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In an alternate universe where fate swapped a soul from one world to another, what if Izuku Midoriya was in the world of My Little Pony?

Cover Art by - JetXPegasus
Graphic Design and Typography by JetXPegasus

An MLP:FiM/My Hero Academia Crossover

Featured: 8/11/2022

Chapters (2)
Comments ( 12 )

great first chapter:twilightsmile:

I hope to see more of mother Celestia:yay:

I knew if Izuku was to be reborn Princess Celestia would be his mother. I wonder who Izuku gonna end up with.

So Midoriya appears as a human, and without One for All.

Let's see how this story evolves, after all this is not the only story featuring Midoriya.

Ah...I like it so much!

If you need an OC for this story, let me know via PM.

Who would change Sunset path before it too late.

Wonder what will happen to Izuku

Please keep this up. This is the best deku in my little pony story I have read so far

Captain Might

Something like "Ulti-Might" (= "ultimate," like how "All Might" = "almighty") would fit better.

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