Lying on the floor of the missing Princess's ransacked room is an otherwise-unremarkable diary. Most of the pages have been torn out or rendered unreadable by debris and spilled ink, but a few are still legible.

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Uh-oh, I've got a very bad feeling that Flurry is going to do something that will cause a lot of trouble later.

I knew it that Flurry Heart would do something that cause a lot of trouble but also heartache for her parents and the Crystal Empire.

In any other story, I’d be a hero, wouldn’t I? I took the mare of my dreams, swept her off her hooves, and raced into the blizzards so we could be together. She won’t be a mare, after she wakes up. Not strictly a pony one, anyway, but not entirely a changeling. Enough unicorn to love me, and enough changeling to need me.

Damn. I don’t know what to say about that.

Anyways, great read. I’m always impressed about how well you can do creepy stuff like this, even if this wasn’t exactly a horror story

Having those reformed - I hesitate to say “freaks,” but they’re certainly the strangest creatures I’ve met on diplomatic visits - insects train the guards about how to stop an invasion certainly didn’t help.

Y'know, I was actually on the brink of taking umbrage with this - given that Flurry is commonly depicted both in canon and fanon as having a good relationship with Thorax, her having such contempt for the reformed changelings seemed like a bizarre choice of character beat - but then I realized it was actually foreshadowing for the end reveal. In that case, great touch! Kudos on the gripping story overall, for that matter!

This was a creepy story, and somehow, even though I'm not much a fan of those, I still loved it either way. This was amazing!

Eee, so glad you published this one! It’s super good, I really like the way the letters build on each other and the theme of ‘mom I know you are reading this’ is super good. The hints leading up to the reveal are very well placed and, despite already knowing the ending, it still took me just as hard as the first time I read this.

Great story!

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