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Hiya! I am Jamming from the United Kingdom and I am fairly new to the My Little Pony fandom.


Trixie is celebrating the new year when suddenly everypony stops moving. She finds Spitfire and Limestone who also remain unfrozen and together they travel to try and restart time, but on their travels they realise there is a lot more wrong than they initially thought...

Rated Teen for mild violence and some romancey parts.
This story is dedicated to DarkiniVonBlessy and Tomas for welcoming me so nicely into the brony community. Also dedicated to Ace Play (AKA MrKat7214, the best brony streamer) and CaptainFlamey for introducing me to the show (the best non-brony streamer).

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“I forgive you.” After a short pause, Limestone was clearly content with that response and they both settled down, leaving Trixie with her thoughts. She smiled to herself, somewhat relieved that Limestone and Spitfire had at least started to settle their differences. With that, she made her way into her wagon, closed the door, turned out the lights and drifted off into a restful sleep in her hammock.

That was actually pretty nice

Well this is actually a pretty interesting story and an unusual team up as well I like it so it looks like Trixie was hanging out with Starlight not only that waiting for the new year Trixie was having this feeling when she's around with Starlight and she wants to tell her but after it hits midnight and it was about to until nothing's happening she thought it was a delay but then when she turned around Starlight was not moving in fact the ponies and the creatures are not moving at all it's like the time has stopped and Trixie is the only one left so she tries to find anybody who are still not frozen and what luck it was Spitfire wondering what was going on but Trixie was just as confused as she is and they tried to find anything she could at Twilight Library but nothing until a couple of hours they found the information about the time Stone apparently a pony who's a witch created the Stone Called the Rosewood and they want to see if muad pie knows something but unfortunately just like the rest she's Frozen alongside with her boyfriend and her sister but there was one Pony who was not frozen name limestone right now she was angry and very sad this is happening to her sisters and probably her mom and dad but it looks like the only way they had to do is to go to Canterlot because that's where the location is but because everything's frozen transportation is not an option so they had to walk there and it's going to take a few days to get there so far throughout their Journey it was actually nice to see them actually getting along with each other well almost even Limestone starting to open up a little but when night came apparently Trixie saw a vision that this Pony is the same Pony who created the crystal and apparently what they're up to is very dangerous boy this is pretty intense stuff here I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

Thank you for reading :D
I'm glad you enjoyed!

I put the warning because I've already started writing the next chapter and it's a little more violent.

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