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A Complimation of Incomplete (for good reason) Stories - Cxcd

Have fun reading this cluster-fuck on nonsensical and sometimes irradic stories! Will be continually updated.

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The Doctor Explains Regeneration

Author's Note:

I have no idea how to write a Doctor Who episode. I would be a worse writer than Chris Chibnall. Which- would be an achievement, to be fair. Also, I brought up the weird dynamics of forceful transgender. I wanted to direct it more, but i'm not experienced enough personally to deal with that can of worms.

The two sat in peaceful silence, staring down upon the blue marble they called Earth. Currently facing them, half-covered in glorious sunshine, the other half dipped below darkness, was the continent known as Equestria.

In a world devoid of electricity, devoid of technology, in a world devoid of anything The Doctor could call a ‘level one civilization,’ the ponies had become surprisingly resiliant to their unfortunate biology. At the same time, evolving to become in-tune with a sort of electromagnetic grid was impressive in it’s own right. Even more so was the fact that three seperate tribes arose, evolving entirely seperate from one another, and then managing to come together to form harmony.

Well, the three tribes plus the Thestrals, but history had seemed to forgotten them… for now, at least.

The Doctor sat contently on the sandy surface of the moon. To his right, his ever-so-faithful assistant sat similarily, soaking in the same atmosphere- or lack of. She sat much more naturally than The Doctor, letting her hooves rest, tucked into herself. The Doctor, despite being stuck in this body for the past century, still sat like a toddler.

He brought her out to discuss something important. Something important she needed to do incase the worst happened.

Earth, in this universe, was a closed system. The only celestial bodies that existed was Earth itself, along with The Moon, and The Sun. The stars were mere projections made by the lovely Princess Luna.

No other bodies existed in this universe. The Doctor could fly the Tardis in one direction for eons and eons, and only find nothing more than blackness. The only reason he knew this was because he did try flying the Tardis in one direction. Four hours in and he got bored and materialized back on Earth.

Although only Earth existed, that didn’t mean it was any less dangerous. Forwards in time, backwards in time, they always managed to find themselves in the middle of a horrible battle, a conflict of nature, or a simple disagreement. Hay, there had been a few times where the two escaped by the hair of their chin.

But what if he couldn’t escape? What if The Doctor was shot by a stray bolt? He could save his faithful assistant using the Tardis and it’s pletura of medical equipment, but him? If he blinks out of life for even a moment, the worrisome and ever-so-jaded ‘regeneration’ process starts. At that point, nothing he can do will stop it.

He’s tried before. He’s tried almost every cycle. Hold it in. Direct it. Reject it. But nothing ever seemed to work.

Regeneration energy is scary. Very scary. Regeneration energy can bust through every single type of force-field imaginable back in his own universe. Even the Daleks couldn’t defend against a focused blast…

And that’s why The Doctor needed to tell his assistant.

He needs her to understand before it’s potentially too late. He needs her out of the way. Out of danger’s reach.

The Doctor shot a glance towards her.

She was a pegasus of average stock. Her mane and tail were combed flat against her head, both being the same shade of blonde. Her eyes followed a similar story, despite how they were- a little crooked? But that’s being different for you. The Doctor knows what being different feels like. He knows how good it is to have another pony there to cope with.

The Doctor had, in all his years, never felt this way towards another being before, pony or human. It was like staring at her caused butterflies to rile in his stomach. An uneasy sweat to break across his forehead.

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Even if he was a near-immortal god-pony timelord.

He wanted to protect her.

So, he talked.

“Ditzy…” He started. His assistant looked towards him. In all his years of traveling, he had never met another pony so… attenative. All his other companions would ignore his commands, brush him off, or run towards danger. Not Ditzy. Ditzy listened. Ditzy was smart. Ditzy, as horrible as it sounds, had lasted longer than any of his other companions.

She was reaching her thirties. The Doctor tried to limit his time exposed to her. Hence why The Doctor and Ditzy’s ages were so different. While it was true The Doctor was reaching towards six-hundred years old, (if you exclude the fact he forgot his own age and started re-counting a few regeneration cycles ago.) Ditzy was still young.

“I wanted to say… I- If there comes a time when I get hurt-”

“Doctor?” She asked. The stallion looked up, meeting the pegasuses eye.

