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It is a common belief that with immortality comes a warped perception of time. The years blend together and decades pass in a blink of an eye.

Four hundred years after Luna's banishment, Princess Celestia wishes that those rumors were true.

Inspired by the 4everfreebrony's cover of Cyril the Wolf's "Millennium Alone".

Proofread by Reviewfilly and the anons of /fimfic/.

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While I haven´t read it so far, I instantly thought about that Song and I was right. It is inspired by it:twilightsmile:

Is the pink filly an apparition? Maybe a shadow of Celestia? o.o
I thought the jeweller convo was interesting. I hadn't thought that back then, it probably would be a big risk taking your business elsewhere when nobody knows who you are!

Yes, that's what I had in mind while writing. The pink-maned filly is supposed to be a figment of Celestia's mind, a result of spending the last centuries practically alone with the consequences of what she believes to be her foolishness.

Good story. And really shows what the princess each were thinking when they were alone from each other.

same, am going to read just because of that

nice, i liked it. very creative with the dreams aspect of it

At first glance, I thought that the pink filly was a very young Mi Amore Cadenza, but then it dawned on me (pun only partially intended) what was actually happening and the Luna portion solidified it.

Luna's inner child brings up a good point, if Luna was totally lost to the Nightmare, why would it bother with "helping"?

The Nightmare was either a reflection of Luna's darker character traits brought to life or a creature from beyond the veil and one thought I've had is that when she talked of the Night lasting forever it wasn't a threat of merely raising the moon eternal although that in of itself could have a whole host of problems, it was a threat to snuff out all light from the realm/world both literal (the Sun) and metaphorical (love, charity, friendship,etc.)

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