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Vinyl Scratch is a mare of mystery: hard to meet and even harder to get to know. It is an image she has cultivated since her early days as a DJ and is not likely to ever let go. She is the queen of the music scene and her purple shades are her crown. To her roommate, Octavia, she is a vulgar annoyance and a blemish on her otherwise spotless life. However, when she accidentally destroys the one thing that matters most to the unicorn, the cellist finds herself learning more than she ever cared to know about the rock-loving mare.

- Cover image by recycletiger

- As always, edited by BrotherPrickle.

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Looks good, I'ma read through.


Oh, my. I think I can tell where this is headed: an explanation of WHY the sunglasses are so important.


Excellent observation. Your powers of deduction are remarkable.

New octyscratch? Here.. we.. go!

Alright, first paragraph was... Just a lot of colours, you might wanna rethink that. Kay back to it.

Alright, just ask a friend, Any friend, to preread first? You have... It's almost there but your flow, style and sentence structure are just very, very awkward. I won't downvote, in hopes you find one. But man. Awkward.

Nice job, my first taste of your writings, but you've definitely made a good show of yourself.
Favourite for the updates, and a good pat on the back for ya!

Ciroton? And OctaScratch story? AND ROMANCE!?



I don't see a 'Romance' Tag up there, do you? :trollestia:

I approve of this story, on the condition that Giuseppe gets a side-story immediately.

I knew what was going to happen the moment Octavia threw the broken shades down the garbage chute. Not a very bright move on her part. :facehoof:

1391377 I DID! I KNOW I DID!

... -checks tags- ... The colors are too similar... dammit. Unless you changed it when I wasn't looking.... -shrug-

Oh well. Whatever. Still tracking.

Damn... I am at a loss for words. -removes from read later and adds to tracking-

And ninjas make it all complete!

Hmmm....It would seem that there is more to this than what Berry is saying. Once we do find Vinyl, perhaps she might tell us.

Also, interesting how she shares the same literary tastes as someone with jargon aphasia.

Holy cow, was not expecting that.

No one's mentioned the Bass Cannon reference yet?!? :pinkiegasp:

This is the real story, true facts.

Finally! A non-shipping Octavia Vinyl story!!

.... Though, what is the story behind the shades? :trixieshiftleft: Curiouser and curiouser...
*goes to read next chapter*

1744772 We don't know that yet! :raritywink:
Now, to you, Mr. Author Man/Woman, fabulous job! :raritystarry: I demand MOAR! :flutterrage:

Calling it right now, DJ Flare is Pretty Penny, the landlady. She also knows the real, ninjaless story. As for why Vinyl doesn't know that, not a clue.

This is going to be a good one

Oh skeptical 'tavi, why can't you just trust for once :rainbowwild:

Suddenly, ninjas!

1744772 OMFG you have no idea how much that makes me want to read this story. It's about time someone strays from the usual.:rainbowwild:

So nice to see a different one!

more than once had she suggested they do some rather... lewd things together.

Would you care to more expand upon that in the later chapters? I'm really curious. :twilightsheepish:
Oh and, that is THE coolest sounding backstory to vinyl's shades EVER. Even tho i never read any other fanfics about them, i'm sure that this is one of the cooler ones out there. Unless it's made up.
Isn't it base cannon and not bass cannon?


"Bass" is a musical term, as well as a fish. "Base" is simply how it sounds when someone says it aloud. The more you know! :twilightsmile:

Thanks for clearing that up! BTW, how do you quote a post someone made? i'm kinda new here. :twilightblush:


Mouse over the comment and on the top-right side you will see a garbage can and/or a couple of speech bubbles. Click the bubbles and there you go.

Wow, when are any of these stories going to make sense?

these stories are pointing towards one familar aspect. vinyls mentor DJ flare. i suspect they all have a grain of truth to them. and from what i can tell the ending is something tragic, my geuss is flare was vinyls mentor who she met at a horse race or something, the two of them got drunk or something and one thing lead to another. then there was somekinda accident or something and flare died and she left vinyl the glasses. just a theroy.

That's by far the story with the most alcohol in it (at least what I read) :pinkiegasp:. Until now all variants has in common that the glasses were a present and te previous owner. I'm thrilled what versions we also will get. Hope to read you soon. :twilightsmile:

She could barely think though the onslaught.


curly mane and tale who wore a pink bow very similar to her own


“Well, well, well, if it isn’t DJ P0n3 sniffing thought the trash.

I think you meant "through".

The resulting cheer nearly made her ear ring,

I think you meant "ears".

Great chapter. Loved it. Love the confusion of the whole sitiation. Keep it up. Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile: And that last line made it for me.


Thank you for catching those small mistakes. :twilightblush:


'Tis what I do. Always glad to help.:twilightsmile:

high-nosed fart-sniffers

I laughed at that.

Wanderer D

I know the true story!:raritywink:

some sort of criminal riffraff or a mental patient.”

“Well, Vinyl does drive me crazy sometimes, but I’m not a mental patient yet.”

Since I know that this was released after The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, you stole one of the best lines ever, nearly used it proporly too.


Less 'stole' and more 'reference' since just about anyone who has read a Vinyl Scratch / Octavia fic has more than likely read The Vinyl Scratch Tapes already and if they haven't, they really ought to.

Is this story ever going to be finished or will it just be left to gather metaphorical dust?


Please, be a little patient. I want to go over and fix some things before I do the last bits.

3291762 It's fine. I was just wondering since it hadn't been updated in such a long time (if I were to leave something unfinished that long it would never get done). Sorry if I came off rude.

Good work cant wait to see more :rainbowkiss:

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