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I like writing about the worst day of a character's life; it lets us see the mettle inside. (Sock / Sock's / Sock, no!)


In a first, Daring Do has a tour guide for an ancient ruin. This may prove problematic.

Thanks to the Discord crews for brainstorming and FanOfMostEverything for the chapter title.

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Wait, people take Journal of the Two sisters for canon? It's so friggen vague!

"My only regret is that I never found an accessible entrance to the Hall of the Mountain King. This remains the only unexplored ruin from the pre-Harmony era in all of Equestria. I suppose it will be up to the next generation of adventure archeologists to crack this puzzle."

Considering the direction that this story went, I think this fits perfectly xP

Luna and Daring Do?

You have my attention.

[One reading later...]

Okay so being frank, I really wasn't a fan of Daring's last episode and how it left her off...but that being said, this was pretty fun to see her and Luna together. Have an upvote.

To be fair, the entire show is a vague mess of incomplete stories & random retcons on a level I haven't seen since the X-Files. Hell, Luna's story was retconned twice in the show, and that's before you count the journal. Pretty much everything is fair game in fanon.

Check out the comments on my "Cozy Glow is Missing" story.

This is good. ¿What is the answer to everything? ¡Wow, 42 stories!

First, she went from being completely unknown before the first episode, to having a full long-running holiday after her. Then pretty much everything involving Nightmare Moon was dropped by the final season, which pretended that the fight never happened and they always ruled together. I don't think Nightmare Moon was even mentioned following A Royal Problem, iirc.

I wont lie this is not the ending i was expecting lol. I expected daring to find some locked chest or something and Luna warn her against opening it least she (daring) was willing to accept the consiquences. said consiquences turning out to be a chest Luna set up for a prank many many many years ago (and was surprised was still even theer and armed)

Yeah, Luna is essentially a different character in every episode that she appears in. She is to back stories what Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops is to voices.

That Ending WILL NOT DO!
Do over!
Right now!
No making Luna sad and ending it there!

Obviously it's because of how the moons phases effect her emotions. Let's just call it her cycle.
Is there even crescent or new moons in Equestria

Excellent :moustache:

Anyone who complains that this doesn't fit The Journal of the Two Sisters canon will be mocked for being a pedantic quibbler and compared unflatteringly to Mudbriar.


what if I told you

that krakens canonically aren't extinct in the comics?

I guess no mortal can pronounce Larry's full name, so that's why he goes by Larry.

To Luna, AK signed with the quill, apparently the most immune-to-damage bedroom intruder I've ever assaulted .

How many of those have you had I wonder?:ajsmug:

"Twilight would," Luna said. "In fact, she would probably find that the best scene in the book."

Twiggles should get a special lore companion guide for posterity and realism.

Now that the secret is out, there's no reason to keep details from the public.

Plus as a very generous government official, you could charge her for a insane amount of bits.:pinkiecrazy:

Several coughs echoed up the tunnel. "Come on down, Daring! I cleared the traps! And I need your help extracting a buzz-saw from my thoracic cavity and some spears from my rump!"

Is this Princess Luna or filly Luna?:unsuresweetie:

I don't even care, because it's perfect.:pinkiehappy:

Luna, her voice weak, gasped, "D-daddy?"

No Lulu! Look away!:raritycry:

Or Octavia. I can't think of a single time Octavia's voice hasn't been different.

The book isn't consistent with show canon, especially with the expansion of Starswirl's backstory, so I have no qualms with this story being inconsistent with it too.

Alef0 #19 · August 21st · · 8 ·

You know, I haven't thought about it until just now, but the J.K. Rowling-based name pun has aged like milk as of late. Somewhat Unfortunate.

Either way, good read.


First, she went from being completely unknown before the first episode, to having a full long-running holiday after her.

Well, I don't know about completely unknown, in the sense that the name Nightmare Moon and the villain associated with it was definitely still recognized by the general public, even in the first episode. It was just getting shrugged off as an "old mare's tale" and little more--I believe it was specifically Spike who even called her just that. So until the mare herself appeared before everybody, nobody (except Twilight and presumably Celestia) seriously thought she'd ever actually reappear.

Honestly, of the two characters in this fic, I'd call Luna's retcons the more minor in the grand scheme of things, since I find they really aren't that hard to adapt or work around--Daring's own share of retcons surrounding her own lore seem far more glaring to me by comparison, particularly the episode she last starred in before the show ended.

Pfft, "canon". MLP's canon has always been bullshit. The last 2 seasons were pretty much the show writers making not-so-subtle jabs at the fanbase.

As for the story itself, its very light on the comedy.

Luna just tanking all the traps for Daring here gives me major 'I'm an endgame level RPG character going back to a beginner area and taking no damage from anything' vibes.

