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I prolifically produce prurient pregnant pony prose, previously per Pregchan, presently preferring here and there. I'm currently commissionable.


Nightmare Moon has been banished to the moon and, unable to escape its hold, must wait out her exile. After months of loneliness, she realizes she truly hadn't been alone at all, but that poses its own problems.

Happy Nightmare Night. The cover art is by Patch.

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this suits Halloween as i am horrified beyond belief

I can’t help but wonder if Luna might find a willing Guard to rut some more foals in her, with the help of a fertility spell, sometime later. I could see her feeling empty, after spending a millennium pregnant, and longing to be able to raise some foals properly which she missed with her son.

Hmmmm I wonder if this is Blueblood?

“It will be okay, little sister. It will be okay. There are spells that can help. I have experience with them. He will be okay, so do not worry.”

You know, this makes me wonder if Celestia has done the same thing as Luna did, albeit voluntarily; carrying a foal for years, getting ever larger, perhaps with illusion magic to hide her ever-swelling belly.

Definitely love the huge sizes involved. Hopefully Luna gets to carry a large litter of foals to sate that emptiness within her.

Batpony repopulation, maybe? Definitely need to make more thestrals!

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