• Published 22nd Nov 2022
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Accidental Discoveries - Phaedre no Delaunay

An ancient magic scroll, and Sunburst and Starlight trying to decipher it. What could go wrong?

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Wow. Just wow. The kinks for Trixie and Starlight make sense. A lot of sense.

But I'm not sure I know what they all are.

I got the bratty pain slut for them both, but that's it.

That was the bulk of it. As Starlight said, she's behaving towards Trixie the same way she likes to be treated by stallions she trusts. She and Trixie as mares would likely be very different. Trixie trusts Starlight completely, so they could push some boundaries.

Nice. Thanks for responding and explaining.

What would they be like as mares?? Out of curiosity??

Ahh, good question.

That would be another story.

There was Twilight Sparkle, her wings spread wide and glaring at them, her shocked expression rapidly twisting into anger.

Twilight: Why there are documents scattering all over the floor!?! What are you going to do if they are damaged!?
Rarity: Eh... Twilight? Shouldn't we focus on something more important than those papers?
Twilight: Those are just not any papers! They are priceless, ancient artefacts!
Starlight: I am glad Twilight is such a dedicated scholar.

What I found most interesting here was how easily Starlight slipped into a domineering male role. She is clearly like quite domineering as a mare, so it really wasn't too hard for her to assume male roleplay like that.

Thnx for the side show. :moustache: :twilightblush: :trixieshiftright:

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