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It didn't take too long until the armies of the Endless Night reached a small tributary of Her Radiance's Crown, next to the far-reaching borders of the Heartlands. With its forces broken and ponies cowed, only a single fort remained between the Crescent Queen and an unshakable foothold into Equestria.

But where soldiers failed another force may yet prevail...

A ponyfic rewrite of The Bards of Wales.

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I've enjoyed this story greatly, the writing is very atmospheric and fits the time period. I wasn't aware of 'The Bards of Wales', but that fact didn't stop me from appreciating this fic, the actual ballads were well-written, and I enjoyed the characterisation of both Nightmare Moon and Hill Climber, as well as the bards themselves.

Shame this didn't get much attention, the author definitely deserves it!

Shame this got passed over, was a good read.

Very interesting read. While the prose was a bit heavy, it actually fits the fic so well that it's a feature, not a bug.
There were parts where it was rough around the edges, but nothing horribly jarring.

Funnily enough, I was really rooting for a peaceful resolution. I was hoping that Climber's subjects would willingly submit to Nightmare Moon and thus be spared.

You have nice way with wordplay, very enjoyable

That was a good story.

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