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Raven Inkwell speaks out her concerns about Discord getting away Scott free for starting the Legion of Doom (L.O.D.) and should be punished for his crimes.

Fluttershy speaks out her beliefs that Discord should be forgiven for he made up for his mistake of forming The L.O.D.

Raven doesn't believe that Discord deserves to be forgiven and she aims to prove it.

Fluttershy stands in her way to defend her friend.

It's Raven vs Fluttershy in a heated debate that will determine Discord's fate.

Artwork by: witchtaunter

Note: It's hard to see at first glance but know that the cover art of Raven is showing that she is extremely angry. Just do a close up on the pic and you can see her eyebrows scowling.

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How many of your stories are you going to remaster?

Fluttershy stayed strong and defiant. "I will do more than that, by the end of this, Discord will be free."

Nice Remastered. I wish Fluttershy could understand.

There's still a few I announced, that haven't been put up yet and two that just need a chapter rewrite, since they only have one chapter.

Christ, Fluttershy is delusional

Also, where was Raven when Starlight got off scot-free?

It will be a bit annoying to re-read the chapters that are remaster but it will be worth the read

Would it be pointed out on what damages Discord's plan did to Spike too?

Counting the season 10 comics, Discord also manipulated the races into being hostile to eachother and lying to the guardians of harmony into being the antagonists of that story arc.

So yeah, screw Discord.

I can't wait to see how Fluttershy and Smolder are gonna come up with a good excuse for Discord's actions in this story, not that it would be good enough.:moustache::duck:

Raven Inkwell. "Princess Celestia personal Secretary" was one of the many creatures running to help in the battle for Equestria. Keeping up alongside her is her best friend, Grace Manewitz, an earth pony with a lavender coat, blonde mane, and wears dark purple glasses and a necktie.


That was way before he even met Celestia and Luna for the first time, i am pretty sure. But even then he still tried to escape from the consequences when it came back biting on his ass.

half of ravens bitching has nothing to do with discord

But ask yourself this? Why is she talking about these things in the first place?

How they Twilight and nearly all of Equestria failed to use logic and tend to side with their emotions that lead more chaos AKA Discord's department

I think to proof that all of this was just something the mane 6 didn't of forgot to notice after doing them.

and no, I'm not gonna deal with that "Its Pinkie Pie, don't question it" bullshit. Not everything you do have some unexplained reason behind it

Thank you, a thousand thank yous for this. I've seen this overused in MLP fanfictions and I'm so tired of it. I'm so glad you called this out, I hate this cliche so much.

Cadance shook her head in disappointment at Celestia's lack of response. "Celestia!?" She said calmly as she could, trying to hold back her frustration. "I still remember everything you thought me about being Princess and a Ruler. It was a process that took years for me to learn as you help prepared me for the day when the crystal empire returns, and I would take over. It was thanks to all that preparation; I became confident and easily settled into my role. You even told me the story about yours and Luna's training and how long that took before you two were ready. But the thing about Twilight is that you'd only help teach her how to be a Princess but not a ruler. Which of course are two entirely different things. Just because Twilight done so well in her years as a Princess and protector of Equestria. Doesn't mean she's instantly ready to take on a job she haves no experience in and if you want proof on that just remember what happened when Starlight came to help you and Luna with your friendship problem."

Thank you, Cadance!!!

This entire chapter:
100% Raven going on and on about how she's going to prove that Discord is an irredeemable monster for his actions and lack of repentance and how everyone except her is a fool.
0% Raven actually talking about Discord in any way, shape, or form.

The mathematical formulas I used to reach these percentages are [D/M*100=E] followed by [100-E=N]. M={words spent monologuing}, D={words spent talking about Discord}, N={percent value of M}, and E={percent value of D}.

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