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Honey Pot has lived a long and happy life with his wife... Now in his old age he wonders why he feels her drifting away.

Inspired by the song Wayne Andrews the Old Beekeeper by The Prize Fighter Inferno.
A one-shot and my first attempt at writing into FiMFiction. Please critique if you feel you want to.
Short description is short.

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Not bad, not bad at all. Your narrative style has a lot of fragments, which I dislike, but that's a preference thing I guess. Overall I liked it.

...when they were young playing outside, full of life and love.

Is that a subtle reference to Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men? If so, a thousand moustaches to you! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

love pfi love coheed are you getting their new album im going to see them in concert in 4 days

Uh... yes, yes it was. I love putting subtle references in things I write. Plus, the theme of Little Talks fits well with the theme of Wayne Andrews and, as such, this short fic. And yes, the fragments are kind of how I write...

Yes, I'm a big fan of Coheed and Cambria and The Prize Fighter Inferno ever since IKSSE:3. Love their recent album.

Oh, and sorry for taking so damn long for responding. I'm a procrastinating bastard, sadly.

thats fine oh id love to see a crossover pinkie busting in on the writer and ten speed

Well done.
I myslef am One Among the Fence, and you sir have done a fine job with this PFI-inspired piece.

Well, thank you. I was actually surprised at the good (even if little) reception this story gained.
Also, It is great to see there are so many Children of the Fence in this site.

Anyway, I have been writing another fic that is... I wouldn't say a ponification of Kick-Ass, but more of taking the concept and then going into it's own direction. The one thing bugging me is I can't seem to think of a title for it. I was thinking Kick-Flank, but that seemed so uninspired. Have any idea?

Sounds intresting.
While I personally believe that the regular title of "Kick-Ass" would be, well, kick-ass, "Kick-Flank" would also work.
Something to take into consideration: It does not have to be a play on the original title.
You said that your story would branch into something else, right?
Well, why not just give the story a title related to your branch in the story?

If that even makes sense.

Well... I was hoping I could make it a first story in a series that I wanted to name Ruido! which is Spanish for loud noise, kinda a reference to the ridiculousness of many of the action and also to a series that partially inspired it. But, I guess I might as well call it Kick-Flank.

Would this "Kick-Flank" story be a part of Ruido?

Yes, it would be. The series as a whole I plan to be a sorta delving into different styles or genres.
At least I hope.

I see.
Well, like I said earlier, the title doesn't have to be a play on the original.
That way, if/when you go through with Ruido, you have more options as to what you want to call the certain stories.

Alright, well thanks for the help.

Anytime, dude.
I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this story.

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