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Fluttershy looks at a photo of both her and her friends, but something feels wrong, like that girl in the photo wasn't her. She decides to take it up with their boyfriend, and the resident DJ, Vinyl Scratch. He surely knew what she was experiencing.

Includes FtM Fluttershy, FtM Vinyl Scratch.

Chapters (1)
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Very sweet!

Good, but too short

Whilst I feel it's a bit rough on a technical level, I love the story element of Vinyl not pressuring Fluttershy or being insistent that they're Trans, merely highlighting it as an option. Several fics I've read seem to steamroll their way through it without adressing the very real doubt trans people initially suffer from.

This story was great! Though, I kind of felt it was incomplete... Could you add more chapters/a sequel?

waiting for the next part stumble guys online

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