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This story is a sequel to Split Apple

She smiles into the mirror, pleased with the dragon she sees. Once she tried to be as macho as she could, but that was a game. Now she can just be herself.

Keywords: transgender, NOT rule 63

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Why is this rated M? Nice setup though.

Mostly because the story before it was, but this is Spike, maybe I should not.

Quite sweet. The idea of Trans Spike also highlights Spikes distinctly different design to all the other dragons. They're all sharp edges whilst he's alot softer and rounder. Even 'fully' grown he doesn't look like other dragons, he's just a barrel chested humanoid.

Spike popped free of the bush herself. Two ponies down! So many more to go. Maybe she would be better off waiting for Pinkie's naming party. She could tell everypony at the same time! That would be easier than going up to each pony one by one.

Should be
Barb popped free of the bush herself.

Barb emerged from the tower and considered his first target.


Edit: Next sentence as well.

Edit edit: Also,

Spike popped free of the bush herself.

^v^ EEEEEEEEE!!!! Trans Spike! Trans Spike! Trans Spike! This trans girl, Spike fan is super happy! I wish I could make this at least a weekly update, alas, I'm broke and don't know how to use Patreon anyway.
I can't wait to see Barb's adventures, and wish her all the love.

Like so far good job, can't wait to see what happens to Barb in this

This is nice. Looking forward to more!

Really good first chapter, you've got me excited to see where this goes! I love seeing more trans stories on here. I especially loved the scene between Barb and Pinkie Pie, just because the way Pinkie reacted felt so true to her character, at least in my opinion. Pinkie is the textbook definition of, "she a little confused, but she got the spirit."

Sometimes I think self-centered and indulgent crap like this is written by trolls, who wholeheartedly hate trans people, so they intentionally portray them as unlikable as possible to enforce transphobia and other phobias among common folks. This is some cringe compilation material right here.

I'm sorry... what?

Did I write something uncomplimentary?

Barb is adorable and deserving of our respect and support. What's wrong?

The usual transgender story trend of mixed ratings. I only see one comment that's negative (which I'll address below), so why hasn't anyone else who disliked the story said why? At least with some other mixed ratings for transgender stories, writing issues can be brought up like making the transgender characters into a series of checkbox marks rather than actual developed characters. Does any other topic of stories on this website get such mixed ratings or are transgender ones the worst ones?

I know this story is a sequel to another story in. Maybe that one explains how Spike became Barb? Or perhaps that'll be explained later in this one? I can see it as a huge risk with Barb being the way she is due to chaos magic. Something like that could massively backfire. Guess we'll find out in later chapters.

Excuse me, what? How is this story transphobic? How is Barb unlikable in this story? Far as I can tell, she isn't self centered, using others for her own ends, a Mary Sue, insulting others, and other such things. If this comment itself isn't a troll comment and is meant to be serious, are you trying to be offended on behalf of other transgender people? As a transwoman myself, no, I don't need "help" from toxic supporters. I don't need people to tell me what I should and shouldn't be offended or upset by. If I personally think a story would reinforce negative stenotypes, I'll for sure say something proven the story isn't so old that hardly anyone is left reading it.

I will give spoilers if you want it. The spoilers are for the previous story. How Spike became Barb is not a secret in this universe and in this story.

Oh sure. It's pretty long and something about Big Mac becoming an alicorn princess.

Okay, Big Mac is busy having his own discoveries about his identity, turns out it's plural. Spike is on the other hand very curious about the whole female thing and talks to Big Mac about that since they now have some experience with it. Discord ends up fixing the problem since that is a thing that he can do. This was not a random event, but in act of a friend helping a friend. Twilight was very involved, having a bit of a panic attack. Very Twilight.

"I bet you're not." Smolder snatched Smolder's hand and began leading her away. "

The image in my head looks funny.

Smolder went a deep red all across her face. "Barb! Wow... Did... Did nocreature ever talk about how that works?"

You think Twilight would give 'The Talk' to Spike? I am certain that mare was as clueless as Barb, since the majority of her early life was on academic books. But she should know better by now... right?

That is an assumption. But she surely has a book or two!

Im sure Ive heard a song about this?

Or at least not letting spike/Babs into a pub?

Bar, Bar, Bar,
Bar, Babera Anne?:unsuresweetie:

Apple Bloom covered he snout. "Oops! Nothin'!"

Caught that. Anyway, seems like Barb is still telling others and Twilight is still coming to terms with this. I wonder. Is she still attractive to Rarity or fillies and mares in general anymore?

