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Just recently after the Sonic Rainboom, Pinkie Pie left the Rockfarm to conquer Ponyville on her quest to get ponies to smile. Inkie Pie on the other hand misses her sister's joyful laugh. When it gets too misery-filled , Inkie decides she must set out for herself and find her own talent.

I do not own the cover image.

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Comments ( 4 )

An interesting concept, can't say i've ever read a fic about Pinkie's siblings. After reading i've decided that i'll be keeping an eye on this one

this looks like it has a lot of potential,

I think you skipped a word or two though,

"Her sister wouldn't the idea at all if there was a distraction"

In serious need of some editing, but an interesting story none the less. :twilightsmile:


Sorry for the errors ;n;

I did this at night so I may have skipped some things. I'll go back and edit them to look better now~

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