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A story that talks about Starlight’s life, and how she met Sunburst, and how she went from a filly, to a communist, and shows in depth on how she has grown with the help of Twilight and her friends she has made along the way.

Time to know the truth that was hidden behind the scenes.

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"Maybe, but I love them a million times as you!"

I feel like this line is implying that Starlight likes kites more than her dad (which later she probably does), but still.

Wow, this was a great intro! I love how you included info from other episodes, too. The pain of writing Firelight's cringy lines occurred to me, too, when I was writing Unbreakable. So many various, babyish nicknames for Starlight, and it was really ugh but funny at the same time! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah Firefight likes kites, but Starlight is on a totally different level.

And ty! More is coming! And more cringey nicknames for me to write :rainbowderp:

And nice pfp btw

No problem! I might change mine too, I get bored of it easily lol

Oh, I see now. I thought she was saying that she preferred kites over her dad. :facehoof:

I love writing Starlight as a filly, but when it comes to Firelight, writing the words "Pumpky-Wumpkin" makes me cringe internally and I hate it lol.

Honestly would be my favorite part of writing them. Except for snuggles. Snuggles beats out sappy nicknames by this much.:rainbowkiss:

"That's a little silly." Starlight interrupted the story. "She does know that ponies can't stay up at night, right?"

Thank you! Someone finally said it!:facehoof:

"You may have the magical abilities like your mother had."

The "the" here is a bit unnecessary.:unsuresweetie:

Starlight still remembered her voice, even when the months flew by. She remembered the snuggles, and the great time they had together. She even taught her how to fly a kite. Starlight would always be grateful for that.

Starlight's mother got a mention! Yay!:yay:

Well this was sappy, sweet, and finally looks like something that's going to address Starlight's mom!:pinkiehappy:

So I'm ready for more.:raritywink:

Yeah the sappy stuff is only for the beginning, where she starts out as an innocent filly until the thing with Sunburst happened

I felt like that part of Luna's backstory should be addressed. I'm surprised no one did it before lol.

Is it? Hm.

She was gonna be mentioned at some point. I always wanted to know what happened to her mother, and this story will finally find out what happened to her.

Thank you for liking the story so far!

Oh my gosh, it's so cute! :scootangel:

Thank you! A new chapter will be coming pretty soon. I have to finish the last part and proofread it so I don't make any spelling and/or grammar errors.

Same goes for the next chapter with Locked Supermarket, which is almost done.

Stay tuned!

Wow. You were right, it's really emotional. But the story keeps getting better as it goes on. I think this is my fav chapter! Hope Starlight doesn't get expelled. :raritywink:

Thank you! Glad you like it :D

She might not be if she had a good excuse :moustache:

Also, just saying, but I don't think Firelight would ever get mad at Starlight

I don’t imagine he would. Never really saw him as a very strict father

Yay! I'm just glad she's not expelled. Also, is Firelight actually suggesting that his daughter steal cutie marks?

No he was just joking. He doesn't actually mean it. Which is why I added "he closed one of his eyes teasingly"

Oh, okay, good, but I still feel like Starlight might take that seriously. :twilightsheepish:

So cute! Not in a romantic way, but still. :raritystarry:

Ty! Although it sadly cannot last forever.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of love stories anyways, but this chapter was really beautiful

I tried my best to not make a chapter a love story. I'm glad you liked it

Oh my god, this is perect! :yay: You reached this part! Can't wait to see what she does next!

Thank you! Its about time her innocence starts to crumble. I am excited

Talk about clueless. Reminding her of the 2 most important people in her life.

Wow, I didn't expect the chapter to be this good! I love how you made the chapter, I wasn't expecting anything like this, but it's better than what I had in mind. Thanks for taking my suggestion!

Firelight can be oblivious at times :twilightsheepish:

Thank you for liking it! And thanks for the help!

Considering in the show he was trying to treat his adult like a little tot that would be an understatement. Life goes on whether we want it or not the best we can do is try to deal unfortunately he isn't helping deal with it just shoving the pain away. He doesn't even seem to know her.

Firelight is trying his best to make her better... even if he keeps reminding her of her mother and her best friend

Yeah but sometimes you have face that you need help. His daughter isn't getting happier. Instead she just becoming more miserable. She needs professional help to deal with the emotions she feeling.

Even so, Starlight will still be sad and depressed until she decides to build a cult

Yeah then she will just sad and angry but mostly angry.

So much suspense! I can't wait for the next chapter!

Yay! She's finally found her village! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Yup. And I don't think she will have fun building :rainbowlaugh:

And thank you!

Her father is an idiot it been long enough that he should be able to see that nothing has changed except her taste in style. He should be getting her some professional help for her issues but he thinks doing things that she doesn't like no matter how well meant is going to make it better. No wonder starlight stayed away until the map gave her no choice.

He did state that be wanted her to feel safe like he did when she was young. So I would assume that he would be a dumbass and learn nothing. Or else Starlight wouldn't be evil

True but if he wanted to help her he should get professional help because his efforts are just making things worse instead better. Of course he is too clueless to figure this out and the fact that kids grow and change and the adults in their lives have change their methods of handling them might have to change as well. You can't handle a high school kid the same way as a preschooler. It doesn't really work.

That is also true, however I do not think that Sires Hollow had a building for therapy classes. Idk. We have only seen little bits of Sires Hollow so I don't know what buildings were there when Starlight was a filly, and when she and Sunburst visited there in The Parent Map.

Or maybe he did take her to therapy, but it obviously hasn't worked. Starlight was just too caught up in hate to even care anymore.

If he did then he even more clueless than I thought sometimes the people in our life have try to change in order to help. I assume if the doctor wants to help who is upset about things happening in their life including a father who refuses to let his child grow up they might talk with those who wish to help.

"Oh, of course." Starlight responded. If it weren't for the idea that she had, she would've watched him struggle with a smile. She did like seeing others in pain after all. Especially in situations that they themselves had put them in.

Oh my gosh, she's changed a lot by now. Yeah the Aurora part was obvious.

Anyways, it was a good chapter as always. I'm already at the edge of my seat! Can't wait to see her next moves!

Thank you! Yup she really has descended to evil.

Yeah the Aurora part was obvious.

Lol true it was, but it was for those who didn't know that fun fact. :ajsmug:

Ooh, she's finally starting to show her dark side.
Great chapter as always-I can't stop waiting for a new one!

It had to be shown eventually.

Ty! And hopefully the next one will be longer lol

Ah, I was waiting for when she got the houses to be built. Nicely written, like with all your chapters!

Thank you! Its hard to match up the events with the actual episode haha

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