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It's called garbage can, not garbage can't.

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"Okay... we have gathered here, the clan of Apple, to discuss the matter of Big Mac after the second he got a gander of what our wisdom wrought upon his household. What do we the clan nags say?"

As one, all eyes gathered there turned to the stallion sitting at the head of the table. Rolling a wheat stem from one corner of his mouth to the other, the stallion slowly stood, or rather loomed, over the gathered mares, and an audible crack sounded through the room as he rolled his neck. Slowly the eyes turned back to the incredibly nervous looking stallion on the other end of the table.

"I for one feel it comes down to who we'd rather deal: the old bag screeching about the tuesday gremlins forcing Mac into a life of wanton sodomy, or telling the fellow who can snap us all in two like a swizzle stick, all of us at once, that no, his sisters not allowed home."

Slowly heads turned once more to Mac, who raised a brow one micrometer.

"Kin, you keep her out there one more femto second, I will leave you in a state of ruin unheard since Braeburns hindquarters the morning after from his last visit. Wont be the same activity, but its one I plan on thoroughly enjoyin as much."

"Problem with AJ! Of course not!"

"Perish the thought!"

"Uh, yeah, bring that silly filly home!"

Good to see ya again

11439359 Hap never truly dies, he only hibernates

11439358 Unfortunately in the real world folks do often end up punishing a singular member of a family or group (shunning, I think it's called). Not entirely sure why, to be honest; you can bet that I, personally, would always be more afraid of the person twice my size who could snap my spine like a kit-kat bar, but I guess I don't speak for everyone.

This definitely warrants more exploration.

It happens for a variety of reasons, but most of them can be boiled down to two reasons: 1. they believe/know that person did something that is shameful/horrible/unforgivable... Or 2. they are offended that they didn't follow their command and thus is forced to leave the only home they've ever known as punishment (usually until they come crawling back and beg forgiveness, being forced to do whatever they say in fear of being abandoned once again... An unfortunately common narcissist tactic)

I would like to see where this is going it seems interesting

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