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You stand at the water's edge. Feeling the waves sucking at your feet. You think of her. When do you not? With her wings and her spiral horn. Her crown and her kingdom. She is everything you aren’t.

Principal Celestia muses on what it must be like to be a princess.
TW for dark thoughts and a suicide attempt. Other than that it doesnt really need the T rating.

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…oh my god I think I’m going to cry

Will we get a sequel to this, just with vice-principal Luna?

This was really good! I've never seen this take on the two Celestias before, and you really do a great job of putting the hazy, floaty feeling of dissociation to words. Good stuff hon 🙏

This was executed perfectly! You write beautifully and poetically and I loved the emotions behind each character :)

Very beautifully written, and an interesting perspective of Principal Celestia dealing with what her counterpart is. Personally for me the ending felt a little bit drastic, but I also don't know what else would have to be added.

Liked it a lot :twilightsmile:

This contained a far more interesting premise than I expected from the description. But the ending is unsatisfying. Nothing is resolved. All her reasons for going into the water still remain. It's appropriate that Sunset is in the story. She's exactly the right pony to offer her insight and meaning, but the simple "I like you best" feels inadequate to the task.

It's a start though, and if this franchise has shown us anything, a start is all you need.

Oof. As someone with suspected minor depression, I have to say that meeting a quasi-immortal figure like the Princesses would be both awe-inspiring, but also painful. I can't begin to fathom what it would be like to meet a mirror version of myself, would it be a good reflection? or a bad one? The ending was a bit abrupt, but overall this was a poignant piece with a slightly unsettling undertone like a lone music box, it can be pretty but also frightening in the same measure.

RDT #9 · Dec 9th, 2022 · · ·

Excellent showcase of one of the uses of second person. It's great for heavily introspective stories where first person would be distorted through the lens of the character and third person would be cumbersome.

This awesome fic perfectly encapsulates why I loathe series that introduces alternate/mirror universes within their stories. Besides all the typical wonder and possibilities of entirely different worlds to explore and experience, there's always that heavier existentialism that opens up when there's proof that you're not only even less than a speck of dust on a rock in space, but also just one reflection in the infinite fractal of mirrors that is the multiverse.

I'd probably be just as destroyed as Principal Celestia, if not moreso, if there were an alternate universe that opened up and had an alternate version of me that was as grand, accomplished, and beloved as Princess Celestia. This fic really got me to ponder and think - this was a harrowing yet great experience, kudos.

That was a good story.

I once wished that EG showed the two Celestia's meetings. It would've been an interesting event.

This story makes me realize how that would put Principal Celestia through a horrifying existential crisis as her accomplishments would be dwarfed by a god version of herself.

But now, three years later, after your own foray into that other world — now you understand. It was not you she saw in the office that day, but the other one. The person that casts the shadow that is you.

The true Celestia.



Well, that is what fanfictions is for
To explore this stuff.

I'd imagine pony Celestia would try to talk afterwards with human Celestia and ease her trepidations, but if Celestia were really good with talking and relating to others, she might've never need Twilight to get better grasp at Friendship in the first place

In any rate, that's impressive

Okay, that one got me in the feels.

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