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Just your average writer who gets books out and even have a patreon. https://www.patreon.com/Mrmidnightwolf

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Chrysalis should be next


11424753 just gotta see and find out I'm planning chapter 2 out and see how this goes

Daybreaker, I mean she is on the cover page.

I am expressing interest in the continuation of this story

“ You can’t compromise our true form without your mind going mush.”

i assume you meant to write comprehend here

Very good, ill keep a close eye on this story.

Deals a deal and though he did say lover, we are talking about a demon. Either that portal stayed open or she has 'enemies' on the horizon. XP

Next demon fit to match against Daybreak should be Nighmare. Or Twilight can do too. Possibly being a more focused and precise Demonic Magic user than Daybreak.

All the same, very nice.

Uh... Herald is spelled this way.

“Hey, Shakespearicles, how’s it hanging?” He said he went over to grab a cart ready to store up a few books as they took their sections.



“Nothing much, Bra; checking out some of these indie authors, got a bright one.”

Idk why you wrote me to sound like I'm from the west coast.


“I swear I wish I could be as relaxed as you, man.” Shining Armor snorted, knowing Shakespearicles’s secret, which was wacky tobacco.

Funny enough, I rarely partake anymore.


“Like I give a fuck, I go both ways, mother fucker.”

Fact-check fail.

The fact that he didn't try to convince him to fuck Twilie feels very OOC imo.

Doesn’t shining armor have blue hair?

Bro I would marry that shedemon. And breed like hell. Can't wait for more.

Go for it lol marry the sexy horny demon hahaha never surrender the chance

“I also can not destroy the free will of human beings; that would be against the rules of the big man upstairs.” She pointed up toward his ceiling,

You damn right it would. Respect Consent!

Also, approved.

🎖Stalin Approved Consensual Clop Material🎖

“Well, it's nice to meet you two; I’m Miss Cekestia Belle; I’ll be happy to work with you guys in the meantime; I’m sure Shining Armor here will help show me around.” Daybreaker licked her lips, eyeing Shining Armor with those sultry eyes.


“I remember this guy sold his soul to be one of the best in call of duty, Wings of something, I can’t remember, but now he’s ruined, hah. They never think of asking to be the best gamer or most famous; at least they have something to show for after a while when the game they are a master of loses style.” She snorted more while Shining shook his head.

Wait... Oh no.


Also, good chapter.

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