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Hi. I'm a new assembly programmer. I like to write from time to time.


Hearth's Warming is around the corner, but Aita's feeling a little down due to what this means as his first Hearth's Warming entirely in Equestria. So Twilight suggests that he spends some time with Chrysalis and Areola while they decorate back home. When he arrives, storytelling goes awry, causing the map to call Areola and Twilight to solve the resulting friendship problem.

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Why isn't there an OC tag?

The changeling tag would cover even originals as long as they're that species, like how Granola would likely fit under the Griffons tag, or Mangle under the Dragon tag. Aita, Areola, etc. may be original, but they still are changelings. I use the OC tag if original ponies like Rusty Flashlight or Pane Fall are featured prominently.

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