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Pinkie Pie and Twilight perform a time experiment that goes horribly wrong, leaving Pinkie to experience a peculiar set of events.

I had this idea for quite a bit of time, and even wrote it out once before. I decided to rewrite it after a bunch of friendly folk in the Reddit Bronies steam chat urged me on. They should know I'm not quite a good writer. Oh well, enjoy!

Feedback is appreciated. This is meant to be a short fic and likely won't extend past 2-3 chapters. If I did something wrong, let me know.

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Nice concept, a little rushed but I can deal with it. I've given it a like and a favourite and I hope to see more.


Yeah, I suppose I should draw it out a bit more. I was determined to get the first chapter done before I went to sleep last night. Thanks for the feedback!

Its good and original. I am tracking this and can't wait to see where you take it. This is brilliant, really.


This made me happier than you know.

Interesting idea...bit rushed, first 'death' comes out of nowhere, but...interesting.

So here it is, the second chapter. Sorry it took so long, everyone. I've had a lot happen to me this past month that has kept me from doing a lot of things, including writing. I can't say when chapter 3 will be out, as I just finished this one not half an hour ago. It will, however, be out before mid-December, so there's that.

Any feedback is appreciated. I hope you enjoy it.

1513995 Nice, I look forward to seeing how this progresses, especially Twiligt's guilt.


I planned on doing a bit more on Twilight's guilt, but the chapter grew just a bit too long. I'd like to keep each chapter near or under 2,000 words so that it can be read in a short coffee break if one so chooses. I may break this next time. I probably will.

Glad that you liked it.

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