“If I get hurt… Badly-” He shook his head. He started talking without a plan. “You know Timelords are different from ponies, right?” He asked. This elicited a giggle from the pegasus.

“Of course, dummy. I’ve been traveling with you for a decade.” She said. “I’ve picked up on a few things.” She said while leaning forwards. “Two hearts. Always clammy hooves.”

“H-Hey! My hooves aren’t clammy!”

“Yes they are.”

“Anyways- Timelords have a neat trick. It’s a way of cheating death, really…”

“Cheating death?” She asked. If Ditzy wasn’t attentive earlier, she sure was now. Her smile dissipated, her body turned even more so towards The Doctor.

“You know how old I am, right?”

“You told me five-hundred and eighty-two. Before you lost count, you said you were really more towards eight-thousand.”

“Right.” The Doctor suddenly felt old. “Have you ever wondered how I got out of so many situations before? How I never- bit the bullet?” Ditzy tilted her head. “How I never died?” He elaborated. Ditzy developed a small frown.

“No. I couldn’t imagine such a horrible thing happening to you.” She said, placing a hoof on The Doctor’s own. He blushed, trying to hide it under a head turn.

“Ditzy… In truth, there’s been a few times I haven’t escaped.” He said. Ditzy turned paler than her usual gray. “Timelords, when they die… don’t.” He explained.

“Are you immortal?”

“N-No. Not immortal. When Timelords hit the end of their life, they change faces.” Ditzy still looked confused. “When a Timelord dies, their bodies change. It’s their way of creating a work-around for death. ‘This current body doesn’t work anymore, we need a replacement.’ So, in a burst of energy, every cell, every molecule, every fiber of my being is re-arranged into a new person. A new pony. I’ll still be me, but it won’t be my face anymore.”

“So-” Ditzy leaned in a second time, her hoof still on his. “If you die, you get a new body?”

“-In a way, yes.” He said. She looked lost in thought for a moment, finally taking her eyes off the doctor. She stared at the blue marble in the distance.

“How many times has this happened?” She asked.


“T-Ten?” She sputtered, her eyes locking right back onto The Doctor’s. “You’ve died ten times?”

“Yeah. This is my eleventh face. There has been ten times I’ve not been able to escape a situation before. There has been ten times I’ve died.” Ditzy looked positively shocked as she took in this information.

“Does it hurt?” She finally asked.

“Yes. Extremely.” She winced. “Every cell in your body erupts. As it turns out, it takes a lot of energy to change your molecular struture. All of these years I’ve been alive is just building up reserve energy to do another transformation. And I’ve been alive a lot of years.”

“Are you scared?” She asked. The Doctor looked down.

“Remember how I said ‘It’ll still be me, new face?’”


“That’s only partially true. It wont- really be me.” Ditzy’s ears fell flat on her hed. “It’s like this. I have the memories of the past ten incarnations of myself. I know their experiences. I know their emotions, heartbreak, secrets… but I’m not actually them.” He explained. “I don’t remember being them. I remember their memories, but I don’t remember being them. Along with a new body comes a new personality. A new way of expressing myself. The Doctor you are looking at right now will… in a way, die.” Ditzy looked towards the lunar soil, her expression somber. “There will be a new pony in my place. They will remember everything I’ve done. They will be me, but they won’t be who I was.”

“I-If this ever happens… How can I not be mad? A new pony with your memories?”

“Don’t be mad at them. Don’t be sad at them. At that moment, that pony is more scared than you will ever be.” Ditzy looked up, meeting The Doctor’s eyes once again. His old, blue eyes. “He will be given a whole life. An entire new pony created on the spot. He will have all my memories, but he wont know what to do with them… And that scares him. I know, I was in the same situation. Remember, eleventh face?”

“So- if you die, I’ll have to be there for you?” She asked.

“I would very much like that, yes.” He nodded his head. “Listen to me. When I die, the last face I want to see is yours.” They stared deeply into eachother’s eyes. “When they wake up, the first face I want them to see is yours.”

“Doctor?” She asked. The Doctor raised his eyebrows. “I think I might love you.”

“I think I might love you, too.”