YAY!!!!!! More Barb! Thank you, your highness, for doing what I am too poor to do!

"You're a little sister I didn't ask for." Smolder punched Barb in the shoulder in a stiff but not too hevy landing. "Jerk." But she was smiling. "I'm here if you have questions. For now, just enjoy being you. You're a pretty great thing to be."

Should be
not too heavy landing.

Smolder does not know much, if anything, about being a girly dragon.

thinking od regular dragon eggs as the chicken branch etc? Othe dragons find them delicious, maybe even a wide range of flavours with wide range of dragon abilities, given the rate differences known?:twilightoops:

Oof, now Spike/Barb has to cross a VERY awkward road.

I doubt most she-dragons are super looking forward to offering up bits of themselves, living or not, as lunch.

I don't know how to properly explain my feelings towards this, so I'll just say thank you for giving me this version of Barb.

The best Rarity couldve hoped for is Young adult Spike Dragon, pushing her around in her quality wheeled couch when she was in the last years of her life, but still in style? :fluttercry:

To whoever paid for extra updates of this. "Thank you!" * (1*10^10000000000) [that's a very big number if you don't remember scientific notation].

Girls night out?

So that will be Princess Big Mac and Discord along as well? :unsuresweetie:

The cuteness! It's overwhelming! Too much! But I still want more! What is this paradox?

I have no idea why this story has so many dislikes.

I was wondering the same thing myself. They probably took one look at the long description and downvoted this story simply because it's just not something they like as it features genderbent characters. I partly wish half of those dislikes were removed just to be more fair to this story as it was probably hate bombed just for being different.

And follow up for the author: Don't fret about this story having as many dislikes as it does as it was obviously hate bombed for the content inside. You've actually been doing a really good job on this story so far and have intrigued me. Consider my upvote and my favorite a sign that your doing something RIGHT and not something horribly horribly wrong.

Thanks for the support. <3 I can but reach for others to read, enjoy, and +1.

Split Apple (the story where this Barb originated) doesn't have half the dislikes, and that one's sort of gender bending. (Maybe it's half the dislikes because it's half the bending?)

It could be 'ew, foalcon'?

I could see that if it were rated M.

Probably my biggest gripe with this story is the (thus far, anyway) serious lack of pathos. Sure, it's going in circles currently around the "hi i'm girl now" point, which doesn't have much of any bite to it since this is sweet cute pony horse world. But that's fine! Sometimes I could really use some wish fulfillment where coming out was this easy. What bothers me is how little we know about Barb's inner thoughts, or anyone's for that matter. Everyone is a doer, and not much of a thinker, to put it in simplistic terms, and it leaves me parched for much of interest.

Idk, I always feel bad having negative feedback to give so I normally don't. But I find the premise too personally fascinating to let it go.

Spike, when he was Spike, had a lot of thoughts, but that's a different story(in the prequel). This was, so far I knew, a story of joyful transformation and adaption to a new life.

But, yeah, this is magic pony land. A lot of the pressures a modern living person have to face aren't there, or at least are turned down.

But, for thoughts, Barb is nervouscited about the whole egg thing. Twilight is still very much in a confused state but is trying to be a good big sister.

Barb hopped forward, lifting on her wings to snatch the paper. "Thanks!" The paper read nice and clearly that she, Barb, was so forth named. Her old name was gone. Dead. It was all there, in ink on the paper."

Extra double quote mark at the end of the paragraph.

Having to do some sort of "pubic announcement" for getting a legal name change is a hassle in this world, and somewhat scary.

I am glad that Barb is going to have an easier time of it.

It's one of those things that varies depending on where you live. When I changed my name (In Washington state) I just had to fill out some paperwork and see a judge. When one of my friends chanced her name, she had to make the public announcement some time before hand so people would have the chance to contest it. She ended up taking out a classified ad about it, which I guess was enough at the time.

They have a single check box for Pinkie these days, because the paperwork was recursively increasing under the previous classical filing method?:twilightsheepish:

Especially when more forms started exploding out of the filing cabinets, with accompanying confetti and party food, than were placed in the filing cabinet to start with.:pinkiecrazy:

"Ah, public announcement via Pinkie." He checked a box, as if Pinkie announcement was a specific box to be checked. "That will do nicely.

Apparently you cannot use this form outside Ponyville. Now I am curious as what other forms might have local names in it. I am pretty sure the CMCs name is an insurance form somewhere.

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