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This story is a sequel to The Ghastly Library: Pinkie Pie's Terrifying Tales

With the pony races united again, Sunny revives the ancient tradition of telling stories on Nightmare Night. To that end, she brings a tale about the Element of Laughter, Pinkie Pie.

In that, the Cutie Mark Crusaders come to Pinkie for another Nightmare Night tale, this time specifically requesting a gory one. Thus, Pinkie tells a story about a trip to Pony Canada that turns deadly, thanks to... The Crazed Axe Murderer of Pony Canada!

There is no need to have read the previous Pinkie Pie's Terrifying Tales.

This was intended for October, but I couldn't get it ready in time.

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Yup, Pony Canada!

Vanhoover? Manetreal? Torontrot? Trottawa? Haylifax? Whinnypeg? Whitehorse?! :trollestia:

“It’s obvious, ain’t it?” said Apple Bloom. “All your friends are there but not you? Seems really sus to me.”

somehow even with all the meta storytelling, this still broke my immersion

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