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For all her life, Sweetie Belle thought that dream magic was a mystic power reserved for alicorns and their ilk. Now that Princess Luna is teaching it to her, Sweetie knows she was right.

Written as a gift for Zontan as part of an anthology titled The Dark Between The Stars. Other stories from it can be found here, and details about a print version can be found here.

Thank you to mushroom for the amazing cover art, and their sibling cereal for the wonderful chapter art.

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God this was so vibrant and wonderful, this is some of the best scene-setting and descriptive work I've ever seen from you. I genuinely loved this and the dynamic teased out between Luna and Sweetie, the emotions are so raw and real and you did such a fantastic job conveying them. I absolutely loved this, fantastic stuff!

Beautiful. Wonderful use of imagery and a great characterization of Luna and Sweetie that play off each other so well. Loved every moment of this.

A lovely little story! And a unique pair of ponies not often seen together but you certainly pulled it off nicely. Sweetie Belle has had quite the educational career with 2 princesses personally teaching her about their respective domains. :unsuresweetie:

Glad you enjoyed it! And she certainly has, hasn't she?


While everybody, even Luna, believes that the Tantibus went out of Luna's control it in fact was following her orders the entire time if you remember right before the Cannabis disappeared from Luna's dreamscape she said "do your worst". What did it proceed to do everything in its power AKA doing its worst. Had Luna realized that it was following that order, that it had heard her she could just order it to stop and it wouldn't have been a big problem. People may have learned that she was punishing herself for Nightmare Moon but it wouldn't have gone to the point where everyone in Ponyville had to be involved. Seriously that is pretty much implied by the whole episode Luna doesn't realize the ramifications of what she's doing or what she's already done.

This was really cool, with some amazing visuals and character interactions. You did a good job making Sweetie feel older while still feeling like herself, and I just loved the concept of Luna mentoring her in dreamwalking.

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