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I prolifically produce prurient pregnant pony prose, previously per Pregchan, presently preferring here and there. I'm currently commissionable.


It's Winter Wrap Up Day across Equestria, and Pinkie Pie would prefer her pregnancy not prevent her from pushing out winter with the other ponies, in order to bring spring to Ponyville. She may be near due, but she can still help! She may need to find something else to do is all, but that's alright. Why, conveniently, each of her best friends is doing something different she can shake a hoof at trying!

This story was originally written for Winter Wrap Pack, which was released on April 10th, 2022. I commissioned CowsRTasty to make the cover art.

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Exotic Butters.

Standing on the hill before a pond, she carefully inspected the arrangement of four ice-skating shoes; particularly, the pink pony pondered over their relative distances. Judging them fine, she bent her knees and cleanly jumped into three of them at once; the fourth went to her left foreleg, but had fallen over, leaving Pinkie Pie to harshly plant her face into the snow. She yanked her head out with a beard of snow clinging to her face, which she brushed off with a giggle. Then she adjusted the final shoe and tied the laces only present on the front two with her mouth. “That’s always easier when I can jump higher, but I usually don’t have this much pie in me before ice-skating.” Now she couldn’t stop giggling.


Rarity took a gander at the lone nest Pinkie Pie had spent the entire time building, and the nest was obviously too large even for a goose and her gander. The nest was the perfect size for a particular pregnant pony, however. Rarity gently asked her, “Pinkie Pie, are you part-pegasi, perchance?”

That's five; not bad, Rares.:yay:

“Why, Pinkie Pie’s ’bout as stubborn as any mule I ever met.” When she realized what she’d said, she glanced around for a family member to tease her about it. Applejack of all ponies calling somepony else stubborn; what a hoot!

Aside: "Uh, no offense."
"None taken."

In that case, I will do the honours.
"Hello, kettle. News flash: you're BOTH black!"

“Yep. The real way to bring spring was inside me all along.”

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