I fully agree. I know it's weird to be saying it on this site, but MLP is the only show other than The X-Files that I can give an hour-long uninterrupted rant on for being a conga line of wasted opportunities and plotlines. The saving grace is that it gave us one of the best fantasy universes to write in and the fans succeeded where the show failed. Some of the stories and novels on this site are better than many fiction books I've read in years (Including yours!)

A lot of people don't really care about the show's overall story and love the show as it is, and that is totally ok and I'm happy you enjoy it! But I personally much prefer the books and stories here.

Topped off with finding out that all that physical immunity doesn't protect you from the emotional damage of the final scene.

That would honestly make for a very funny story.

I think Cooked Grenade may have been a little sparing when describing the booby traps to Luna.

Or Luna wasn't paying attention at the time for some other reason.

Would be weird having a semi immortal partner in a job like this. I wouldn’t say it would take the fun out of it, but it would definitely bring one up short every so often.

heh, yeah, that was exactly it.

:eeyup: Eeeyup.


Or Luna wasn't paying attention at the time for some other reason.

Cooked Grenade had a great butt, but Luna couldn't mention that in E-rated.

Daring took it well, all things considered.

Several coughs echoed up the tunnel. "Come on down, Daring! I cleared the traps!

True story: This same basic scenario happened in a D&D game I ran many years ago. While in a dungeon, the rogue took lead to search a corridor for traps, but the cleric, who was the party goofball, pulled her back and explained that it was dangerous. While she was looking confused and before she could say anything, the cleric stepped into the corridor she was about to search and started jumping up and own. On the pressure plate, releasing a rock from the ceiling that landed on his head and took him down to single digit hit points.

"I found the trap!"

Very confused. Why would luna NOT expect to find the corpse of her father here?


  • Maybe he wasn't an alicorn the last time she saw him.
  • Maybe he was an alicorn, and presumptively immortal, the last time she saw him.
  • Maybe they moved his grave after the funeral.
  • Maybe...
  • etc.

That was a good story.

Took you long enough to write this :derpytongue2: Will check it out once I get the time, heh

Always time for Luna, eh?

and was now writing off-color romance novels under the pseudonym Buck Cringle.


"I was born and raised in the Hall of the Mountain King. I grew up there. I know all the secret passages. Including the secret entrances, AK."

"Besides, I want to go back to my old, old room and retrieve my fluffy pukwudgie slippers."


"What? They were very comfortable slippers."

Larry then left of his own free will opened a hibachi grill in an expensive suburb south of Hippogriffia, where the seafood was fresher than here inland.

The idea of such a powerful being like that "retiring" to do something so mundane makes me smile...

Luna, her voice weak, gasped, "D-daddy?"

That certainly has got to be a surreal and slightly disturbing experience, being displaced out of time and ending up conducting an archaeological exploration on your old home.

I agree. To me, this site IS MLP Friendship is Magic along with Silly Filly Studios and others. I’ve only watched a handful of “canonical ” episodes, but the fan made ones were fantastic. The show went downhill when a certain creator left, but she set up the foundation of the world which continues on here.

That ending was very much not expected and quite frankly sounds like the start of a much bigger story. One that most likely won't be written, but still feels so.
Have a reluctant like, for you made best princess cry and left her on a cliffhanger :rainbowwild:

Her Daring Do pajamas flapped in the air.

I'd ask why Daring is wearing pajmas themed after her own novels, but I don't think I want the answer there.

"I get slightly blemished units of my own merch for free."

Oh. Well, that settles that.

Her last book, since she was done with Daring Do and was now writing off-color romance novels under the pseudonym Buck Cringle.

With that pseudonym, I can only assume the title is something like Pounded in the Butt by the Regrets of My Previous Career.

"Cooked Grenade would have been pleased to find out his traps still worked great after a thousand years."

We never see kobolds in Friendship is Magic, but I remain convinced they are quasi-religiously maintaining the traps in all the ancient ruins. Indeed, that may be their actual religion.

Oof. Yeah, your parents always seem immortal when you're young. Especially when they're demigods in their own right. Lovely bit of rare character interaction, but that last bit clearly hurt Luna more than every trap in the fortress combined. Thank you for this.

"D-daddy?" Ouch :raritycry: :applecry: :fluttercry:


Who wouldn't wear Daring Do pajamas?




She should probably have consulted her sister about visiting this particular ruin. Celestia might have known about that little detail :facehoof:

LOL, yup.

Maybe she wanted to surprise Celestia with the news. Or maybe Celestia is at a bingo tournement.

Oh no, they told Luna he went off to start a farm didn't they?

Hmm This one does NOT contradict specifically the Journal... What happened BEFORE starting the Journal is unknown. They are INDECENTLY vague about parents, extended family and whatever else... apart from saying that Alicorn get their cutie mark quite later in life and implying that they had a somewhat normal time growing up.

That balrog tangent was great

RWBY is another show I've seen do nothing but waste potential and get routinely built up by it's fandom. Seriously, I swear RWBY fanfic writers make mogging the show their sole mission in life.

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