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Now witness the power of this filly armed and operational battlestation.

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“Dammit, at least stay in the cell this time, you’ll be out in the morning!” Gleaming shoute, rapping her lance annoyedly


My goodness, I didn't think that would work as well as it did!

Bro this shit kinda funny doe

Who's the fat mare in the pic?

Gleaming Shield - basically a genderbent Shining Armor, though the voluptuousness is a... fair bit toned down in the actual fic. Still, its a good KevinSano pic.

But she looks fat.

Think that's mostly a persepctive trick. Like you're looking from a high vantage point upon Gleaming, which makes her look thicker.

That being said, I have an alternate pic on standby if need be.

Alright, hows the new pic look?

Wait, there were more lines that got you rolling? I'd like to know of them - my humor's a bit scattershot and I always when to know where I can improve.

"And as Gleaming finally started pulling her maw off of his cock - it was that or have the rest of Trix’s cumropes blast out of her nostril"
This was all utterly fantastic, though a small part of me always hopes that the overflow does...
"Soon though, Trix would be doing a far better job at stoking her carnal fire, his climax filling Gleaming’s sofa-soft insides with fertile seed as he screamed her name."
...And that after the ass-blasting reaches full capacity with nowhere else to go but up...well, you can imagine the result.
Actually, now I'm curious: would you ever write something with those?

I might if the mood strikes me.

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