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Just make sure you put protection on

Comment posted by Blaze-saber deleted Sep 26th, 2022

This sounds too much like the Palcomix story, ‘The Power of Dragon Mating’.

It's based off it but it's completely different I assure you.

I get what you’re thinking, but this whole thing needs work if your story is to get good. That, and it’s so obvious it’s from Para something. Yeah, I’ve read the comic too.

1: I recommend Twilight wearing a student uniform instead of a teachers.
2: Rarity needs to act like a lonely girl in her own bed wearing a wedding dress.
3: Rainbow Dash should wear a sexy jumpsuit.
4: Fluttershy should wear only a bikini made of leaves and vines. And have sex out in broad daylight on a hill. Just to make it kinkier.:twilightblush:
5: Have Applejack seem like she’s winning, only have her being ridden like a cowgirl.
6: Finally, have Pinkie Pie dressed like a sexy clown girl and make Flash’s night a circus of fun.🤡 And the final night of sex, you can do whatever you feel like you wanna write.

Thanks for the advice. And the reason why I have Queen Chrysalis added to the tags, is because she has a role in this as well

This sounds promising. I’m excited to see where it goes.

Definitely needs more description and scene setup.

These lines are more or less lifted from the Palcomix comic, but here we have nothing visual to see as we read.

Comment posted by Blaze-saber deleted Sep 27th, 2022

"This unicorn wanted to please the stallion, so she created this exact spell just to make him happy." Celestia explained. "However, the spell made her too horny and the moment she made love with this stallion, she turned him into her personal sex slave.

Two things come to mind.

Is Celestia absolutely sure THAT ONE isn't Chrysalis after the spell mutated her? And two, Twilight might've overlooked this little detail in her plan to contain Flash: is it just the being too horny that made the Unicorn enslave her coltfriend, or is it a part of the spell itself making the affected simply naturally turn their partners into slaves..?

I'm sure they are just concerned for the ponies of Equestria or something like that

Hopefully there'll be a chance at foals by the end of this.

There might be. It depends on the mares he will mate with if they want :raritywink:

he'll make every mare in Equestria his sex slave like a mare did once with every staillon a few years back.

Is that mare the main villain?

It was a long time ago, and she and all of her sex slaves are on a deserted island. Plus does no one else see the thing I have on my author's notes?

Wow can’t wait for the next chapter it’s my fetish! Please have rarity stay in a wedding dress throughout the entire time! Sorry it’s a cliche but it’s annoys me when they take off the outfit before the sex.

Well I guess this will do. Could’ve had Twilight laid back instead of being on top, but it’s your thing man. Keep up the good work.:heart: But before I forget. If you feel like it or not, do you suppose you could add other characters into these clop chapters?

I mean with Derpy, Nurse Redheart, and perhaps Zeacora? Just to make this into something extra for the fans. That, and to make this not look like that guy’s comic. Copy rights you know?:trixieshiftright:

Well, okay. But not too many. I actually do like Zecora to be apart of this.

Twilight runs through the halls of Canterlot Castle before she reached Celestia's studies and open the door to find Celestia there, wearing her pure white royal gown. "Welcome and thank you for coming Twilight." Celestia said with a warm smile.

her gown is transparent

Comment posted by Blaze-saber deleted Oct 3rd, 2022

So, will Flash be getting to live out any fantasies/fetishes himself or will it be only the mares who get to do so?

You'll see. I can tell you that there will be a sequel to this

Comment posted by Izac45 deleted Oct 5th, 2022

I entered dislike on this story because I think it is a cheap ripoff of ’The Power of Dragon Mating’ on Palcomix.

I would actually say that Gilda and the other 3 female gryphons are the most tempting.

I promise it's not a rip off. It's based off it but had some differences and there's going to be a big one at the end

Maybe, but in my mind, Flash under a spell that makes him a sex crazy sicko is rather lame.

It was better than hormones of getting older. Plus it was all that I could think of so don't judge me

Love the pic and I always wonder what they look like as anthro ponies.

Could at least show me the web that inspired you to make this story?

"Dragon Lord Ember had asked for him and he will be back until the end of the month." Twilight answered. "But he didn't explain why she wanted him over."

Interesting, i hope we can see what is he doing in the dragon lands.

although it is in some ways similar to the palcomix, come on this story is not bad. (I should say more but I tell you for PM) :trixieshiftright:
Will definitely go into reading later. :pinkiehappy:
P.S: try to add something totally new, even if inspired by palcomix something more could be useful to you. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I can see Chrysalis will barter as truce with Celestia and Luna for a 4some in the future


And there will be a bit of surprise when she has her turn with him with Celestia and Luna

Hey, don’t forget to count me. Oh, and I’m here by the way.

Well, now. I like this chapter quite a lot. I'm always down for tied-up cute girls, and you even included breast bondage, which is pretty rare on FimFiction. Do you plan on having more scenarios like this in future chapters?

Had to skip this chapter as it disgusted me.

Well, i like this chapter, ignore those who dislike it.

I have one question for all of you about the next chapter, would you like some ice cream with your Pinkie Pie?
Me: no but I would love some creampies from pinkie pie! 😉

After Pinkie, well it be the Royal Sisters on the 7th day for the next chapter?

Yes, plus Queen Chrysalis, and Queen Chrysalis will be part of the surprise

WHAT?! The bug who cast the curse on Flash? Are you kidding me? She's the one who started it and tries to conquered Equestria in the first place by taking love from others.

Something tells me that you haven't read the other chapters yet, otherwise you'd be caught up by now

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