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Can you do Fluttershy next Please?

I may get to it at some point in the future on my own, but as stated in the description, this’ll likely work via commissions.
If you—or anyone else, for that matter—really wants a specific character to be explored here, then review the guidelines on my blog posts, as well as the notes in this story’s description, and PM me about it. That way, one can decide for themselves how they’d want the story to play out.

This was super super hot! Definitely glad to see this series continue — I didn't think it would, since you seem to have moved away from non-con stuff...

Pinkie was really adorable, though I wish there was more of her really being mindbroken and a giddy slut at the end, rather than just kinda turning off. Chrysalis was so super hot and dominant the entire time though, I loooooove it. All the hyper stuff was great too, and just the bit of teasing with the implied busty obedient army of changeling drones and nurses is so goooooood.

Honestly, it is a little weird, how I view dub-con in stories.
Full-on non-con, like actual rape, is something I’m very against, but I love the lighter dub-con that comes with mind-break.
I think most of it boils down to who it’s happening to and why, as screwing Gilda to become a sex slave with little other reason is a concept I despise, but getting revenge on the overrated main six for what they did to Chrysalis I can get behind pretty easily.

So how big is her cock? You keep saying massive and huge but it’s always kept vague instead of stating it’s true size.

Yeah, I was trying to keep away from being too specific due to it being unnecessary, but I suppose I went a bit too far with that.
I’ll see if I can update the story to fix that soon.

Edit: Alright, I added a mention of scale near the beginning; hopefully that helps.

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