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While preparing for a sad celebration, Fashion Plate and Rivet reminisce about a lifetime of happiness.

Winner of the 2022 M/M Shipping Contest!

Best read online for proper formatting.

Cover art by Bright Sight. Thanks to Bright Sight and Rillegas08 for pre-reading.

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Fun read dude, nice to see you around again.

Happy to be back and writing again now that I've got a handle on parenting. Come back tomorrow for chapter 2!

congratulation on parenthood, and looking forward to it.

Because for you, just this once, I could be early.

And I have a feeling there will be only a second time that our character is early.

Stay tuned to find out. :raritywink:

Right here and now, because the next chapter is up! :scootangel:

This might just take the number 3 spot for my favorite FIMfictions. It's so good even if it is two chapters atm

That's high praise! I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Mix-up #10 · Dec 7th, 2022 · · 2 · Learn ·

Nice chapter dude keep it up.

Thanks, Mix-up! There's still plenty more to enjoy. :heart:

exceptional as always! fun and bittersweet :) feel some sort of dread because of hints of what’s to come…

i also see that your comment section is getting showered with dislikes. screw them!

Thank you! And I think the downvotes are a charity thing for the contest or something. Not quite sure, but either way, I don't let it get me down. :twilightsmile:

fuck. man… you killed me. just superb

Thank you for reading, Dertox. I'm glad you found it meaningful. :heart:

That was a hell of an amazing story.

gosh, this is deadly! masterful work!

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