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Stormwing Gale

Trans gal from California


A series of glimpses into the stormy life of Gale Force as they struggle to find their way though a sunless world.

Content warnings for: depression, self harm, attempted suicide.
This story is set in the world of Captain Hoers' webcomic The Sunjackers (Which I recommend you all read). It was written by me and a friend, Lovecraftian Hitchhiker, over the course of several months as we laid out the personality and backstory of a character I intended to use in a tabletop campaign in a series of vignettes and short stories.

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This is certainly a very personal tale. For what it's worth, I think it is a very good story and I could tell that it means a lot to you. Though, I do feel like a lot of this story is a retelling of your own life story. While it would appear this story is over, just remember that your own story isn't over and there's a lot more tales to tell.

Back when this was still just a gdoc I shared with close friends I did actually lead it with an author's note on how a lot of it is directly based on my own life experience, just taken to extremes in a few places.

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