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Originally an entry for the Choices: A Species Change Contest.

Tarla Sparklefeather. Griffon, ex-traitor, and an astronomer in Celestia's court. Her job is to observe and measure the stars, and prepare star-maps for all seasons of the year. Despised? Yeah. Loved? Perhaps - well, she hopes to be loved and more.

One night, she witnesses the sky changing. Stars of great importance move across the heavens, shattering great constellations and scrambling navigation. She searches for the answer to this unprecedented event, and finds it in an old, dusty, long-forgotten prophecy.

Nightmare Moon is coming back. And the stars shall aid in her escape.

Edited by TheAncientPolitzanian.

Chapters (3)
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Ooh, cliffhanger o.o
I like how Celestia seemed quite assertive, it was rather fun.
Aidan seems interesting!

An entry for the Species Change Contest.

FYI, at the time of this comment, this fic doesn't seem to be submitted to the contest's group page, which I believe it would need to be if it's to be counted as an entry. :twilightsmile:

Unless there's a different species change contest happening that I don't know about, of course. :derpytongue2:

I assume Tarla will be this story's version of Twilight, then?

Haha, fixed. Thanks for messing with me :rainbowlaugh:

I assume Tarla will be this story's version of Twilight, then?

Yup. Hopefully she's in character.

Certainly a dramatic start, with the stars being spotted moving. Perhaps I'm biased for astronomy, but it really feels like a good way to kick off a scary mystery.
I hope the rest of the fic can deliver. Relatedly, I'd hope that Teen rating is a sign that Nightmare Moon isn't just gonna be knocking ponies over and causing mild inconveniences when she appears!

Yes, quite intriguing. I wonder if Rarity being mentioned is as significant as I think it is...

Celestia eyed the minister with skepticism, while Tarla turned her gaze to a marvelous painting of a dragon roasting a bunch of ponies alive. Scary.

Wait, why do they have that? Is that from the war?

“What does a mere astronomer know?” chided a deep, slightly coarse voice. Tarla and Celestia snapped towards a white stallion trotting over to them in a grand stride, with matching suit and puffed wig over his head.

And already I want to knock that puffed wig right off of his head. He seems like the sort that ought to have his wig knocked from his head...among other things. :trixieshiftleft:

Yup. Beware of stallions in fine clothes and puffed wigs :rainbowlaugh:

No. It's a mural painting on the ceiling.

Tarla raised an eyebrow. “That’s… ok, that’s fine, but, why are you like– wait, are they bad creatures?” she questioned.

Well, they're at least jilted creatures, if the ongoing conspiracy we the readers have been made privy to has anything to say about it...or at least they think they're jilted...

Hmm, pacing is definitely on the slow side so far; there's a lot of talk from the characters, setting up prejudice and distrust themes, and it is very much feeling like it'll build to a bloody affair, but not much is really happening. I would've expected things to kick off by chapter 3 for sure.
And...at this point, I'm rather worried this won't be completed in time for the contest deadline.

Well, I figured it as much. I guess I'll just have to let it be disqualified :fluttershbad:

Hopefully next time I can make it.

Hmmm. Interesting stuff. Non-pony Elements? I'll read it. Hopefully it will be completed.

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