• Published 22nd Sep 2012
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The Lost and Broken Trixie. - Shyrose

Trixie has lost everything, and knows it, 3 years after her ill fated ponyville show

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The Beginning, Prologue

The Beginning
by Shyrose

When the rain had started, she couldn't remember. It didn't matter, nothing mattered, nothing except the anger, the shame. How could they mock her? How could they blame her? Those fool colts where to blame! Those fool colts caused the end of her career, the end of her life! Everything she was, lost in an instant, her cloak, her hat, her home, her bits, all gone, yet they have the nerve to call Trixie the villain?

Trixie ran, she ran as fast, as far as she could, the wind and rain sucking the tears from her eyes faster than she can cry them, Furiously she ran forward, running from her shame, running from her loss. She ran until she came to a sudden stop, her hoof snagged on a root and sent her into a nasty spill through the mud and grass.

"Just look at what happened to you now Trixie, not so Great and Powerful now are you? More like Useless and Wet Trixie, Ruined and Hated Trixie...Worthless and Alone Trixie. No! Trixie won't be worthless, Trixie will show them all! she just needs to rebuild, stupid purple unicorn, talentless hack, mocking Trixie! Trixie just needs to get to Canterlot, yes, Canterlot will hold the key to Trixie's rebirth, some fool rich family will hire The Great and Powerful Trixie to teach their foal, and after a few paychecks, Trixie can replace all she has lost and reclaim her status as the most talented pony in Equestira!

A plan in her mind, Trixie's heart swelled with pride. Casting a simple spell, she cleansed herself of the mud, and shielded out the rain. She had to make it to Canterlot now, and had to be presentable when she got there. She would put on her best act, and if all went well, be back on the road within a month, Trixie was Sure!

-1 month Later-

"AGAIN?! Another family refuses Trixie? All because of some stupid incident that isn't Trixie's fault?! How can these common no-ponies treat The Great And Powerful Trixie this way? Fine! if no one will hire Trixie, then Trixie will use her best skills here, if she is forced to entertain like some common street urchin, then so be it! Trixie will bring Canterlot to it's knees with her Spectacular magics! Trixie will own this town!" Rising into her famous dramatic pose, her horn went ablaze with magic, fanfare and fireworks, summoned to do her bidding, announced her presence. Taking Canterlot by storm will be as easy as besting bumpkins at their own game.

-Several Months later-

"So this is the end? Trixie is reduced to sleeping..by dumpsters now? No! Trixie will come back from this! This is only a minor set back. Tomorrow will be a new day for Trixie. Trixie is stronger than this, nothing can keep her down!" Trixie said as she pulled the scraps of fabric she had managed to fashion together to form a blanket over her, nestling down into the newspaper she had lain out. Closing her eyes, Trixie began to sob to herself, as she had done the past few nights, it became really hard to fall asleep anymore without doing so. "How could the world cast Trixie aside like this? has she not suffered enough? Please Celestia, Please..let me find work tomorrow, I beg you!" Trixie found herself begging in her head, before drifting off to sleep.

-2 years after Ponyville-

Pony Joe had just finished up another night, it was late, and he was tired, taking the trash for the busy day out, he didn't notice at first the form sleeping next to the dumpster, until he tripped over it, Falling over the jump, he quickly rights himself to a chorus of. "What the hay?" The form laying there didn't move, not even when he flicked the cloth away to uncover a frail looking, almost skeletal pony, their coat might have been blue once, but with the dirt streaking it, it was hard to tell.

Who was this pony? How long had she been here? Quickly checking to see if she was alive, he picked her up and brought her inside. "Hey, hey! Wake up miss, hey!" He carefully nudged the mare, not caring if he got dirty, she needed help. When she groaned and her eyes fluttered, he thanked Celestia she was alive, rushing to find some leftovers, he laid them out for her to eat, covering her up with a clean apron, he brought her hot coffee and set it before her with the donuts.

A voice weaker than a whisker said something, but all Joe caught was "Trixie..no..money"

"Money? Miss, don't worry about it, eat, please for the love of Celestia, eat something! You look like you could drop any minute, what happened to you?"

A pair of sad eyes his, that had seen far too much pain for their age, and Trixie spilled her story, all of her suffering and regret, it all poured out of her, she cried and cried. Joe kept bringing her food and coffee, letting her go on, she had been on the streets for over a year, barely able to get enough food to live, how she had given up on her dream, how nothing mattered anymore. She cried for so long that Joe actually kept the shop closed the next day, loosing a day's bits, he wouldn't loose much sleep over, especially if it was to help this poor mare in distress.

When she finally stopped crying, Pony Joe wouldn't stand to send her back out into the streets, using money out of his own pocket, he set her up in a hotel room for a time, and helped her out. Once she had gotten a chance at a hot shower, which she enjoyed until the water ran cold, she sat down with Joe. Begging him to allow her to repay his kindness. Though now clean, it seemed she had been drained of color, her coat held no luster, as if it where faux fur, her eyes where dead, though her words where sincere, she truly wanted to return his kindness.

Setting her up with a job, Pony Joe set about having a real hand around the shop for the first time in a long time, and though it was a bit rough going, he managed to teach Trixie how to at least fake a friendly smile and tone.

So this is the story now, a year later from when she was homeless. a possible fateful night for the once Great and Powerful Trixie.