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Midnight Ride

Well, I like medieval and sword fighting stuff and have been writing it for a while now and I guess it just seems logical to apply it to ponies.


Karth Valerius is a vicious and well respected gladiator of the coliseum. He wins almost every fight due to an internal rage that bids him to destroy anyone and anything in his path. He despises people, they deserve none of his trust or his admiration as he learned from his life. However, he also hates what he finds lying in his wake of destruction. In the middle of an intense battle Karth suddenly finds himself in Equestria. Karth's rage burns deep, and Equestria itself may be destroyed because of someone's mistake. One simple foolish mistake.

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1312922 Oh haha, it's basically some sort of equestrian temple with a gladiator's sword laying on the ground.

Shouldn't this be teen it has killing

1313501 Aw man, that's prolly a good idea, I was uber tured when I posted this :derpytongue2:

This looks promising. Liking it so far, can't wait for more.

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