Ditzy couldn’t react in time. Her wings couldn’t carry her fast enough. She barely saw the blue bolt of magic whip past her muzzle as time itself seemed to slow down.

Ditzy could make out every scuttle of hoof, every trickle of noise, and every buzz of energy as she watched the bolt. It went right past her face…

And right into The Doctor’s chest.

A yelp of pain seemed to break her out of her trance as she watched The Doctor collapse onto the cobblestone street.

“Haha! I told you, I’ll get the last laugh!” The manical unicorn laughed. “You hear that, Doctor? I’ll get the last-” She was silenced when a hastily-made leather strap was wrapped around her muzzle, preventing her from talking anymore.

Ditzy stood over The Doctor. She couldn’t feel tears rolling down her cheeks. She was in too much shock to even react. There, the mighty stallion that protected Equestria for years and years, a century and a half of his own life, a decade and a half of Ditzy’s… Now laid completely motionless on the ground, dead.

He fought the biggest of beasts, kings of timberwolves, and worst of alicorns. Yet a single unicorn caught him offguard. A single, little mare.

And now he was dead.

Ditzy, without thinking, laid down next to him. She laid her head in the crook of his neck, and as her breath caressed his ear, she whispered one word.


A gasp of fresh air rocketed Ditzy from her sollum slumber. She stood up, as did the stallion.

“Doctor!” She shouted, latching onto him. “Thank Celestia above!” She shouted. The Doctor was much too preoccupied looking at his own hooves. His hooves, which were currently glowing a yellow radiation.

“Ditzy…” He said, warning boiling off of his lips. “Get to the Tardis.”

“What?” She let go of her hug, staring at the stallion. “Why-” And that’s when she noticed his hooves.

“It’s started.” He said. “It’s started, and I can’t stop it.” He sounded chokeful, like he was about to burst into tears.

“No…” She whispered. “No, don’t- Let’s go.” She stood up, pulling the stallion to his feet. Together, for perhaps the last time, they trotted back towards the Tardis.

The familiar coral interior greeted them. The Tardis usual glowing orange lights seemed to have dimmed, as if it already knew what was coming. As if it already knew what had started. It had, after all, seen him do it nine times before.

The Doctor threw a heavy switch, the machine whirling to life as it took off.

“Ditzy… I’m going to change.” He said. Ditzy looked on. “I’m going to change, and you won’t recognize me.”

“I know.” She said. The Doctor looked up. She looked sad, her ears drooping low. But, at the same time, she looked hopeful. A small smile spread across her face. “I’m going to miss you.” She said. “But you’ll still be here.” She made a motion to approach the Doctor. Instead he took a few steps back, shaking his head. Instead, Ditzy placed her hoof on her heart. “Here.” She said again.

“Ditzy… Thank you so much.” He said through a half-choked sob. “Thank you for everything you’ve done. In all my years of traveling, I’ve never met somebody- anycreature who made me feel like this. The past century I’ve spent traveling with you has been the most enjoyable century of my entire life.”

“Doctor.” She said. “If I knew you weren’t about to explode, I would hug you.”

“Thank you, Ditzy.”

“And to you, Doctor… Goodnight.”

The next few moments were hazy for both parties involved. To Ditzy, where once stood the doctor now was a colum of light brighter than the brightest sun. Her fur turned excruciatingly painful as she used her feathers to block the heat radiating off of where The Doctor once stood.

A huge whine of energy coarsed through the tardis, making Ditzy wish she could cover her ears if she currently wasn’t using her hooves to block the heat.

Then… It stopped.

All at once, it all stopped.

No big bang. No over-the-top explosion. Just silence.

Slowly, Ditzy lowered her gray feathers.

Where The Doctor once stood now laid a new pony, entirely incapacitated and asleep.

It’s coat was a light blue. It’s mane, a darker sapphire blue split up with streaks of light gray, eerilie similar to Ditzy’s own coat. What was most off-putting was the fact The Doctor was no longer an earth-pony, rather he now had a horn protruding out of his head.

Another stark difference was the fact his muzzle was much, much shorter. Instead of The Doctor’s usual broad shoulders, it was now replaced with dainty, almost lithe frame. His backside also had a little extra padding not there before-

Then it hit Ditzy.

The Doctor was a mare now.

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