m an autistic boy who dreams to be an aspiring artist and loves wrestling, cartoons, anime, and video games.


This story is a sequel to Fun Time Love Song

Sapphire Shores is staying in Canterlot while she records a new song with Golden Rock. Fun Time Rush are told by Golden Rock to stay away from her because they are bad luck.

Inspired and based on Big Time Sparks from Big Time Rush.

Quotes created by me and Red Tagg

The shared TMNT/MLP universe is created by Wildcard25

Cover Art created by yours truly. :rainbowdetermined2:

Disclaimer: Neither I own Equestria Girls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) and/or Big Time Rush.

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Neat opening. And finally Sapphire Shores is getting involved. She was talked about before having an EG counterpart, and has a doll form. But never made an actual appearance in the Equestria Girls series.

Don’t Sparrow and Gale make a sweet evil couple.

That was a good read

“Gustavo can't get rid of a skunk?” Fun Time Rush replied in unison.

I thought his name was Golden Rock.

“Who, Fluttershy?” Tempo asked as Golden and Shelly nodded. “Um, about that? I called her earlier about the skunk problem and she told me she can't because she is helping with her friends in LA.”

Guess that means Fluttershy and the others are hoping the Spy Racers.

Gosh darn it, I keep forgetting to replace their names. Sorry.

Yeah. This fic took place during the events of Equestria Ninja Girls: Spy Racers.

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